Aaron Donald fined for crashing Lions kneeldown

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At the end of last Sunday’s victory over the Rams, the Lions lined up for quarterback Matthew Stafford to take the familiar kneeldowns that run out the clock on a win.

The Rams weren’t willing to concede defeat, however, and defensive tackles Aaron Donald and Dominique Easley crashed into the Lions linemen on two straight snaps. They got pushed back into Stafford and Lions center Travis Swanson hurt his hand during the pushing and shoving that followed.

According to multiple reports, Donald has been fined $18,231 for unnecessary roughness as a result of the plays. Easley was not fined.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher said that the call to rush the Lions didn’t come from the sideline and intimated that his players were frustrated by “some things that Aaron endured during the game” without elaborating on what those things might have been.

Donald was fined $21,269 after being ejected in Week One for making contact with an official.

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  1. If you want to know why the NFL is losing support and viewers, just scroll down today’s PFT feed. Fines for petty nonsense, suspending players in violation of the CBA, sanctimonious policing/whining about off-the-field behaviors, and generally Goodell and the NFL trying to make the game into something more genteel.

  2. Not a fan of the Rams, but this is crap.

    Was the game over? No
    If the Lions fumbled, could the Rams have a chance to win? Yes

    The game was 28-31, not 10-31. The game is 60 minutes long, not 57.5. If the a team wants to assume victory and line up in victory formation, don’t expect the opposing team to concede.

  3. Why does the #NFL do this to themselves? They fine one guy but not the other. I have to assume that Donald did something other then rush or else both guys would have been fined, but the NFL doesn’t release any statement explaining what happened.

  4. Awww give him a break, the O-line made him a non- factor the whole game so his feelings were hurt.

  5. flickaboogie says:
    Oct 21, 2016 5:28 PM

    Awww give him a break, the O-line made him a non- factor the whole game so his feelings were hurt.

    4 tackles and a sack from a defensive TACKLE who was double and sometimes triple teamed the whole game? Yeah, kudos to that O-line for making him a “Non- factor”.

  6. Seriously?…. Absolutely dumbfounded. They are lining up. If the quarterback fakes a kneel and throws deep will he get fined too? If so why bother wasting everyones time? Just say games over no more timeouts. Does Roger get a percentage of the fines he levies as a bonus or something??

  7. I would love to see a list containing the total dollar amount of all the fines collected by the NFL for each of the last 5 or 10 seasons. It would be nice to see if there is a trend that would shoe that the NFL is collecting more money over time.

    It doesn’t seem ethical to have the NFL get to impose all these fines and take money from players and then be allowed to keep all the money.

    I believe that the NFL recently changed its status from a non-profit entity to a regular business. Which means that the salaries of the top executives is no longer public record.

    It seems that it would be better it the NFL had to take all the money collected during each season and give it back to the players in the form of a dividend check. The players that don’t receive a fine during each season could all split the money equally.

    The same concept should apply to money collected in the form of parking tickets and traffic violations by local government organizations. Local governments should not be allowed to collect money and then keep it. There is too much incentive for things like quotas.

    Money collected by local governments in the form of fines should be split evenly by residents that paid taxes above a certain dollar amount to the same municipality while not having any fines levied against them during a calendar year. Those working for or having immediate relatives working for the municipality should not participate in the distribution.

    It’s also not logical to have a situation where people need to break laws in order for the government to pay its bills and balance its budget. Fines should be in place to only as a disincentive for doing the wrong thing.

    With the NFL it should be about creating player safety and good public relations. Not a source of revenue for the league and its executives.
    With local governments it should be about public safety and creating order. Not as a source of revenue for a municipality.

  8. well, then you don’t kneel and play it like a regular snap to run the clock off. why did you chose to kneel and complain about your opponents rushed into you? isn’t that part of the game?

  9. ohand16 says:

    Couldn’t play for Rex Ryan

    As opposed to whatever it is you do for a living, if anything?

  10. NFL- National Fine League.

    Do I think it was a bad play…yes. Should he have been fined. Possibly. But the amount of these fines are ridiculous. I’m a Lions fan. I didn’t appreciate it because no one fumbles on a kneeldown because of the defense only because of a bad snap. That play could injure people because the player is spearing through another to try and get the ball that statistically you’d have a better shot at winning multiple lotteries than recovering that fumble.

    Also it’s low that Fisher through the players under the bus.

  11. That is absurd! He was playing football while there was still time on the clock. If there would have been a fumble recovered and advanced by his team, he would be hailed as a hero. If the unnecesaary roughness was a part of the aftermath, maybe, but this reads as if he was just the only one actually still playing.

  12. How do we know it was for crashing the kneel down he was fined?
    Anyway, I think on the second kneel down the Lions crashed the dline.

    It could also be the league reminding Donald that they are watching him since he got ejected from a game because he couldn’t control his emotions.

  13. The NFL is so bad these days I’m not sure which side of this debate has more merit.

    The league is bad,
    The teams are bad,
    The players are bad,

    Guys! You play a mean, violent, injury-prone, felonious, old-age inducing sport – but with a multi-million dollar income with massive wealth producing careers – if only for 2-3 years. Get over it, don’t complain, don’t come back 20 years from now and say “I didn’t know”.

    You are all lucky to be millionaires while playing a sport lucky not be paralyzed and out of a job injured, lucky to be admired by people who pay silly amounts to watch you play, lucky to benefit from people who buy your teams over-priced jerseys with your name and number.

    Stop with the kneel downs – both on and off the field. And also stop with the cutsie QB takes two steps to the right and throws the ball out of bounds with no penalty.

    Get a grip, grow a pair, put on your cup, protect yourself, be a man – in all manners possible. Tough guys, really?! Please don’t complain with whining – please.

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