David Irving named NFC defensive player of the week

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Quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott have been getting a lot of attention during the Cowboys’ five-game winning streak, but they’ve gotten help from a defense that’s been better than many people expected.

One member of that defense has been recognized as the NFC’s defensive player of the week for Week Six. Defensive end David Irving is the man of the hour.

Irving only played 19 snaps against the Packers, but he made the most of them. Irving forced three fumbles, all of which wound up with the Cowboys in the 30-16 victory. Irving recovered one himself after he stripped Aaron Rodgers on a sack and added four tackles on a day that will be hard to match when it comes to per snap impact.

The gloomy predictions for the Cowboys defense haven’t come to pass as they rank 7th in points against and 16th in yards allowed this season. Irving’s performance jumps out more than most, but the team’s gotten strong work from a variety of players as they’ve jumped to the top of the NFC East in the opening weeks of the year.

8 responses to “David Irving named NFC defensive player of the week

  1. This is what builds a winning team. You need to have your role players step up a little. There are only so many available star players. Good for him.

  2. The line has looked good. Still need a lot of work on the pass rush.

    But the secondary is playing way better than I could have thought. No one has really talked about the impact of Byron Jones moving to FS full time. I don’t think I’ve seen a big throw over the top this year…

  3. Marinelli coaching his rear end off! He deserves Coach of the Year for the job he’s doing!

  4. David Irving has some real talent, just has not harnessed it yet but he sure played like a beast against the packers–I can’t wait until Irving puts his game together, so much power and explosiveness in his abilities.

  5. Cows fan here!

    Glad for Irving, he is a definite defensive force.

    Marinelli is a great coach, he has slightly better talent then 2014 and this can possibly help the Cows make a deeper playoff run should they continue to play well. We need that stud on the DLine (or 2) to pressure the QB. RoMac at LB would help too. Even high he is a phenomenal talent.

    Go Cows !!!!!!

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