Lewis defends Burfict, says he was fined for his reputation

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Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis is standing by linebacker Vontaze Burfict and told reporters Wednesday he believes Burfict was fined for his history and reputation and not for actually stomping on Patriots running back LeGarette Blount last Sunday.

The NFL fined Burfict $75,000 for stomping on Blount Wednesday. Burfict is appealing the fine, and Lewis thinks Burfict can win the appeal.

“I don’t think he did anything wrong,” Lewis said, per the team’s official transcript. “We were not in the wrong here, in my opinion. It’s unfortunate. That’s what I’ve told people, stood on, and will continue to stand on.

“I don’t think he meant to do anything. I’ve been through it back and forth. I see him trying to step through [the pile of players] and going to help the teammate who has a hand of another player on his facemask, pushing him in the face. That’s what he’s trying to get to.”

Burfict was suspended for the first three games of the season for repeated violations of on-field rules. He was fined four times in 2015 for unsportsmanlike conduct or other on-field infractions.

The Bengals listed Burfict as a limited participant in Wednesday’s practice with an ankle injury. Burfict left practice after suffering the injury but Lewis told reporters Wednesday afternoon it is not a serious injury.

85 responses to “Lewis defends Burfict, says he was fined for his reputation

  1. Bengals fan here. Burfict got fined because he’s dirty as hell. We all know it.

  2. That’s the same kind of thing us Lions fans used to say about Suh. Not sure we were looking at things impartially.

  3. I know Burfict since ASU found him in LA – huuuge chip on his shoulder. I was glad to see him catch on and contribute with Cincinnati after he fell out of the draft. They can fine and suspend all they want, but there’ll be no end to it – think James Harrison with a lower Wonderlic and level of maturity (I mean that kindly). He’s a beast of a talent, no doubt, but he’ll always be handicapped by what got him there in the first place – angry, ruthless defender.

  4. I may be biased. But if you watch the play from all angles there is not “stomp” he is literally stepping around players. Blount had a handful of Shawn Williams facemask. ALSO why is no one talking about Blount’s hand up Shawn Williams facemask trying to gouge his eyes earlier in the game? Or that Julian Edelman got fined for a facemask he grabbed but didn’t get called for?? Some things we’ll just never know..

  5. Marvin Lewis has the same amount of character as he does NFL playoff wins. I wonder if someone went at the back of A.J. Greens knee exactly like Burfict went at Bennett’s, if he would be fine with it and say “he was biting on the play action fake”. Doubt it. We are going to find out because Burficts knees are going to become a target of opposing offenses.

  6. I wonder if Lewis also has a hard time breaking down game film on his next opponent if that is what he sees Burfict doing on that clip. Maybe Lewis should have his eyes checked.

  7. Yeah, Marv, that’s what he was doing. He just accidentally on purpose happened to step on him, and kind of grind his cleats into his leg. Lewis must fall for everything those guys tell him..lol

  8. Lewis must really be tight with ownership. Aside from the Burfict fiasco, coaches have been fired for much less. Not sure how long he’s been the H.C. in Cincy but they have yet to win a playoff game in his tenure and I know he’s been their at least 10 years!

    And to think Burfict has been fined upwards of $275,000. Dude?? I could sure use a loan, say about 30 grand??? I’d put it to much better use.

    I went back and looked at his high school and college highlights…………dude is a straight menace and not in a good way. He’s taken the term “dirty player” to a whole new level, but oh well, so much for player safety.

  9. I agree, he was fined because of his “reputation” aka his history of classless and dangerous actions on the field. He should continue to be fined because of this. If he can’t learn how to conduct himself, then keep upping the penalty until he can’t afford to take any more cheap shots.

  10. Burfict gets no benefit of the doubt, and will be fined for things other, less penalized players will get away with.

    And that’s how it should be.

  11. The video doesnt show anything. Bodies are in the way, and you cant see his foot. No matter how much ESPN, PFT, or Patriot fans cry about it, you really cannot see if it was a stomp or not. How you fine someone $75,000 for an assumption is typical NFL inconsistency. Pats fans should at least understand that.

    NFL says the game ending fumble in week 2 between Bengals/Steelers was the correct call because video evidence wasnt sufficient to overturn. Yet, video evidence doesnt support a stomp yet there is a huge fine. NFL is turning into a joke and mainstream sports media would rather make headlines that sell than report the truth.

  12. Burfict does some dirty things, but he’s a good player and the coach has to back up his guy. I’m sure he talks to him privately, but if he doesn’t back him in public, then Lewis could lose the team.

  13. Think about what you’re saying, Marvin. Fined for his reputation. That’s exactly the point. He HAS a reputation! He does this constantly. No wonder you lose so many playoff games. You’re clueless!

  14. Lewis is the embodiment of why so many NFL teams start the year having zero chance of winning the Superbowl. They are just incapable of making sound, winning decisions about their players. They lost in the playoffs last year because some long-term knuckleheads made a couple of seriously knucklehead plays. Here we are almost a year later and the same knuckleheads are making the same knucklehead plays. It’s just not that tough. You cut him, move on, and find smarter players that don’t self-destruct or repeat their mistakes. But, the Bengals (and so many other teams) will never get ahead because they just can’t make the necessary decisions to clear out the knuckleheads and look for something better. So it goes in the NFL.

  15. I don’t know what film ol’ Marv was watching, but right after his conference ESPN showed both of Burfict’s alleged incidents, and it clearly showed that Burfict DID try to stomp on Blount’s ankle, and he DEFINETLY tried to take out Bennett’s knee.

    I’m not a NE fan, but I know a cheap shot when I see one…Thanks for the integrity Roger…who by the way at the owners meeting said he had NOT seen the play, and had only heard of it from a guy named John while he was in the cafeteria!

  16. First the commissioner, now his coach; thank god the Pats will no longer have to worry about losing players to this psychopath. They were very lucky not to lose 2 very important players. HOWEVER, there are 10 more teams who still have to face this maniac, and BOTH the commissioner and his HC just gave him permission to do more of the same. Good luck to those teams. They are going to need it.

  17. Lewis is correct.

    There is nothing wrong with hard play and jarring hits. The NFL told Burfict to not hit high so he now hits low. He has stated this repeatedly since he has came back…. Goodell would rather him hit low instead of high. Somehow I doubt players and fans would prefer a low hit to a high hit but that’s the whole reason he was suspended.

    I hope he never changes. The reality is that when you play Cincinnati you better have your head on a swivel. Every single coach, owner, -and player would want Burfict on their team. Probably the vast majority of fans as well.

  18. Dear Mr. Burfict:

    Thank you for your recent letter applying to be a contestant on our show. We would like to clear up what appears to be a point of confusion regarding that application.

    The name of our series is “Dancing WITH the Stars” not “Dancing ON the Stars.” That is a subtle, but important distinction. So we are declining your application, just as we did with that Suh fellow a few seasons ago.

    We do wish you best of luck in your future endeavors, and hope that you will remain a fan of our show.


  19. Marvin, when the kid was drafted, he was regarded as a punk. He’s only had one coach since then. It’s been long enough for him to change perceptions. If he still has that rep, then it’s because you haven’t changed it.

  20. i will credit the Ravens and Browns fans for not crying about Burfict. They see him 2x a year. The only team who cries and is afraid of Burfict is the Steelers and their fans.

  21. I think Burfict needs to be sent to his “safe space” for a couple of more games.
    As a Pats fan I was all like “triggered” an stuff yesterday!

  22. The thing is the NFL claims to have severe punishments for repeat offenders which Burfict is. He was suspended last time. He was fined this time which is an ackowledgement he did something wrong. What he did wrong what detrimental to player safety (his prior suspension). So why just a fine now?

  23. If the Bengals cut Burfict today, every team in the league would try to get him on their roster. You praise players for big hits and being aggressive on your team, but then criticize players on other teams as being dirty when they do the same thing. Steelers players have a legacy of dirty players, but they just brag about how tough they are. Burfict is a Bengal that has stooped down to their level (and they are scared to death).

  24. I’m neither a Bengals nor Patriot fan so I have no dog in this fight. Burfict is just a plain dirty player and Marvin Lewis is an enabler of his actions, if not outright condoning his dirty play. I get that stuff happens in piles and players let their emotions get the better of them at times, but they’re supposed to be professionals. Burfict is not some rookie who doesn’t know better. He’s had this bad and well-deserved reputation since high school.

  25. Really, coach?

    Your reputation — as a choking dog without a playoff win in something like 13 years — hasn’t cost you your job!

  26. Marvin Lewis is a spineless man afraid of his own shadow. If he had a pair he would have cut this pos. Some Bengal trolls are trying to say that Steeler plays are worse than their pos…..what Steeler has been suspended three games……feed the crickets Bungal losers.

  27. coachbeck says:
    Oct 19, 2016 5:22 PM
    Lewis is correct.

    There is nothing wrong with hard play and jarring hits. The NFL told Burfict to not hit high so he now hits low. He has stated this repeatedly since he has came back…. Goodell would rather him hit low instead of high. Somehow I doubt players and fans would prefer a low hit to a high hit but that’s the whole reason he was suspended.

    I hope he never changes. The reality is that when you play Cincinnati you better have your head on a swivel. Every single coach, owner, -and player would want Burfict on their team. Probably the vast majority of fans as well.


    I guess by hitting him low, you mean he stomped on his lower leg?

    spare me. AND, Ray Lewis obviously has CTE

  28. It’s really remarkable how many Bengals fans are commenting on this article and focusing on the Steelers. Holy Cripes…this has nothing to do with the Steelers. Talk about obsessed

  29. Lewis looks like a nice guy, but so doesn’t Hillary look like a nice woman, He has no integrity and no control over his ball club. Bengal fans deserve better and they will never amount to anything under his lack of leadership. He has been their too long and apparently has some damning photos of the owner thats the only excuse I can think of.

  30. “The reputation is both expansive and expensive. This marked the eighth time in 53 career NFL games Burfict was fined. Counting lost game checks due to his three-game suspension earlier this year, those fines total $805,400.
    • Week 3, 2013: $10K — striking Packers’ Ryan Taylor in the groin
    • Week 3, 2013:  $21K — hit on defenseless player, Packers’ James Jones
    • Week 8, 2013: $21K — spearing New York Jets’ WR Stephen Hill
    • Week 6, 2014: $25K — ankle twisting Cam Newton and Greg Olsen
    • Week 13, 2015: $69.4K — three separate unsportsmanlike incidents vs. Steelers
    • Week 17, 2015: $50K —  hit to defenseless tight end Maxx Williams away from play
    • Wildcard Playoffs, 2016: $534K — three-game suspension — multiple violations of player-safety rules including hit on Antonio Brown
    • Week 6, 2016: $75K — stomping on leg of LeGarrette Blount

    source: Cincinnati Enquirer

  31. Lewis is a pitiful excuse for leader. We shouldn’t be surprised that this disgusting behavior continues out of the Bengals organization as long as he continues to infect that culture.

  32. Lewis is aware it’s a penalty for a player to enter a pile and start pulling players off of it, right? Burfict had no business wading into that pile and he got what he deserved.

  33. That’s funny because you can clearly see him put Blounts foot between his legs then push his cleat into Blounts foot. You can find the footage everywhere online.

  34. Can someone please tell me what this foot stomp thing is about ?

    Did anyone see his hit to Bennett’s knee ?!??????!?

    What is wrong with this League ?!??????!!!?

    It’s the $44M Clown Running it that’s what.

    Brady’s suspension
    Ray rice

    You cld go on and on.

    This league is……just wow. I didn’t think it was possible to damage this league but this Idiot has done it.

  35. The NFL needs to stomp on this guy, and stomp him hard.

    Let him know the next violation of the rules is going to be a big suspension (6 games or more).

    And the one after that will be expulsion from the NFL.

  36. They need to change the team name to The Cincinatti Dindu’s, because every time a Cincinatti player gets busted for a dirty play, they cry “What? I dindu nuffin!”

  37. I use to have a lot of respect for Lewis, he himself has kept him out of the preseason and placed posters pointing to the action that Burfict shows on the field. He IS the type player the NFL does not need.

  38. There’s footage showing Blount was grabbing Shawn Williams face mask in the pile.

    Waiting to see if there is footage of Burfict not stepping on Blount’s leg.

  39. You would have thought after the show they put on in last years playoff game something would change. If I was the owner I would look at things and see a team with decent talent but absolutely no self control and a head coach who just seems to enable them . . .at least in public. Compare that to NE. If Gronkowski costs them a 15 yarder again this year at the point of a game they are trying to put the other team away I would be amazed. You can’t win the NFL with players like Burfict that can’t channel their emotions and aggression.

  40. The Bengals on a whole are clearly not mentally tough, and that’s on the coach as well. They fold like a lawn chair every time the games are important, or they have a competent opponent.

    If the coach, and Burfict’s own teammates won’t set him straight, they’ll continue to underachieve as they have for years. This guy is dangerous and it’s not even debatable.

  41. If the Bengals swoon continues, Lewis’s opinion will not matter as he will have been fired. End of story.

  42. lewis should be fined for continuing to stoke this fire

    burfict should have been ejected and pacman flagged for additional unsportmanlike penalties and warned about an ejection

    it is fascinating watching goodell allow other afc teams get away with murder, while goodell makes up lies about the pats to be able to make it seem like the punishment is normal and deserved, even if now known lies

  43. Just listen to the patriot fans still crying. I mean dang man you won the game but yet all up-and-down this board there is nothing but whining and crying from New England fans.

  44. I`m still stunned at how fast most fans went all in on the new soft NFL where stepping into a pile is reason for all this fake outrage.It really wasn`t that long a go when things like that and MUCH worse where happening all the time and none of you cared. Now that the NFL and their media are pretending to care because of the concussion lawsuit you guys act like it`s criminal behavior. #SHEEP!

  45. To the multiple Bengals fans who claim every single team would line up to sign this guy: False. There are some teams who want nothing to do with him.

    Why? Because he can’t control himself. It has nothing to do with being dirty — almost every team has a few dirty players. It’s because of the concern that a player that can’t control themselves will cost their team at the worst possible time. Which actually happened to the Bengals – in the playoffs no less. Against the hated Steelers no less. Worst possible time.

    Seems like you guys are happy to continue defending this guy, though. Which is good, because you’ll have plenty more opportunities to do so, as it looks like he’s never going to “get it”. Which was the exact reason he went undrafted in the first place.

  46. And if anyone wants actual facts he didn`t stomp on Blount.There is CLEAR video showing the unusual leg motion was him avoiding stepping on anyone and shows his foot landing on the ground NOT a leg and the ref looking right at it and not calling anything but keep following the sheep herders and whatever they say first instead of waiting for the facts to know the truth.

  47. Okay I heard something really crazy today. I’m sure we’ve all got friends that are conspiracy theorists. Now I’m not talking about the ones that don’t think Tupac died. No Im talking more about the tin foil hat… don’t trust the government… and obviously believes that normal things just do not happen to famous people. You know the type.. everytime famous person dies suddenly its not oh their heart stopped. no it’s more of a the Illuminati killed or something like that. I’ve got a friend like that and I was around him today. Well he and another one of my friends were discussing the Patriots game and the conspiracy friend as I call him said one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard him say. Now my friend is one of these guys that no matter what happens in the world there’s almost always conspiracy to it. And he’ll always give you a website has the story on it as proof. Of course after going to the website and looking at the other stories on that website you realize real fast that you just don’t belong on that website. It takes a special type of person to believe anything on that website. I’m talking about the type that’s like Michael Jackson didn’t die he left with aliens. So anyway during this conversation my conspiracist friend blurts out that this burfict thing is itself a conspiracy. That the NFL is trying to squash this whole protest thing by making certain African American people in the NFL look angry ..out of control..and dangerous so people will eventually be like African Americans act like violent idiots to each other so we’re not going to follow the protest anymore. So in the NFL owners minds eventually the players will stop the protest because they will get zero publicity. My friend said he’s heard many people say that on the internet and where there’s smoke there’s fire so it’s got to be true. Now that’s about the craziest crap I’ve ever heard of. I am curious if anybody has also heard this rumor online because I have not heard amy of this AT ALL from anybody except my friend but supposedly my friend says a lot of people are saying it. My friends has said some really silly crap before but this takes the damn cake. Sorry so long but I wanted to ask the question because I personally haven’t heard anybody say that so I was wondering if y’all had. Thank you. Fly Eagles Fly

  48. coachbeck says:
    Oct 19, 2016 5:22 PM

    Lewis is correct.

    There is nothing wrong with hard play and jarring hits. The NFL told Burfict to not hit high so he now hits low. He has stated this repeatedly since he has came back…. Goodell would rather him hit low instead of high. Somehow I doubt players and fans would prefer a low hit to a high hit but that’s the whole reason he was suspended.

    I hope he never changes. The reality is that when you play Cincinnati you better have your head on a swivel. Every single coach, owner, -and player would want Burfict on their team. Probably the vast majority of fans as well

    NE sent Meriwether packing, made Jones a healthy scratch for being stupid.
    Nice that you hope he continues to intentionally injure other players.

  49. Lewis’ reg season record has saved his butt every yr despite continuous post season gagging. This yr he won’t be as lucky b/c they are looking at an 8-8 prospect. As far as Burfict is concerned, every NFL official has an eye on him and always will. I can’t wait til the moron tries something vs the Steelers – he is too dumb not to.

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