Panthers work out 14 players

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The Panthers are trying to get better with the players they have. They’re also considering whether they can get better with players they currently don’t have.

On Wednesday, the Panthers worked out a whopping 14 players, three days in to their annual two-week break.

Getting a tire-kicking were tight ends Alex Bayer, Kivon Cartwright, Jim Dray, and Eric Wallace, defensive backs Tay Glover-Wright, Demetrius McCray, Jeremiah McKinnon, and Shaun Prater, running back Darrel Young, quarterbacks Dylan Thompson and Sean Renfree, receivers Jeremy Ross and T.J. Graham, and defensive end Malliciah Goodman.

The Panthers, who emerge from the bye with an NFC title game rematch against the Cardinals, have not yet signed any of the players who worked out on Wednesday.

18 responses to “Panthers work out 14 players

  1. I feel a .major shift coming and its, because of desperation.

    I don’t think it’s the talent level that’s the problem, because really the only person we lost that was a full time starter a d that was Josh Norman.

    So going from 15-1 in tbe 2015 regular season to 1-5 in 2016 makes me wonder who is ontbe hot seat.

  2. Dumpster fire meltdown and an apparent fire sale or a weak attempt at desperation. The Panthers are playing for a Top Ten pick in the 2017 Draft. Send all of your Thank You note s to Genius Dave Gettleman who let an All Pro player walk and got nothing in return but a dumpster fire secondary and defensive line.

  3. Super CLOWN/NEVER shall be a leader Cam Newton will NEVER make a Super Bowl AGAIN…GUARANTEED…No starting QB should be an idiot FOOL, several YEARS into his career…PATHETIC.

  4. @Carpanfan95

    we lost 3 full time starters from our DB corps: Norman, Tillman, Harper. Boston was clearly not ready to take over at Safety, and our defense was still in top 10 before the Atlanta game where we lost our #1 CB to injury, and then they cut our nickel corner, and we just lost our #2 cb this week.

  5. Not sure why we would work out QBs and TEs, because those aren’t the problem spots. I think Mel Blount would be a CB upgrade at this point, so not surprised to see DBs in for a workout.

    I should also remind the haters that the Chiefs were 1-5 last year and won the last 10 and a playoff game. It ain’t over yet.

  6. darkbaconlips says:
    Oct 21, 2016 7:21 PM
    Wow, the double beat down Denver put on these dudes really messed them up!

    A rigged super bowl and a game that came down to a missed FG despite multiple uncalled illegal hits on Cam equals a double beat down according to this guy

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