Roethlisberger: Last year’s knee injury could affect absence this year

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The Steelers already have ruled out quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for Sunday’s game against the Patriots. After the Week Eight bye, Roethlisberger possibly will miss even more time, due to an injury he suffered a year ago.

“Doc says my knee looked good, but there still was some stuff in there from when I had my bone bruise last season in St. Louis,” Roethlisberger told Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “He said that might keep me out a little longer than just a simple meniscus tear. Maybe an extra week or so. But there’s no way to put an exact timetable on it. It all depends on my pain and how I feel.”

Roethlisberger finished Sunday’s game against the Dolphins knowing that he had a torn meniscus.

“Doc told me at halftime he was pretty sure I had a meniscus tear and that I probably was going to have surgery on Monday,” Roethlisberger said. “He said it was up to me and my pain and that I wasn’t going to do any more damage to my knee.

“I went back in because I thought it still gave us a chance to win. Obviously, I wasn’t able to move as well, but my adrenaline was so high. I don’t think it really affected any of my throws. I just wish I had played better. It would have been a great story to come back and win.”

Roethlisberger deserves credit for playing through the injury. He also deserves credit for the performance of the offense in recent years, which have been some of the best of his career. But #narratives are hard to change, and plenty of people who made up their minds about Roethlisberger long ago won’t be inclined to adjust their thinking.

After the week off, the Steelers face the Ravens and then the Cowboys. Landry Jones will play quarterback in Roethlisberger’s absence.

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  1. Classic Big Ben. Love him to death but this one can join his “torn ligaments” in his shoulder or his “broken foot” from last year.

    He will play after the bye week.

  2. Ben is a tough QB. I realize he may embellish from time to time but there is no denying the surgeries, bloodied face, and other things he’s played through.

    Steelers are screwed with Landry Jones.

  3. You don’t repair a meniscus you trim off the bad part. If there is cartalage floating around from last years injury that’s bad. Probably worse then the meniscus. If you thought he was an imobile QB before? He is now a statue back there with two cement buckets on his feet.

  4. Why should anyone change their mind about him? What has he done differently to change any one’s mind about?

    He is still the same QB that remains one of the better ones in the league. He is still injury prone and those injuries have limited or eliminated the steelers chance to win a SB since 2010.

    He is still not good enough to overcome the other flaws the steelers have.

    In summary the steelers will be a competitive and dangerous team as long as Ben can play, but they are unlikely to ever have both a healthy enough Ben AND a good enough defense to really ever win a SB during the rest of his career.

    So what exactly has changed?

  5. oh, give me a break, he went back in with a torn MINISCUS- and injury that doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the knee, an injury that he can’t really make worse by playing on. Plenty of players have gong back in with a lot worse.

  6. I like Big Ben but he is always hurt..

    Time to Que the steelers excuse factory come playoff time.

  7. Uh, @dansardo, pretty sure the reference was to his permanent status as one of the more despicable slimy sleazy individuals who ever walked the face of the earth… his performance as a human being, that is, not as a truly great, undeniably remarkably tough HOF QB.

  8. When are we gonna wise up and draft the QB of the future??

    well, Landry kinda looks like he’s from the future. Does that count?

  9. Roethlisberger has always been a second tier QB in the NFL. Yes he won two SBs but it was his defense that won. He is too injury prone, and simply not good enough to carry the Steelers to the SB. They need a great defense to do that and they simply can’t put together one when QB is taking up a big cap space.

  10. This is your future Pittsburgh. Ben wont be able to play much longer. Might want to start just reliving the glory days here pretty soon because there is little hope after Brn retires.

  11. Allow me to sound like every other troll on here….

    “Ben is a rapist who should be banned for life from the nfl. He also is a system qb and anyone could do what he does. He won’t ever accomplish anything without the asterisk. ”

    Sound familiar trolls?

  12. unbreakable02215 says:

    Oct 19, 2016 11:07 AM

    Dude is a Baller.
    Dude is 45 pounds overweight and that’s why he gets hurt every year.

    Fat, slow and stupid is not the recipe for a long career.

    Here’s an idea fat boy, lose some weight and don’t try to be a hero every play. Throw it away or concede a sack every once in a while.

    These injuries will keep happening with the frequency and severity getting worse each time.

    He’ll be out of football in a few years due the hits he’s chosen to take.

    How often do you see Brady take a huge hit???

    How often do you see Brady stuffing his face with a triple bacon cheeseburger with extra mayo?

  13. “I just wish I had played better. It would have been a great story to come back and win”


    It might have been better if he had said “it would have been a great win if I had played better and we were able come back”.

    instead he seems focused on the ‘story’, which tells me it is more about him being the hero than the team getting a win.

  14. It’s a symptom of our society in general and fallout from the social media era. There are more news sources (but less major media outlets), but those sources use algorithims to show people more of what they like, and less of what they don’t like, regardless of accuracy, all in the name of the provider being able to make more money. If I don’t like the Steelers or Roethlisberger, social media will adapt and show me endless negative articles on the times he may have over estimated his injuries etc. It’s hard to overcome that outside of the fanbase. Patriots fans understand well the issue of changing narratives that were established before all the facts were in.

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