NFL thinks grass at England’s rugby stadium is more suited for football

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NFL officials say they have no problem with the playing surface at London’s Wembley Stadium, but they think this week’s grass at Twickenham is better suited for football anyway.

According to Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News, NFL vice president of international Mark Waller said that because rugby’s a more similar game to American football, that the surface at this week’s venue could be better suited for the Rams and Giants than previous games in England.

The 82,000-seat Twickenham is the home of England’s national rugby team.

“Twickenham is a really good grass field for rugby, and I stress the rugby point because one of the things at Wembley you see is like all soccer stadiums, the field is prepared for a much different game,” Waller said. “You’re looking for slick movement in soccer.

“Rugby is much more similar to our NFL game because there’s a lot of traction, a lot of grit required in the feet. So I think we’ll find it will play a lot more like a football field than a soccer field. I don’t anticipate any issues with the field at all.”

Of course, he was careful to add that the grass hasn’t been a problem at Wembley, though the faster surface and some wet conditions there have led to messier uniforms than normal. And though Twickenham hosted the Rugby World Cup last year, it generally sees less traffic than Wembley, which could allow for better conditions.

6 responses to “NFL thinks grass at England’s rugby stadium is more suited for football

  1. “though the faster surface and some wet conditions there have led to messier uniforms than normal”

    Oh no, not messy uniforms! They do realize this is football right? That statement is just one of many reasons why the nfl has declining viewership

  2. I fully support London games. Not only should the NFL put a permanent expansion team there, they should place two expansion teams there. One for each East division. What is London? Its as big as New York City, with no team. They speak English obviously. They are not in Europe, they are next to Europe. Just like the Bahamas are a group of islands next to North America, so is the British Isles, a group of islands next to Europe. They do not use the Euro currency, they use the pound. They are leaving the European Union too. Its one of the financial capitals of the world. Its also the undisputed Theater capital of the world(Shakespeare). Go see a Broadway play and tell me there isn’t big money in Theater. London to Boston is a flight equivalent to Miami-Seattle. The British have proven they like our game. 83,700 showed up for Jacksonville-Indianapolis. Seriously? London is a sitting duck gold mine. If I owned an NFL franchise and the commissioner wasn’t looking into London, I’d be looking for a new commissioner.

  3. New rule: If you can’t envision John Facenda narrating about the location of and NFL football game, that location cannot be used. No, the frozen tundra of Twickenham does not work. Perhaps on Thanksgiving or Christmas, but that’s it.

  4. The Giants played in the first London game and the grass was cut low, like for soccer. It was also raining, and every tackle the player slide a few yards. Funny to see, but since fixed.

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