No suspension imposed on Vontaze Burfict

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Tuesday has come and gone without the NFL suspending Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict for a pair of questionable hits on Sunday at New England. This means, as a practical matter, that he won’t be suspended this week.

Suspensions typically are imposed on a Monday. League procedures require them to be finalized no later than the close of business on Tuesday, since the work week in advance of the next game begins in earnest on Wednesday.

The absence of a suspension doesn’t mean Burfict will be unpunished. He’ll be notified of any fines, and the NFL will disclose on Friday (if/when asked by reporters whether Burfict was fined) the amount of the fine and the reason for it.

Burfict made waves by diving at the knees of Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett as pass was heading in his direction. Burfict also appeared to stomp on Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount after a touchdown. (Ed Werder of ESPN reports that the Bengals believe based on review of the film that Burfict didn’t stomp on Blount; Blount’s reaction suggests that something untoward occurred.)

Burfict was suspended three games to start the season after applying an illegal hit to Steelers receiver Antonio Brown during last year’s wild-card playoff. It was the culmination of a variety of infractions committed and punishments received by Burfict.

Those punishments were levied by Merton Hanks. Jon Runyan now has the job of imposing discipline for on-field misconduct. It will be the first clear glimpse at how a player who consistently pushed the limits of the rules will handle current players who are doing the same thing.

57 responses to “No suspension imposed on Vontaze Burfict

  1. As expected by anybody viewing the incidents clearly. The NE media machine ramped up as quick as possible to try and explain why their players cannot keep their emotions under control.

  2. Isn’t Kraft the one behind Goodell’s big salary? Funny all patriot fans hate Goodell but Kraft pushed for his big salary. I get it was before deflatgate and all but maybe Kraft should do more research when it comes to who he’s supporting. Patriot fans you only have Kraft to blame.

  3. Sooooo…. Let the air out of a few footballs and you lose 1/4 of your season. Take a cheap shot at a guy and threaten his season and lose… What, part of your game day check? The NFL always strives for consistency with its bul&$it

  4. 345 Park Ave. are soooo concerned about player safety. What total frauds. Celebration penalties are about player safety according to Deano but attempting to end someones career on purpose is ignored. Fire Goodell and Blandino restore Integrity.

  5. Fraud-ger will probably demand he gets a Bonus & STEAL 2 more picks from the Pats….. After all the INTEGRITY OF THE GAME is at stake here!!

  6. Of course he won’t get suspended. Par for the course at 345 Park Avenue. Liberals are ruining America.

  7. What an absolute JOKE! Other than Patriots games, i’m done watching the NFL.

    What a hypocritical organization they have become. They say the want to clean up the game and take matters like dangerous plays and domestic violence seriously…..yet here you have a player that is a repeat offender committing a very dangerous play with intent to injure and no punishment is levied. You have Josh Brown who was arrested for….DOMESTIC VIOLENCE(!) getting a one game suspension and the situation virtually swept under the rug…nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

    And they are flagging and fining players for pretending to shoot a basketball!?!?! The NFL has become a complete and utter joke of an organization and Roger Goodell needs to be fired immediately.

    Integrity??? What integrity, Roger???? Good riddance!

  8. Diving at the knees of an opposing player? No problem!

    Celebrate a TD? Problem!

    The NFL is an absolute joke.

  9. So he pays his fine and then we’ll just sit tight until the next player he cheap shots has season ending surgery. Way to uphold the shield, Roj. Stick to your guns about suspending players for drug violations while this ticking time bomb is ready to blow up at any time.

  10. He didn’t stomp on him. There’s another view out there where it 100% shows him avoiding players legs when he was lifting his leg. Blount was mad because Burfict used his facemask to gain balance. Put your pitch forks away people.

  11. Did he give up his cell phone? I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that it is more probable than not that he was generally aware that standing on his opponents leg when he is on the ground could cause an injury. Its also more probable than not that Marvin Lewis is generally aware that Burfict is a punk, and is likely to take cheap shots on his opponent. So I’m thinking a few million in fines, loss of draft picks, and 4 game suspensions for both…

  12. Yet the week before, Patriots CB Cyrus Jones gets immediately ejected from the game for… what?

    Whatever he did that was so egregious it warranted an ejection, was missed by both announcers and neither seen on replay or found worthy of a fine – by a league that pretty much fines anything that moves. But it’s nothing but crickets on Burfict deliberately trying to take out Bennett’s knees.

    ‘Integrity’, ‘Level playing field’ my a$$.

  13. Good, I’m glad the incessant whining by the Patriots, their fans, and media friends went ignored. It’s truly pathetic. Goodell covers up a cheating scandal for the Pats and they repay him by cheating more, and crying like babies when they get caught cheating again. If it wasn’t for Goodell the Patriots would have zero championships and Belicheat would have a lifetime ban. Stop whining!

  14. The amount of people that haven’t properly researched this blows my mind. Not to mention, there was a referee staring right at Burfict during the video. Do you think he wouldn’t have seen a stomp? Stop the sheep movement.

  15. kovodisc says:
    Oct 19, 2016 9:20 AM
    What an absolute JOKE! Other than Patriots games, i’m done watching the NFL.
    Right there with you bud, but my montra this whole year.

  16. I think the Bengals were wearing their Donald Trump™ patented Denialist® glasses.

    Get yours at disreputable outlets everywhere.

    Just put ’em on and voila!~ nothin’ you do is ever your fault!

    supplies limited.

  17. He was not suspended for the simple reason that he did it against the Patriots.

    After he cost the Bengals a win against the Steelers last year, he was suspended for 3(?) games.

    He tried to end Bennett’s season on Sunday then stomped on Blount’s legs.



  18. You can be sure that if Bennett dove at his knees a suspension would be handed down. I’m sure Blount’s and Gronk’s fines will be the same or not more than Burfict’s. I mean look at the NFL’s track record… After the first week’s games, Edleman was fined more for a less egregious hit than any of the Broncos players for their hits on Newton. I’m guessing Burfict gets $14K, Gronk gets $20K and Blount gets $21K.

  19. doritodink14 says:
    Oct 19, 2016 9:44 AM
    kovodisc says:
    Oct 19, 2016 9:20 AM
    What an absolute JOKE! Other than Patriots games, i’m done watching the NFL.
    Right there with you bud, but my montra this whole year.


    Yup, and I’ll be watching those games on my hacked Fire Stick.

  20. these comments are hilarious. yeah, Vontaze is definitely old school and yeah he needs to clean up his act some but come on people, you’ve got to at least appreciate the genius of Vontaze, he’s got a terrific football mind and incredible reactions. He knew damn well what he was doing, Brady’s pump gave him all the deniability he needed to go ahead and hit Bennett.

    quit your whining and enjoy the brutality – that’s what made this sport great.

  21. “Burfict 1 – 0 Media and Whiner Fans.”

    I don’t think you understand how the scoreboard works.

    When it says Pats 35, Bengals 14 the Bengals are the losers.

    And anyone who would defend Burfict’s reprehensible actions is pathetic. The league doesn’t care of course since it was an attempt to hurt the Patriot and Goodell is already incensed they are 5-1 and rolling. If it had been a Patriot player with no history of such offenses doing this to a Jets player they would have been suspended the remainder of the season.

    Roger’s double standard. Corruption, lies and blatant favoritism is all he’ll be remembered for.

  22. bishopbengals says:
    Oct 19, 2016 9:39 AM
    The amount of people that haven’t properly researched this blows my mind. Not to mention, there was a referee staring right at Burfict during the video. Do you think he wouldn’t have seen a stomp? Stop the sheep movement.

    He stepped into the pile for no other reason than to stomp on Blount. Look at the video… he doesn’t do anything besides stomp, doesn’t help a player up, doesn’t do anything and it’s 2 seconds after the whistle. Stop the apologizing.

  23. Typical of the NFL and Goodell to be bias against the Pats. That was an obvious penalty and deserves a fine and suspension based on Burficts history.

  24. Every team in the A.F.C. North has been dealing with this twice a year. The decision to do nothing is actually doing something. It is telling the media,fans and public that men’s career’s are ok to risk. If the NFL does not want to do anything, well I am sure offensive players realize that Burfict has two knees as well. Retaliation in exchange for preservation of career’s. The NFL is creating it and leaving players with little choice. What comes around goes around. Burfict may look to take people out. It may be different when 22 eyes are looking at his knees.

  25. A fine would be hypocritical at this point—-based on the player’s history any wrongdoing along these lines should have resulted in a suspension——for the league not to suspend must mean that it was all OK—-just concerned that next time a player may be seriously hurt—way to go Roger

  26. Vontaze Burfict: Intentionally trying to injure multiple players, repeat offense.

    Zero games suspended.

    Ray Rice: Beats girlfriend unconscious.

    Two games suspended (initially).

    Tom Brady: May have asked training staff to slightly alter PSI of a football.

    Four games suspended.

    Nice job, NFL

  27. All of you frauds crying about your apparently great concern for player safety, please talk your ball home, sit in the corner crying, and stop watching the NFL…wahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

    Thankfully the right folks ignored the howling mob (instigated further by Pats beat-writer patsy…nice work there Bill!) and examined the tape. The play on Bennett? A football play…the ball was thrown in his direction, over his head (after a pump at Bennett). If Bennett goes up, he gets his legs taken out, gently and cleanly…as it was, Burfict barely hits his knee…if he goes full bore into the knee, then you got something to rightfully yell about.

    The ‘stomp’? Please…we all know what you’re doing. Don’t worry, the big bad bogeyman Burfict is coming your way soon!!!

  28. Even as a Bengals fan, I have to admit Burfict is out of control (even if this weeks antics were overblown). No way he makes it to the end of the season.

    Can’t wait till him or Jones cost us another game. Not that it is likely to matter the way this year is looking.

  29. Hey Bishopbengal… u clown. There is only one other angle available , from directly behind the play, and it CLEARLY shows burfict targeting and stomping on a patriots players leg (given the unincolors) and given blounts reaction, it clear who that leg belonged to. Unlike you, like most leftists who just throw dung against the wall and expect us to believe them, i’ll provide the facts….. just watch deep’s bid of the incident on youtube

  30. Burfict should have never been suspended in the first place though. He doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt (he brought that on himself). But hit on Antonio could easily have been an accident. He lowered his shoulder to hit a guy who was trying to catch the ball, and Antonio Brown’s positioning was altered by contact with another player. I would also like to remind everyone that there were no suspensions for Steelers players when 1) Bell jump kicked a punter in the face; and 2) when a Steelers player launched himself head first into the face of the Bengals punter, breaking his jaw.

  31. Think about this : If Burfict WERE a Patriot – he would’ve have been exiled from the NFL forever – but since he’s not & it was against Goodells sworn archenemy NE ,
    did you expect anything more?
    Burfict is on a mission to injure somebody- PERIOD !

  32. The league probably tells players to hit or mame patriot players since it’s the only thing that can stop them since the league failed to. Probably tells players you’ll only get a fine.

  33. Yes, the League and Roger dropped the ball AGAIN… but you’re all still watching, yeah? And THAT is why things will never change. #BoycottNFL

  34. Remember when Patriots fans were interested in truth and decried NFL witch hunts? How about we prove that true today…

    There is good, slo-mo video on the net showing Burfict did not stomp on Blount. Who’s brave enough to go find it?

  35. I am NOT a suspension guy – and understand that the game is played at very very high speed. That stated, what Burfict did to Martellus’s knee was outrageous. Burfict should be gone for 8 games minimum. That’s not football.

  36. “I am NOT a suspension guy – and understand that the game is played at very very high speed. That stated, what Burfict did to Martellus’s knee was outrageous. Burfict should be gone for 8 games minimum. That’s not football.”

    Please, I agree that these hits shouldn’t be part of the game, but let’s not act like every team doesn’t have players who make a couple dirty hits. I didn’t see Patriots fans calling for Amendola’s suspension after he took the head off that Chiefs player trying to down a punt in the playoffs last year.

  37. wiskybuck says:
    Oct 19, 2016 9:32 AM
    The hit on Bennett was worse than the one on Brown. Should have gotten another 4 games.

    Have you heard what the Bennett brothers have had to say about Goodell? Burfict could knee cap him with a bat and not be penalized.

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