Raiders have work to do on getting owners to support move


Raiders owner Mark Davis wants to move his team to Las Vegas, and Nevada is willing to spend taxpayer dollars to build the team a stadium. But it’s not a done deal as far as the league is concerned.

NFL rules say 24 of the 32 owners must approve any franchise move, and an unnamed “high-ranking official with one NFL team” told Mark Maske of the Washington Post that there doesn’t appear to be even majority support for the move, let alone three-fourths majority. The reason for that is less about the status of Las Vegas as America’s capital of sports gambling, and more about the fact that there are fewer television households in the Las Vegas metropolitan area than there are in the Bay Area.

“I think in general we don’t like to leave big markets for small markets,” that source said. “That’s as big as anything. I think most people are not crazy about that. . . . Most of us would prefer they stay in Oakland. If that’s not possible and we get to January and the Las Vegas deal is all there is, we’ll have to consider it.”

Of course, it says something that this high-ranking team official didn’t feel comfortable enough to put his name behind his belief that the Raiders should stay put. Meanwhile, influential people within the league like Cowboys owner Jerry Jones are willing to put their names behind their belief that a Raiders move to Las Vegas would benefit both the team and the league.

It could be that the opposition within the league is more about leveraging Davis into agreeing to pay an exorbitant relocation fee to avoid a fight. Rams owner Stan Kroenke reportedly paid $550 million, or about $18 million to each of his 31 fellow owners, to get them to agree to let him move from St. Louis to Los Angeles. Davis doesn’t have as much money as Kroenke and may be trying to negotiate a less expensive relocation fee, and owners who don’t want to let Davis off that easily could threaten to keep him from moving at all.

The flip side is that if Davis can’t get 23 other owners to support his move, he can try to move without permission, as his father once did. That could make for an ugly fight within the league, one that will surely include more reports quoting more unnamed sources on both sides of the issue.

23 responses to “Raiders have work to do on getting owners to support move

  1. Of course the other others are trying to screw Mark Davis.

    They have nothing but contempt for Al and the Raiders.

    I hope Mark moves with or without their “approval”

    To Patriot fans: You think the league is out to get you?
    At least you get a fair game called by the officials.

    Mack gets held on every single play. Maybe 2 holds have been called.

    Yet every Sunday, the Raiders get 3-4 holding calls on their offensive line.

    US Raider fans have been telling everybody how the league is out to get them.

    Pats fans can finally see what WE have been talking about for 30 years now.

    Welcome to the club.

  2. If the NFL does not want the Raiders to move to Vegas then they should pony up the $$ for the stadium. The Davis family does not have billions like other owners – the team is their only asset. The City of Oakland should not be forced to bear this burden so the NFL can rake in more eyeballs on Sundays (which is a declining proposition anyway).

  3. Moving to Las Vegas would be a terrible mistake. Not enough non-casino business environment to support a team. Local population is centered around working in casinos and a large portion will be working on game day.

  4. Only a pea brained idiot would consider Vegas a “small market”.

    It’s technically small but in reality has over 42 million annual visitors.

  5. I don’t see how Mark Davis can come up with the 500 million he has promised Las Vegas AND a 500 million relocation fee. If he has a billion dollars to spend he should be putting it up for a stadium in Oakland.

  6. Be prepared to see the league get very creative on how they deny (again)the Raiders to move to Vegas. Most of the owners believe the Raiders Administration are far too incompetent basically incapable of generating revenue in any market. Mark Davis doesn’t invest in the community, has never worked or generated a successful business at any level and surrounds himself with “yes” men who lack business acumen. Raiders did their best pseudo re-org before the LA vote, but the league recognize their inability of senior management to run a franchise. The main reason why they denied Raiders to move to LA. Owners want a franchise that can take full advantage of a new market by making millions for the other 31 owners, not to mention Vegas is a smaller market which is a double NO when evaluating relocation or team expansions. Kroenke basically paid $18 million to each owner to sway their vote the last hour (great advise Jerry Jones) and had a reputation of running successful franchises in Denver. AND, I might add Davis doesn’t want to sell a % of the team to the man whose putting up 650 million! If the Raiders want to move to Vegas, change your front office by hiring a face of the organization with a track record of success, hire an agency to sell premium seating, sponsorship, and naming rights and the league will feel much better on the relocation. If not, Raiders fans relax because they will stay in Oakland and we will have to settle for a renovated stadium with the city providing the Oakland A’s a new stadium in downtown Oakland. The league would vote for a new team to play in Vegas before they let the Raiders ruin an opportunity in a new market.

    By the way, I thought Raiders were the third option in LA if San Diego didn’t accept by January ’17?? Someone had a heart to heart conversation when the cameras were off.

  7. If you break down the deal, no money is really coming out of Davis’s pocket. All the risk is being put on to the NFL if the money doesn’t materialize, not Davis. If he had anything close to 500 million for a relocation fee, he could better use it to close the gap for a stadium in Oakland. #stayinoakland

  8. Moving a team to Vegas seems like a bad idea, especially one that already has a rapid fanbase. The locals aren’t enough to support the team, and visitors won’t buy tickets to a 5-11 team. The League would do better to have Vegas host some neutral site games (especially for two cold weather teams late in the season).

  9. do you know how many times Al Davis tried to screw the NFL, let alone sue them??? The Commissioner hated AD. The other owners loathed him. Al was never in it for the good of the league, only him. He didnt play well with others. The grudges that many of the owners still have for Oakland is deep, baby!

  10. To all the Raider fans who aren’t from or nearby Oakland (and I understand there are many, thus Raider Nation:

    Don’t tell us Oaklanders how we should support the move or how we should feel towards Mark Davis and this situation. Any fan of a team in their city would be sad and upset at the thought of losing it. You don’t know how that feels and this is something we have to deal with just about every single year. The Raiders BELONG in Oakland; the mystique, the history, even the championship in LA was with OAKLAND players. Would you also support the Packers moving out of Green Bay? The Steelers out of Pittsburgh? Yeah, exactly what I thought.

  11. Deepseabreeze, if you & other Oakland natives value your team & want to keep it, how about you collectively start selling out the stadium 10x per year? Maybe you should elect a mayor with a brain while you’re at it. The Raiders are gone.

  12. The owner will support the move for the following reasons:

    1) Oakland doesn’t have the $$$ or desire to help fund a stadium. This has been a problem for 15 years, maybe more.

    2) Las Vegas approved a plan that raises $750 million in public funds

    3) The owners voted against Davis last year on the Carson (Los Angeles) project.

    In short, the owners know the Raiders need a new stadium. They are well aware of the economic potential of having Super Bowls in Las Vegas.

  13. Jerry Jones supports the move to Las Vegas. He carries a lot of clout. Jerry was the one who convinced the other owners to support the Inglewood project, instead of Carson.

  14. It’s a done deal. The NFL is just posturing, so that there will be no fallout from Raiders fans across the country. The Raiders will be in Sin City in 2020, playing finally in a stadium worthy to be played. The Las Vegas Raiders are for real, get use to it.

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