Sam Bradford won’t “try to do anything special” because he’s facing Eagles

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It wasn’t all that long ago that looking ahead to a Week Seven game between the Vikings and Eagles would have meant wondering how quarterback Sam Bradford would do against Minnesota’s tough defense.

That became a non-issue when Teddy Bridgewater hurt his knee in a late summer practice, leading to the trade that sent Bradford to Minnesota and elevated rookie Carson Wentz to the first string in Philadelphia. Wentz’s initial arrival on the team following a trade that netted the Eagles the second overall pick in the 2016 draft didn’t sit well with Bradford, who took some time away from the team and asked for a trade that didn’t come until the Vikings had a major hole to fill on their offense.

Bradford now has a chance to face the team that made a big move to acquire his replacement shortly after signing Bradford to a new deal, but he says he’s not going to let that past history impact him as he heads into the game.

“I think I owe it to all the guys in the locker room to not try to do anything special,” Bradford said, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “I think when you get caught up in everything that’s going on outside the building … I think that’s when games can go wrong.”

There’s a lot of football left to be played this season, but the deal has been a win for both teams through the first six weeks of the season as the Vikings are 5-0 and the Eagles are 3-2 with future draft picks in their pocket. It’s been good for both quarterbacks as well.

Wentz is getting a chance to show he can handle the job and Bradford has played well in his four starts. That might not do anything to secure a future in Minnesota, but should give teams looking for a quarterback confidence that Bradford can come in quickly and pick up an offense if he’s on the move again this offseason.

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  1. This could be the makings for an excellent football game if the Eagles o-line shows up.

    If they don’t, Wentz is going to have a looooooong game on Sunday.

    This is coming from a lifelong Vikings fan, a former Fargoian, and a NDSU alumni.

  2. I wouldn’t be so sure that Bradford will only be with the Vikings one year.

    A. We don’t yet know when, or if, Teddy will be back to 100%.

    B. If Sam keeps on winning, why would the Vikes want to part with him? Teddy is still on his rookie deal so the Vikes aren’t handcuffed to him.

    I like Teddy a lot, but in the end, it’s a business.

  3. Bradford has the right mindset. This Eagles team isn’t as good as people think. They were drinking their own kool-aid and lost against powerhouse teams like Detroit and Washington. Eagles will be 8 – 8 at best this year.

  4. I just looked at the rest of the Eagles schedule. That is an absolutely brutal line up.

    Good luck Eagles, that’s going to be a real test…

  5. He’s already special, best QB in the NFC North and top 5 in the league after 4 games. He’ll only get better as the year goes along. If he stays healthy, Vikings are superbowl bound…

  6. Seeing as how our offense is ranked at the bottom of the league, that’s a pretty wise assessment by Sam — just manage the damn game. The Eagles D is pretty good too. Should be a good game.

  7. Sammy B is a very good quarterback and a great guy. When on campus in Norman, I like to run on campus. When I run, I always give a fist bump or a low (as opposed to high) five on Bradford’s Heisman statue (there’s a Heisman mark in Norman celebrating all the past winners with a statue – really nice), simply wishing him well. He’s on the best team he has been on since the 2008 Sooners so I have no doubt he can thrive if he can stay healthy. God Speed Sammy B!

  8. As of today I do not see Sam leaving Minnesota now, next year or any year after that.

    First let me start off with I am a big supported of Teddy’s and want him to come back as good as ever. But, we know it is a 12 month recovery just to get on the field for Teddy. That time frame puts him joining the team a week before the next football season starts.

    Sam is still under contract next year and no way the Vikings trade him or drop him. Most likely Sam stays #1, Heineke moves to #2, possibly Hill still as our #3 and Teddy starting season on PUP or IR. If Hill decides to retire or move on then we either draft or bring in a RFA for our #3. I just don’t see Teddy starting next season on the active roster.

    After the first 6 weeks (on PUP) Teddy can return and depending on how the team is doing he slides into slot #1-3. If the Vikings are 0-6 then most likely he would start week 7 if healthy, if we are 6-0 he moves to either #2 or 3.

    That is my take on our QB situation until this time next year.

  9. I didn’t think Bradford was capable of doing anything special ever regardless of his opponent.

    I take that back. Finishing a game is special when it comes to Bradford. The guy is made of glass.

  10. Or…Another team knocks our socks off with an offer to trade for Bradford.

    Or…we get a good trade offer for Bridgewater.

    It will be all fun and games until the realize they Vikings have to start paying the ~$20 million on Teddy’s 5th year option contract…when that happens; things get real, real quick!

  11. scrp2 says:
    Oct 20, 2016 11:43 AM
    Bradford has the right mindset. This Eagles team isn’t as good as people think. They were drinking their own kool-aid and lost against powerhouse teams like Detroit and Washington. Eagles will be 8 – 8 at best this year.

    8-8 is actually better than most Eagles fans believe. We knew this was a rebuild year when Bradford was traded. There are still missing pieces on both sides of the ball, and with Johnson out for 10 games its going to be a tough road.

  12. It takes a special kind of ***hole to dislike my comment above. It’s like when someone does and someone posts RIP and gets a thumbs down. Really?? You life sucks so bad that you have to give a thumbs down for someone gone too soon? Sammy B is a great guy and everyone should wish him well – even if you cheer for a different NFL team, which I do.

  13. I always felt that Sam was never given a very good chance to succeed but I never thought I’d see him playing for the Vikings. So far, so good. Keep it up Sam!

    It’s so nice to have a QB that is a real unselfish team player, just like the Vikes.

    I expect this to be a good game, Eagles have some skills but the Vikes should be able to confuse a rookie QB and make life tough on him.

  14. Viking fane here. I like Teddy, he seems like a really nice kid. That said, he came into the season with questions about the long ball. I was upset when he was hurt and wasn’t sure about Bradford based upon his track record.

    Thing is, Bradford is making the throws we hoped TB could develop. He is also under contract for next year which is key. Considering the fact that TB could have lost his leg should tell you this is a two year injury. If Bradford can continue to perform, I can see him signing a longer term deal with Minnesota in the off season.

    I think Teddy has been Wally Pipped.

  15. The Vikings are in a good spot but a tough spot with their quarterbacks. Both Sam and Teddy will be on the team next year, and maybe things work themselves out with how Teddy comes back from his injury or if Sam gets injured. If both are healthy, you have to choose which one you want back for 2018 because you can’t afford both. I think I would pick up Teddy’s 5th year option, which is about $12 million, and then trade him after next season. It’s a tough spot because I love Teddy and I know the Vikings do, too. That’s why I don’t think they should make any decisions until they have to.

  16. It is still early in the season, and a lot can happen between now and the end of the year. However, if Bradford keeps up his level of play, it is going to be VERY difficult for the Vikings to put him back on the bench.

    Given the severity of Bridgewater’s injury, it is also very likely that he won’t be ready to go full speed until well into next season.

    I almost hate to say this, but I think Adrian Peterson being out has helped this offense mature. It is nice to see other players with talent stepping up and contributing, like Diggs, Rudolph, Theilen, Patterson and McKinnon. I thought Bridgewater’s best time with the team was the last half of 2014. Peterson was suspended for the year, and Norv Turner was more inclined to let Teddy throw often. Last season the offense was too Peterson-centric, and it took away from Teddy’s progression as a passer.

    The offense was very predictable with Peterson. Now it is dynamic and unpredictable, and the results are showing on the scoreboard. It’s about time.

  17. If we make a deep playoff run you can’t give the job back to Teddy without a fair competition in training camp. Assuming he’s ready by August.

    And hey! If we win the super bowl give em 2 first round picks!

    Peterson will never play a down next year in a Viking uniform under that current contract cap number.

  18. nothing against Teddy but this Viking fan hopes he never plays for the purple again. I’m hoping Sam Bradford is our Jim Plunkett. Continue the great play and hold the starting QB job for the next 10 years.

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