Mike Zimmer: Difference in drunk driving punishments based on calls


According to Vikings coach Mike Zimmer, the decisions to keep a valued assistant and cut a practice squad player after their drunk driving arrests were about much more than their relative value to the team.

In the initial statement regarding the arrests, the Vikings said that defensive coordinator George Edwards was upfront with the team about his May arrest, while Isame Faciane was not.

“Every situation is different,” Zimmer said, via Matt Vensel of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “And I really don’t care about being consistent. I care about being right. When this happened with George, George was given a lot of things to do, including a huge monetary commitment that he had to make. And he fulfilled all of his obligations.”

Edwards was charged with three misdemeanors, including fourth-degree DWI. As part of a deal, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor careless driving, and was sentenced to a year of probation and fined $1,000. He also had to attend a court-ordered chemical dependency class and a meeting with victims along with Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

The Vikings fined Edwards, and Zimmer said: “If he messes up again, his future will be [in doubt].”

“[With Faciane’s] situation, I told the players in the meeting the day they left to make sure they stay out of trouble and do the right things,” Zimmer said. “I told them again on the field [as] they left. I had the coaches text them and remind them to stay out of trouble.

“And then when this did happen, on the very same day he was told to call me twice and didn’t.”

That, and being a third-year practice squad offensive lineman instead of a third-year defensive coordinator, will get you cut.

15 responses to “Mike Zimmer: Difference in drunk driving punishments based on calls

  1. Why is he trying to explain this? It is making him sound stupid.

    They are holding the guy they value more is being held to a different standard……duh!

    The Vikings didn’t handle this situation different than any other team would have and different than they handled Pederson. The difference is now they are sounding stupid about it.

  2. If you won’t talk to your coach, after being instructed to, you don’t deserve to be part of the team.

  3. If you were working for an employer and had great numbers and never any behavioral issues, do you think you would get fired over a DUI? Most likely not.

    If you were on the cusp of getting fired from your job because you lacked the skill set and then disobeyed a demand literally the night of, would you get fired over a DUI? Probably.

    Quit trying to make this article into something it’s not.

    Also, in no way am I condoning that driving under the influence is okay. People make mistakes and some people have shorter leashes than others.

  4. When this “story” started developing, I thought in might be one of those things that may finally knock Zimmer slightly off of his golden throne Vikings fans seem to place him on.

    Nope! Turns out the dude is the real deal, and isn’t just putting on an act.

    In Zimm we trust.

  5. Zimmer also said that if this PS guy fulfills certain things like Edwards did that Zimmer would be open to the possibility of bringing him back to the team.

  6. When Zimmer was asked about the team fine Edwards paid, he said it was ‘substantial’. When pressed further, he said, ‘six figures’. That’s a lot for a coordinator.

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