Brandon Marshall: Great to see Geno “punch adversity in the face”

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The last time that Jets quarterback Geno Smith was set to start a game for the team things were derailed by a punch to Smith’s face delivered by then-teammate IK Enemkpali.

There doesn’t appear to be a repeat of that in the offing now that Smith has been named the team’s starter for this Sunday’s game against the Ravens, although the question of whether Smith has the respect of his teammates did come up during coach Todd Bowles’ press conference. Bowles said he thought Smith has it and that they don’t “hate him.”

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall previously said that he’d go down on the ship with Ryan Fitzpatrick as the team’s quarterback, so he was asked about the change on Wednesday. Intentionally or not, Marshall referenced the Enemkpali incident when asked about what he’s seen from Smith this year.

“It’s been amazing to see this guy grow and really punch adversity in the face,” Marshall said, via Bob Glauber of Newsday.

For Smith’s sake, let’s hope adversity doesn’t decide to throw a counterpunch in the next couple of days.

17 responses to “Brandon Marshall: Great to see Geno “punch adversity in the face”

  1. Um, difficult to understand all this talk about “giving Geno a chance” when Geno has already ample opportunity to demonstrate the Geno sucks. Rather than waste any more time on the obvious, why not find out if those young bucks behind the two losers can actually play. Ya know, BEFORE next year’s draft. Just sayin’.

  2. Fitzpatrick is just another example of how players lay down
    after they get a big payday! Even if it was for one year, it is still more than 10 average guys can expect to make in their lifetimes!
    Now ask me again why TV ratings are down!
    Since 1986 ticket prices and merchandise prices have climbed
    nearly 900%!
    During those 30 years old die hard Football Fans have aged or died and younger Kids are switching Sports to Soccer,
    it is like Rap everybody can do it, and it is dirt cheap for tickets!
    Boxing used to be SUPER POPULAR, until they got greedy, made people pay for all the good fights and lost just about EVERY fan since 1984 when they went to Pay-Per-View.
    In 1976 a Pro Football game ticket was $9.50!!!! Now the same teams tickets are $90 for the CHEAPEST SEATS..
    All the way up to $1000.00…….They better wake up before Pro football is dead in 25 years!

  3. I don’t have dog in the AFC race, but it’s hard not to root for Geno to bounce back and have a good game.

    For what it’s worth Geno, I’ll make a quarter DFS lineup with you in it. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether that is a “contrarian” play or a “stupid” play.

  4. lambeaudungbarn says:

    In 1976 a Pro Football game ticket was $9.50!!!! Now the same teams tickets are $90 for the CHEAPEST SEATS..
    All the way up to $1000.00…….They better wake up before Pro football is dead in 25 years!

    In 1976 a Chevy Camaro was $3762. Now they start at $30,000. Come on man.

  5. Go down with the ship? The ship went down and we are still listening to your big mouth Marshall… I bet Ryan Fitzpatrick feels so lucky to have you as his friend… way to stick with it Brandon!

  6. The Ravens response: “We also punch adversity in the face everywhere including elevators! We fight and stab adversity in our finest white suits!”

  7. I saw this guy come in and replace ryan on Monday, it was 2nd down and he took off running, no one in front of him, dude SLID 2 yards short of the first, that’s all you need to know but this guy right there

  8. Brandon Marshall blamed his bad behavior on a mental issue! If he is willing to throw the team under the bus because his boy Ryan Fitz stinks. Then Marshall should stop dropping the football. Maybe he needs to increase his meds. The Jets had no choice but to make a change. Marshall will probably not run his route and fight for the football like he did for Fitz. Geno only mistake in the incident was to allow this dude to walk up on his talking trash. You never allow anybody to walk up on you talking trash. But when a big a** 245 lb LB has to sucker punch a QB that’s like hitting a girl.

  9. Cleveland fans are now laughing at the Jets. Congratulations Cleveland your team has been replaced at the bottom of the league by the JETS. The position is solidified by the worst qb in the league. Dumpster fire!!!!

  10. Well if the ship is sinking, at least their captain isn’t Frankenfurter.

    And speaking of sinking ships, what was that song the band supposedly played as the Titanic was sinking? That could be the Jets fight song.

  11. Giants fan, certainly not a Jets fan, but… well above average defense, good skill players, lots of other talent. O line has not been qb friendly and, yeah, Fitz never was the answer. Probably not Geno either. Still could salvage some respect this season if they double down on acting like a team and don’t start pointing fingers and whining.

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