Chip Kelly won’t be leaving the 49ers . . . voluntarily

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Chip Kelly is not going to be the Oregon coach. Again.

In his first year with the 49ers after three-and-out in Philly, rumors of a return to college football already are percolating regarding Kelly, fueled by his 1-5 record. Meeting with reporters on Thursday, Kelly was asked whether he is committed to remaining in San Francisco.

“Unless the media has an opportunity for me somewhere, I’ll always explore those opportunities,” Kelly told reporters. “But, I’m not going anywhere.”

He may not be going anywhere, voluntarily. A full-blown free fall could, in theory, result in the 49ers making a change after only one season. It’s not nearly as uncommon a phenomenon as many believe; indeed, the 49ers did it only one year ago, firing Jim Tomsula after a single year on the job — and he won five games.

At a time when evidence of family discord has emerged and fans are still trying to figure out precisely how to hold Jed York accountable (beyond, you know, getting stuck “in traffic” — for three hours), York may feel compelled to press the reset button if 1-5 becomes anything worse that Tomsula’s 5-11, firing everyone and starting over again, rolling the dice in search of his own personal Bill Walsh.

So, yes, there’s a chance Chip Kelly will be back in the ranks of college football next year. Whether he wants to be or not.

49 responses to “Chip Kelly won’t be leaving the 49ers . . . voluntarily

  1. As an Eagle fan, I’m more than relieved that this talk is happening with another team

  2. This guy is going straight back to college and staying there.
    Absolutely ill-equipped to be a head coach in the NFL.
    His personality is just too small for the league, his insecurities way too glaring. That might work in some college towns, and only if you are winning. Which isn’t so hard against Appalachian St or whoever.

  3. Kelly is totally safe unless he somehow finds a way too make them winners again, at which point York and Baalke will get jealous of him. It’s their MO.

  4. Goodell and Kaepernick should leave voluntarily. When Kaep is in an interview, you can see his mind is controlled. His football skills are barely there. That whole franchise is perfect for each other. All their qbs, their GM, head coach. All perfect for each other. Made one of the best middle linebackers of all time retire to go build electronic cars or some crap

  5. He has what, 3 years left on his contract at $6m per? NFW that Jed ponies up that much money to let him walk. What WILL happen is a buyout will be negotiated, and Chip will return to Oregon. They are struggling and need a college coach, and the 49ers need an NFL coach.. not that anyone with any self-respect will work for the York dumpster fire, but at least bring in an NFL guy, not another college coach. I hear Pete McCulley is available.

  6. After this season is over you can just about bet on it someone in that organization is losing their job……..

  7. Quitting an NFL head-coaching job makes little sense, unless a more lucrative job (that is on the verge of being filled) is around the corner.

    If you are Chip Kelly, you don’t leave the 49ers under any circumstances. They better change those locks on you.

    Look at Lovie Smith. He lives in Illinois again with his family, he is still getting millions from the Buccaneers, and now he is getting millions more from the University of Illinois. Not too bad a deal…

  8. At the NFL level coaching makes all the difference. Great coaches get the best out of their players. Does anyone think this is the very best we can expect from these players. If this is the best we can get from these players then it’s not a coaching problem.

  9. Bill Walsh had a great owner and great personnel people. Chip Kelly has Jed York and Trent Baalke. Let’s not forget George Seifert won a couple super bowls too. It all starts with the owner.

  10. If only he could get another Bill Walsh, you know, a guy who coached Stanford well, and would bring in an offense that is contrarian to the current NFL offense and a solid defense play…

  11. It’s the Curse Of Gabbert. Chip Kelly is his 7th head coach in his 6th season in the league. Every team Blaine has started for (5 seasons) has been rated worst in the league going into the season. Every team he’s played for has been riven with front office/ownership controversy. The gods gifted him with exceptional athletic ability, intelligence, character, and good looks, but they don’t want to make it too easy for him, so they rain chaos and obstacles in his career path.

  12. Jed York is paying Jim Tomsula 3.5 million a year this year, in 2017, and 2018. To not coach

    If he fired Chip, he’d be paying him 6 million in 2017,2018, and 2019. To also not coach. Off the hook if Chip took an NFL job. On the hook if he went to college or TV.

    The only way Chip gets fired is if when BAALKE gets fired a new GM is hired who insists.

    Otherwise it would take a “mutual parting”

  13. Chip was basically the GM of the Eagles. Now he is under Baalke who is even worse than Chip at GM. Jed, remember who hired Tomsula? The fire Baalke talk should begin immediately.

  14. I don’t know who is worse; Grigson or Balke but neither of them should be near an nfl team. The jury is still out on Kelly but he has no shot with Balke.

  15. Kelley is not wired for the NFL and before you go bashing him neither was nick saban (arguably greatest college coach ever), Steve Spurrier or dennis erickson .

  16. Of course he won’t leave on his own! Only the Niners players do that, not the coaches!

  17. LSU remains a destination for Chip Kelly. Regardless of what happens now, its pretty much a foregone conclusion he won’t last 3 years with the Santa Clara Yorks

  18. Get rid of Kelly and Balke and beg Jim Harbaugh to come back. It’s clear he was the reason they were a Super Bowl team.

  19. The niners have made so many poor decisions over the past 3-4 years.

    First, you get rid of Harbaugh. Yeah, how did that work out? He’s got Michigan in position for the college playoff.

    Then you bring in that bumbling lumberjack Tomsula. Quite possibly, the worst idea ever!

    Worst thing yet? Keeping Baalke around. This roster is so depleted there isn’t a coach out there who could get this bunch to 8-8.

    Losing Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, Chris Boreland, Mike Iupati, Vernon Davis and Anthony Davis. Then losing Navarro Bowman to injury again. That is 7 Pro Bowl talents.

    Until they re-stock the cupboard it doesn’t matter who the HC is. I’m not saying Kelly is the guy but hell, Bill Belicheck would have a hard time with this team.

  20. I think Kelly is the new Greg Schiano. 3 years after the reason why the Bus were terrible. the Bucs are still terrible. But the media hated this guy and ran him out. The Media always have to have some coach to focus on. It looks like Kelly is the winner (or loser depending how you look at it)

  21. I have one word for all you uniformed commenters who believe coaches get paid the full amount from two sources when they leave and take another job. OFFSET. Learn what it means and you will post more intelligent responses.

  22. tswag69 says:

    If he does get fired, LSU will be calling

    The Longhorns probably will, as well.

  23. Exactly who would have success when stuck with Kaepernick? If the Eagles lose two more games Howie will go from being genius to idiot and Doug will be hated by half of Philadelphia.

  24. He would in theory get paid by 2 teams not to coach.

    In fairness the 49ers got decimated with retirements and other personnel problems.

    The Kaep situation really hurt a lot.

    I think by settling for Gabbert the owners knew this was going to be a hard year.

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