Inside the NFL edits Julio Jones foul out of fateful play

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The NFL’s primary weekly highlight show has taken a liberty with one of the most important highlights of the week.

On Inside the NFL, the critical fourth-down play in Seattle, which included both a pass interference foul by cornerback Richard Sherman that wasn’t called and an illegal blow to the head by receiver Julio Jones that wasn’t called, was edited to omit the infraction committed by Jones.

The misleading adjustment was noticed by the folks at

Instead of footage showing Jones wallop Sherman at the line of scrimmage while facing press coverage, Inside the NFL used a clip of Jones beginning a pass route with a free release.

Whatever the reason and whether it was deliberate or not, the highlight was false. Which makes me wonder how often devices like that are used when preparing highlights of games.

The end result should make Seahawks fans upset, since focusing on the end of the play and not the beginning reinforces the notion that the Seahawks stole a win. Ideally, offsetting fouls would have been called — and the Falcons would have gotten another shot at fourth and 10.

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  1. “The misleading adjustment was noticed by the folks at”

    Oh you mean biased Seahawks fans noticed it and got fiesty? Weird.

    Regardless of what they showed, it should have been offsetting penalties, not a Falcons turnover on downs.

  2. The more likely situation is that the NFL told them not to show the penalty in order to avoid further scathing criticism of the referees.

    Which begs the question once again: Exactly how were the “replacement referees” any worse than the current ones?

  3. Responsible Seahawks fans recognize the Falcons should have had another shot. Falcons fans should recognize that as well. But, because everyone gets all huffy puffy right outta the gate, we are left with the reality that everyone is a bunch of jerks and we all hate one another. We’re on to next week. Get over it.

  4. The NFL is becoming a joke. Someone catches the ball it’s ruled incomplete. Someone interferes on a pass blatantly, no flags. I mean there are a lot of flags being thrown anyways but the continuity is laughable. Good thing I stream all games from European websites for free lol.

  5. This makes sense for the NFL. Their ratings are sagging and they need a conflict to draw the viewer’s interest.

    In the original video of the play, each player committed a foul and neither was called by the officials. This leaves us with a blown call and neither team getting away with anything. That does not create interest.

    However, if they edit the video, we are left with one player committing a foul and not being called for it. This results in one team gaining an advantage.

    This creates a conflict and the casual fans will be talking about it at their jobs and may tune in for next week’s games.

    It is shady and dishonest, but good marketing by the NFL, totally understandable.

  6. As a Seahawks fan I feel for the Falcons. We were victim to bad calls on the biggest stage. 2005 super bowl vs the Jerome Bettis homecoming to Detroit steelers. It sucks but I’ll tell you what was told to us. Don’t let the refs control your destiny. 4-1 is 4-1 for us and I couldn’t care less bout the outside perception of my team. If we win the division and possibly get home field I’m not gonna care if anyone’s complaining about how we got there.

  7. 20 years ago this would have been just a normal play. So many people complain about all the rules, but then also complain when the refs finally allow the players to play. You win some and loss some; it’s happened to every team.

  8. They have ruined the game I once loved.But no big deal really….I have the NHL to keep me entertained… paced,hard hittng,and gotta love the scrums!

  9. The vast majority of commentators who have discussed the Sherman non-call have entirely failed to mention the non-call on Jones. For the most part, I believe it’s because they don’t even know about it. However, in this instance, the decision to edit the video to show the start of a different play as if it was the actual play is very suspicious and seems like the producers deliberately swept that under the rug.

    There was also a very similar PI non-call that the Falcons got away with earlier in the 4th quarter on a long pass to Jermaine Kearse. The fact of the matter is, the refs let both teams play the entire game. It wasn’t just that last play. There were hardly any flags thrown all game on both sides.

  10. If the refs called all fouls, the game could take hours. And Hitler could get richer, he only makes about 2.8 million per month.

  11. “The end result should make Seahawks fans upset, since focusing on the end of the play and not the beginning reinforces the notion that the Seahawks stole a win.”

    More precisely, they DID focus on the beginning of the play, with dramatic music and camera angles, etc. They just needed to lie about the beginning because they don’t want Julio to be remembered as “that” kind of player.

  12. uncletuna says:
    Oct 19, 2016 12:29 PM

    How does this fit in with the integrity of the shield?

    It fits perfectly with Goodell’s integrity.

  13. Actually, go back and watch the play. Atlanta committed 2 hands to the face fouls.

    There was the Jones/Sherman penalty but if you watch the line, Atlanta’s left tackle shoves Seattle’s rusher’s head back while stepping aside and shoving him in the back which gave Ryan the time to throw the ball.

    It’s pretty easy to see, just look for the Seattle player on the defensive line who’s head snaps all the way back right after the snap of the ball. Almost at the exact time Jones was head slapping Sherman.

  14. Of course it was done intentionally.

    Showing the other foul didn’t fit the league’s narrative.

    Its bad enough to miss or ignore one blatant foul. To miss or ignore two is screwup on the refs that can’t be ignored.

    That said, if both had been called would they have been offsetting? Who knows what would have happened had they replayed the down.

  15. Seriously? All we had to hear about this game from the media and trolls was how Seattle “stole” the game…forget about, you know, already being in the lead. Now we find out the replay was altered to fit the story. As a lifelong Seahawks fan I’m not surprised one bit. They changed the defensive contact rules the year after Seattle won the Superbowl. Changed the blocking rules this year to ban blocks that the Seahawks used in their zone blocking scheme. There is definitely an anti-Seahawk agenda. Yeah, my tinfoil hat is on, but my fellow Seahawks fans know what I’m talking about.

  16. Why generate more outrage than necessary by spotlighting two mistakes by the officials, when that neat editing feature can erase one of them?

  17. “The vaunted Polish Army is amassing at the German border!” – Josef Goebbels, August 1939

    “Bill Belichick was the only person to ever have his video coordinator on the road in the wrong location for the video coordinator to film from and I will call it ‘Spygate!'” – Roger Goodell, 2007

    “Tom Brady is so concerned about getting his large hands to grip a football, he set up a scheme via a 3rd party part timer old guy to be responsible for deflating 12 balls by himself in 90 seconds!” – Roger Goodell, 2015

    “There was no PI on Sherman and it never happened!” – Roger Goodell overseeing NFL Films, 2016

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