NFL security moved Josh Brown’s ex-wife to new hotel room after Pro Bowl incident

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The NFL and the Giants both said that they had no knowledge of the information included in the release of new documents by the King County, Washington Sheriff regarding Giants kicker Josh Brown’s history of domestic violence, but it appears that’s not quite true.

One of the pieces of information included in those documents, as reported by Ralph Vacchiano of, involved NFL security moving Brown’s ex-wife Molly from her hotel room at the 2016 Pro Bowl after an incident with the kicker. Per Molly Brown, she took the trip with her sons and the daughter she had with Brown while the couple was in the process of getting a divorce at her ex-husband’s request.

Once there, she said she was subjected to “cutting comments” and had her phone taken by Brown so he could search her texts before pounding on her door (they had separate rooms) while drunk until NFL and hotel security intervened. She said NFL security eventually moved her to a new room on the Friday night before the game, something that Albert Breer of confirmed with the league, and the family had no further incidents over the course of the weekend.

That information raises further questions about why the league cited “insufficient information” about the issues between Brown and his ex-wife when they opted to suspend Brown for one game earlier this year.

23 responses to “NFL security moved Josh Brown’s ex-wife to new hotel room after Pro Bowl incident

  1. So, once again Goddell covered an abuse case, huh.

    What’s the excuse is going to be now? He can’t pledge ignorance, he can’t say that he will re-evaluate domestic abuse policies after so much PR about it after The Rice Incident. I think this will be the last straw. Hopefully.

  2. “That information raises further questions about why the league cited “insufficient information” about the issues between Brown and his ex-wife when they opted to suspend Brown for one game earlier this year.”


    No it doesn’t. They lied, just like in the Ray Rice fiasco. That’s the only possible explanation. Everybody knows this, and the spineless cowards like Bill Polian and Peter King will line up and defend Goodell and the owners.

  3. The NFL is crazy to think anyone is going to believe they didn’t know the full extent of what happened.

    They’ve lost the benefit of the doubt with the numerous lies and cover-up attempts that have transpired over the past few years.

    Change needs to happen….now.

  4. Give up your phone Roger you serial liar. Give up your phone John Mara. INTEGRITY.

  5. Insane how exactly like the Ray Rice debacle this is going. Goodell simply refuses to learn from past mistakes. It’s just not in his nature.

  6. I’m all about piling on Goodell and the league office, but this hardly falls into what was found out about his history of beating her yesterday. That would take a big leap to go from they got into a fight about a cell phone to he was beating her for 20 years.

  7. When are the owners going to wake up and realize what an incompetent commissioner Goodell is? What a waste of millions they pay him for the disgusting job he does.

  8. This is common knowledge but it’s worth mentioning just how unbelievable Goodell’s fall from grace with the fans has been. The guy is just absolutely detested everywhere. By absolutely every single fan base.
    They’ve always said that as long as he keeps the owners’ golden goose running, he’s not going anywhere. Especially not because of one of these ¨incidents¨, which apparently don’t matter a whole lot to the owners.
    But this year is different, the product on the field is finally going downhill real fast. The officiating and all the petty rules promoted by the league have been absolutely disgraceful, and the prime time games have been laughably bad. But most of all, I think some people are sick and tired of the NFL. Manning is gone, Brady will be soon. Brees too, and Big Ben. I think it’s downhill from here.

  9. Soo, basically, you didn’t even need a tape to tell you there was an issue here: YOU HAD IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

    And good old Mara, “He told us he abused his spouse, we just didn’t know how much….”

    How much is “much”? When TMZ gets a hold of evidence? Is that the much?

    You really should worry about ratings… your lies are starting to build up and your greed is evident.

  10. As a Bills fan, I will stand side by side with NE fans in demanding this azz clown Goodell is removed from office. What he did with Brady was crap. What he’s doing with this women’s abuse crap is downright unethical if not illegal. Its unacceptable to allow this multiple offense criminal abuser to be employed.

  11. Apparently the NFL has no interest in preventing domestic violence. God help you though if you deflate a ball or practice more than you are allowed.

  12. IIRC, DV cases are now reviewed by a panel of 3 women. Which of you keyboard warriors will start the lynch-mob for them?

  13. I imagine if Josh Brown had deflated footballs the NFL would have moved swiftly. But wife-beating, meh.

  14. The owners need to be informed that there are CEO’s out there in the business world, that make a lot of money for their owners and stockholders, but are able to do it ethically and with integrity.
    Oh, never mind! Unfortunately, those talented individuals would never even consider working for this particular group of slime-balls in the first place.

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