Goodell believes limits of practice time will come up in CBA negotiations

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke about a number of issues concerning the league at Wednesday’s owners’ meetings, including the Raiders’ potential move to Las Vegas and the league’s television ratings for the 2016 season.

There were also some issues that looked down the road a bit further to the next round of negotiations on the collective bargaining agreement with the NFL Players Association. The current CBA is set to expire after the 2020 season and one of the topics that Goodell believes will be discussed is the amount of practice time and what’s allowed during those practices.

That time was curtailed in the last agreement after a big push on the players’ side and several coaches have complained that the lack of time has had a negative impact on the quality of the game. Goodell disagreed with that notion, but believes the issue will “undoubtedly” come up.

Changing the current setup should prove difficult, however. For the players to give something back on that front, they’ll want something in return from the league and that’s going to mean either less revenue or less control over some part of the game than the league and owners currently enjoy.

12 responses to “Goodell believes limits of practice time will come up in CBA negotiations

  1. You mean the next CBA when there will be an almost guaranteed strike due to the owners and Goodells total abuse of power? The next negotiation that will probably do to football what the last work stoppage did to baseball?

  2. That’s how labor relations works. You want something, you have to give something up.

    You want someone other than Goodell to be the final arbiter? Players have to give up something

    You want deemphasis on marijuana testing? Players need to give something up.

    In like manner, if the owners want to expand the number of regular season games? Owners need to give something up.


  3. So will pre-season games, your authority, minimum player salaries, franchise and transition tags, player fines, roster size, medical coverage for retired players, and a slew of other matters. But, by 2020, your $40 million/year grab will have disgusted millions more fans who have tuned out the game entirely, except to watch the Superbowl commercials.

  4. I bet if you take weed off of the banned substances you could get more practice time and add another bye, shorten the preseason by a game or two and lengthen regular season by a week or two without giving up too much of the revenue… That’s what the league needs. Stop suspending some of your top of the talent pool for a natural pain reliever KNOWN to be less dangerous and addictive than RX pills. Too much common sense?

  5. minnesoulja says:
    Oct 19, 2016 4:11 PM
    I bet if you take weed off of the banned substances you could get more practice time

    Allow weed at practice you could probably get unlimited practice time.

  6. Goodell is absolutely wrong on that one. Most can plainly see that game quality is down and injuries are up from the lack of practice and conditioning. The league does not have to give up revenue or make those types of concessions. They can simply offer to stop testing for pot and the players would be all over it. Just make it so any arrest involving drugs/paraphernalia would fall under other disciplinary areas.

  7. The decline in quality of play has been glaring. The Thursday and Monday games have all been borderline unwatchable. Even several of the Sunday Night games have been bad.

    I’m a football but and even I am turning games off.

  8. Players will not give up the limited practices. Think about it. Less practice and conditioning leads to more injuries leads to drawing a paycheck not having to play or practice due to injury. Basically, draw a check sitting on your butt. What a plan!!!!

  9. same coaches complaining about lack of practice time rest all their players during preseason games when you know they could be getting in practice time.

  10. Stats don’t lie: A record 733 ACCEPTED penalties over the 1st 3 weeks. And so many of them are stupid like (false starts, etc.) that are making every game look like preseason. The games are just unbearable at this point.

  11. Protest by a few players have cut fan support for players in next CBA.
    I used to support what the players want and more money for them, now I would like to see player’s pay cut, longer and harder practices, required off season practices and coaches to have more power,
    But Goodell must be fired

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