NFL reopening Josh Brown case in light of new information

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The release of new documents by the King County, Washington Sheriff regarding Giants kicker Josh Brown’s admissions of domestic violence had many people wondering why the NFL didn’t come up with a punishment more severe than a one-game suspension.

The NFL has joined the Giants, who re-signed Brown as a free agent and boasted they had done due diligence into Brown’s past, in saying that they were unaware of the existence of documents featuring Brown, who explained his arrest as one moment before evidence of more than 20 incidents came to light, admitting to abusing his then-wife and referring to her as “his slave.” The league issued a statement on Thursday saying that the release of these new documents will lead to Brown’s case being re-opened with the potential for further discipline.

NFL investigators made repeated attempts — both orally and in writing — to obtain any and all evidence and relevant information in this case from the King County Sheriff’s Office. Each of those requests was denied and the Sheriff’s Office declined to provide any of the requested information, which ultimately limited our ability to fully investigate this matter. We concluded our own investigation, more than a year after the initial incident, based on the facts and evidence available to us at the time and after making exhaustive attempts to obtain information in a timely fashion. It is unfortunate that we did not have the benefit or knowledge of these materials at the time.”

“In light of the release of these documents yesterday, we will thoroughly review the additional information and determine next steps in the context of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy. We will not be making any comments on potential discipline until that time.”

Given all that was already known about Brown’s behavior, including his ex-wife telling police about a letter he wrote to friends admitting abuse in a report that was previously available, there will still be questions about the initial response of the league and the Giants to Brown’s actions.

There may also be questions about why the Commissioner’s exempt list, used in the Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson cases, wasn’t used as a way for Brown to be removed from the roster while still being paid and under investigation if the league was unsatisfied with the information available to them in their investigation.

71 responses to “NFL reopening Josh Brown case in light of new information

  1. Here we go again. Why can’t the shield ever get ahead of these things?

    Too reactive with serious issues at that.

  2. Double standard maybe? Let’s see…African American players (Peterson, Hardy, Rice, etc) get suspensions and exempt listed. Josh Brown, Caucasian, gets one game.

    They’re all equally scummy for abusing women and children, why not punish them equally? The new conduct policy was designed to suspend automatically. NFL needs to abide by it.

  3. Whoops!

    How much did the Mara’s know and when?


    Ray Rice cover up Part 2!

    Your move, Rogie.

    You know if this was the Pats, he lie and manipulate the truth and frame for punishment, but I knew this story wasn’t over.

    Knew it.

    Way too much smoke.

  4. Pathetic. NYG and NFL got word of this over a month ago ago and let it go by…now new evidence comes out (as expected) and NFL has their tail between their legs on domestic violence yet again.
    NFL ratings are down because of this negligence. This allows bad headlines monopolize NFL news. It doesn’t look good when NFL is fining players for dancing but don’t do the correct amount of research into a player abusing his wife.

  5. So, Mara, Goodell’s boss, gets caught red handed trying to bury disgusting evidence that his PK was an abusive jerk.

    If the league had any integrity, the Gisnts would be forced to forfeit high draft picks and receive a significant salary cap penalty.

  6. Giant security walked her and the kids out of hotel in San Fran. but the Marras’ didn’t know nuthin? What a bunch of B.S

  7. Why wasn’t he put on the Exempt list.

    1. He is on Mara’s team.
    2. He is white.

    You choose the order.

  8. Where are guys like Alex Boone saying he would have a problem with this guy being on his team? If you kneel doing the anthem guys have a problem with you but beat your wife’s ass, no big deal.

    And we knew about this last year so players have had plenty of time to comment if they cared.

  9. Here comes the damage control. Instead of doing it right the first time, now they have to go back and cover their tracks. Looks like another made up controversy from Roger Goodell is coming to divert attention from their incompetence . Hey Roger, why don’t you care about violence against women? I ask the same question of John Mara.

  10. Eli Manning beats his wife!

    Now that there has been an accusation the NFL should put him on the exempt list until they complete their 5 year review.

    This is getting ridiculous. If the NFL Cannot get info. what should they do? Would you want your employer suspending you with no info. to go on other than a police report?

  11. If any of those rumors are true about the Pro Bowl and having to put his wife in a different room are true, then about 10 people from the NFL need to be fired immediately. He wasn’t sent home? Pro Bowl falls under Troy Vincent…how many of his now-qualified Sr VPs and Chief Strategy Officers were there and did nothing? How many got promoted since then?
    So many completely incompetent people.

  12. Why is this a big deal? It’s not like he is accused of anything real serious such as it being more probable than not that he was at least generally aware of a scheme to deflate footballs by hundredths of a PSI. Now THAT’S something the league takes seriously, but not men who beat up women.

  13. The wife/ex-wife and the police would not cooperate at all with the NFL. They did all they could do.

    There was no know letter at the time of the NFL investigation.

  14. Typical NFL. Manufacturing needless ongoing controversy over something that wasn’t handled right the first time, prolonging suffering of everyone involved, and acting as some kind of stumbing-in-late force of “justice” well after the entire justice system has finished with it.

    If they’d simply given him the standard punishment up front, this new info wouldn’t have mattered and everyone would already be getting on with their lives.

    This is the kind of sound leadership that the owners want out of Goodell – really?


    Love to see Goodell screw up YET ANOTHER thing.

    He was too busy on dragging Brady through the mud with NO EVIDENCE to actually do his job regarding this serial wife beater.

    Let’s all hope this latest storm is awful, public and causes enough outrage that the owners finally wake up and FIRE GOODELL.

    Ratings are down and here comes yet another PR nightmare for the league.

  16. One more reason why tv ratings are down.

    It’s not just that there are so many scumbags, it’s that the punishment is so arbitrary that the league come across as professional wrestling…….

  17. Dear Goodell, the DA did not give you the documents because you are not the police, nor the prosecutor, nor the judge, nor the jury.

    You dug yourself this hole, created a policy for PR that tries to mirror unlawful and immoral actions taken on an employees’ own time. We have laws and courts for that behaviour.

    You are doomed to look like an *** again and again and again over this. Every fresh suspension will draw comparisons to things that happened before, and you have limited investigatory powers.

    Admit you were wrong. Get out of the game. If someone becomes too toxic to employ, have the team cut him. Even negotiate into the CBA that they can mitigate the cap hit. But stop pretending judging their conduct is your right or your duty.

  18. This should be the end of Goodell era, it’s clearly time to move and attempt to regain the viewers (or former viewers) trust. Take your millions and go away quietly Roger…

  19. shocking another botched investigation by the NFL to be reopened for the sole reason that goodell cant ever do his job right

    its very simple the NFL only comes down hard on domestic violence towards woman once they get caught with egg on their face

    im not sure of a single big case they nfl has handled right!!

    concusssions, ray rice, adrian peterson, bountygate, deflategate, greg hardy and the list goes on and on

    goodell has a worse track record than the weatherman and still keeps his job, if ony the ratings went down maybe the owners would do someting about it….. wait a minute DOH!!!!!!

  20. I’m sure that the NFL office has put hundreds if not thousands more man hours into figuring out why people aren’t tuning in to see the Jets get killed at 10:30pm ET on a Monday night than they did ‘investigating’ old Josh. Fingers crossed that this is the spark that starts the fire that consumes Roger and his Park Ave cronies.

  21. Get it right the first time? That’s crazy talk. Good ol’ Rog’ will just permanently ban everybody with the last name of “Brown” this time around and it’ll all be good.

  22. Not buying it.

    They used Article 46 to railroad Brady and force Harrison, Matthews to give an interview to Goddell with no evidence of wrong doing.

    So you want us to believe Article 46 couldn’t be used here to compel Brown to give the league the documents??

    And before people say that this is not covered by it, Art. 46 gives the Commish broad power to enforce penalties when HE deems them as detrimental to the integrity of the game. I find nothing more detrimental to the integrity of the game that having an abuser on the league.

  23. So glad I quit watching the NFL. League full of TERRIBLE QB’s, horrific officiating every week, a million delays every game, raping local communities for tax dollars while threatening to leave town, grossly overpriced tickets and merchandise, stupid violent criminals and wife beaters on every team, anthem protests and obnoxious political views from idiots like Kaepernick….
    Just say no to the NFL. I did and don’t miss it even a little. And I wouldn’t dream of allowing my children to play football ever.

  24. Why can’t the league get this stuff right the first time ?

    I’ll tell you why. Because they exhausted their resources on this ridiculously exhaustive and expensive investigation into the PSI level of footballs used by the best QB the game has ever seen. (Boy you really caught HIM red handed huh ? ) who is a genuinely good dude as opposed to these wife abusing scum Bags they skate over. Boy that PSI pressure REALLY affected HIS game huh ?

    NFL = Embarassment.

  25. The NFL front office is headed by Rodger the Dodger and his merry band of mad men. Incompetent fools to busy counting their obscene bonuses to get anything right the first time. A bunch of dull witted nimrods controlled by the owners.

  26. I have to wonder when they escorted his wife from the hotel for her safety if Kensil went to Brown’s room and told him:

    “We got you now!”


  27. With what they know now, he’s obviously way beyond the Ray Rice discipline. There is a history of Josh beating and abusing his wife. This is much worst

  28. Now it’s time for Roger to hire an “Independent” investigator like Ex-Giant and current NFL “yes man” Phil Sims to find no wrong doing…..errrr…the truth.

  29. They should really get Ted Wells.

    I’d bet he’d find the truth.

    4 games for “maybe” deflating footballs.

    4 games for smoking weed.

    1 game for abusing a woman.

    Makes complete sense.


  30. Because the NFL really does not care about women. Oh except for all that pink gear that will show up for one week. I literally do not watch football anymore. I used to have about 5 fantasy teams. Now I spend my Sundays going for bike rides and doing fall stuff outside and go to bed early for a good night’s sleep. Not staying up late to watch lame games I don’t care about. And you know what? I don’t miss it one bit.

  31. Well they just used the “technology glitch” excuse for Cam’s concussion investigation so I wonder what they’ll use this time. The information got lost in the mail?

  32. Based on the new information (that NFL fans are angry about the mere wrist slap this guy has gotten) they are looking at it some more…

    the league office is nothing if not consistently inconsistent.

  33. The commish has got it down, now. Railroad Brown out the league and make another multi-million dollar donation to a womens shelter during pink month.

  34. Gee, could the see-no-evil results of the “investigations” into Ray Rice and Josh Brown have ANYTHING to do with the fact that the owners of the Giants and Ravens are among the biggest backers of Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person, Celebrity Commissioner (TM)?

    Could the no-evidence suspensions of various Saints personnel have had ANYTHING to do with the fact that Tom Benson was/is not a big backer of Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person, Celebrity Commissioner (TM)?

    No, can’t be! Inconceivable!

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