Ben McAdoo: “We’re not going to turn our back on Josh” (Brown)


The Giants flew across an ocean to get away from Josh Brown this weekend, but coach Ben McAdoo said they weren’t going to abandon the kicker who admitted to years of domestic abuse.

Via Jordan Raanan of, McAdoo offered some tepid support for his kicker, who will be inactive this week.

We’re not going to turn our back on Josh,” McAdoo said. “He’s our teammate.”

McAdoo told reporters he informed his players by position group yesterday to tell them Brown wouldn’t be joining them in London. They’re signing Robbie Gould to kick Sunday against the Rams, and perhaps longer.

The team is moving carefully through what seems like an inevitable parting of ways with Brown, following reports this week that he admitted to a pattern of abuse of his then-wife.

“We’re looking to get as much information as we can to make an informed decision,” McAdoo said.

Owner John Mara didn’t make things better yesterday, when he said that Brown: “admitted to us he’d abused his wife in the past. What’s a little unclear is the extent of that.”

The Giants say they knew about the initial charges against Brown when they re-signed him in April as a free agent. But they were not aware of this week’s documents until they were reported Wednesday.

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  1. Loyalty and support to teammates applies when one is going through hardship or struggles, not someone who committed domestic violence. This is the wrong response, Ben.

  2. What a joke. The NYG have the back of a wifebeating loser. What about the wife? This POS should be in jail!
    The NYG ownership was in the ear of the NFL to put the screws to the Patriots and Tom Brady for deflating balls. Not even proved! A 5 million dollar investigation proved nothing yet a 4 game suspension, lost draft picks, million dollar fine. NYG knew Brown was a wife beater and signed him anyway. I wonder why ratings are down? The NFL continues to be tone deaf about the abuse of women. Goodell et al think the fans are stooges.

  3. For me, it depends on whether or not John Brown wants to change or not on whether he should play again. Either way, the media is going to lampoon Josh Brown (and I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve it), and his career will be over regardless of whether he wants to change or not.

  4. Four games for pot ? One game for beating your wife 20X ?

    What happened to the automatic 6 games for domestic violence that was implemented after Ray Rice ?

    Could it be that the Mara’s/Giants got a more favorable deal because of who they are ?

    NFL discipline is a joke… Goodell is a puppet… no more need be said.

  5. A leopard does not change their spots and Brown will not change. I promise you he has been doing this since high school. Stand by him all you want MCadoo, but if he does it again are you willing to give up your profession? Not job, profession, coaching for ever? Because Ray Rice will not get paid to play football. If you stand strong on your word, but dont change in a week or so. Sometimes its better to get rid of the problem and make a real statement.

  6. I wouldn’t turn my back on him, either. He’s proven he’s nuts and needs to be lobotomized.

  7. McAdoo is in a tough spot here, the Brown decision was made higher up the food chain, but since when did “This is a sensitive issue I am not in a position to comment on at this time.” become such a difficult thing to say?

  8. You can be sympathetic to someone who needs help without losing sight of what he’s done and why he needs help. But I don’t get the feeling that anyone on the Giants is doing just that.

    What a sad day for this franchise. But the truth is that in the end, the Giants aren’t the class act we all said they were for years. Mara is just as bad as James Dolan and Jeff Wilpon.

  9. Die hard Giants fan here. From start to finish this was handled poorly (understatement). The longer we hold on to this guy the worse it looks.

    I am all for innocent until proven guilty, but he admitted to abusing his wife, has journals of admitting guilt, and even had the audacity to say he felt like a god when he abused her and made her feel like a slave.

    It’s been tough being a Giants fan since the last super bowl (not complaining, very appreciative I had the opportunity to be alive for 3 of them), but this is the first time I am truly embarrassed to be a fan of this team. Mara has handled this absolutely terribly and should be held accountable as well.

    Cut him, and Mara should be fined heavily if he knew about this.

    Go Giants

  10. I’m just saying… imagine if Josh Brown was another race? Goodell won’t go down this way.. What I’m waiting for is the next sorry sucker Goodell will stick it to, making this go away. ie #deflategate

  11. By JOHN BREECH CBS NEWS October 20, 2016, 10:10 AM In one of his journal entries that was released on Wednesday, Brown wrote that he has been abusing women since age 7, which led to him abusing his then-wife.
    “I have been a liar for most of my life,” Brown wrote. “I made selfish decisions to use and abuse women starting at the age of 7 to fill this void. I objectified women and never really worried about the pain and hurt I caused them. My ability to connect emotionally to other people was zero. My empathy levels were zero. Because I never handled these underlying issues I became an abuser and hurt Molly physically, emotionally and verbally. I viewed myself as God basically and she was my slave.”

    This animal WROTE this himself! I hope he NEVER HAS A PEACEFUL DAY ever again!

  12. “Domestic violence is something that we’re all cracking down on in this league. That’s something that’s important to us as an organization, important to me as a man, and important to me as a coach.” – Ben McAdoo

  13. We heard about how Mara told Kraft he had to take the punishment for the phantom “Deflategate” situation to cheat my team.

    We know!

    We know, Roger!

    As you can see, and as I’ve said for years, 1 set of rules for 31 teams and 1 special set to apply to the Pats to cheat them at the behest of some very influential owners.

    The jig is up!

    Surrender now or look for a bunk next to Bernie Madoff in Butner, NC.

  14. Giants arent losing anything. Hopefully you people commenting get hemmed up one day and everyone you know looks to hang you. You people are lousy.

  15. We should cut him some slack he played for the Seahawks then! Have you lived in Seattle?! It’s 50 shades of grey all the time, the lack of light has women resorting to being choked during sex to feel anything at all!!

  16. “We’re not going to turn our backs on Josh,” McAdoo said.

    He neglected to mention that the Giants did turn their backs on Brown’s now-ex wife.

  17. The Giants and the NFL ” tried getting information on the case”……Yea what did they call the courthouse at midnight and leave a message……another stellar investigation by Goodell and his band of misfits….Rice , Peterson , Hardy , Brady, Brown…….the list will continue UNTIL THE OWNERS CHANGE IT…….

  18. “He’s our teammate.”

    So, how does he cut anybody or make any roster moves for that matter? Doesn’t that affect a “teammate”? Weak.

  19. By next week this statement is going to be–read slowly from a piece of paper…

    “Ben McAdoo: “We’re ARE going to turn our back on Josh” (Brown)

    I mean he is as good as cut at this point. The only thing that matters–if the owner/front office/coaching staff had complete indifference to following up on on a domestic violence charge, don’t they deserve a suspension or fine equal to or worse than the player involved?

    If NFL security had to move Brown’s wife to a different hotel during the pro bowl due to violence concerns but did not follow up afterward with some kind of discipline, then they have reached a new level of hypocrisy.

    And suspending Brown more isn’t going to clean up the stain this time. It should cost Goodell. And Maybe Mara, the Giants front office staff and their coach.

  20. Gilbride and Coughlin have gotten closure in the strangest of ways this year.

    Coincidentally Mara wanted both of them out.

  21. Good thinking. His wife turned her back on him 20 times and got the crap beat out of her.

    This why McAdump is going to get fired. Make a statement, which is “We aren’t going to have aholes on our team”..and it’s such an easy statement to make with a kicker, an effing kicker….

    And yes, clearly Tom Coughlin was the problem in NY…does anyone really think Brown would be on the team right now if TC was in charge ?

  22. Didn’t he say the Giants have a zero tolerance for domestic violence earlier this year? You look like an idiot McAdoo. Enjoy your brief stint as a head coach.

  23. Who did the Giants release (instead of Josh Brown) in order to sign Gould? That guy must be absolutely livid.

    I really though McAdoo was better than this, after all the tough talk about not tolerating this kind of behavior. And then when he and Mara have a chance to prove it (with a KICKER, no less), they talk themselves in circles. “Sure he beat his wife and stepson, but we’re not sure how badly yet.” Seriously?!

  24. Giants need to be reminded that oftentimes doing the right thing is personally inconvenient

    Hence why it is seemingly so difficult for some

  25. The NFLPA shields the NFL players from punishment from their employer(s) yet you fools blame the NFL?

    How about blaming the player himself?
    How about demanding that NFL contracts be written so that a team can cut players when that commit crimes like this and suffer no cap penalty? That way teams will not hesitate to cut criminal players.
    – of course De Smith and the NFLPA will cry a river about this proposal but it is the ONLY solution.

  26. You should DEFINITELY turn your back on Josh Brown. This is a zero tolerance scenario.

    I love how they always say “we won’t turn our back on _____” when a player does something like this, as if he is the victim who needs an advocate.

    Where is the advocate for his poor wife and kids whom he bullied, abused, and terrorized for years? McAdoo is clueless and his response is part of the reason why this problem persists.

  27. “We’re not going to turn our back on Josh,” McAdoo said. “He’s our teammate.”

    Why not Ben? Seems he’s given you every reason to….and more

  28. No, you absolutely need to turn your back on this loser. He has proven that he is a repeat abuser of his wife. There is no defense for that. And no reason to jerk everybody around any longer.

    And the Giants as a franchise need to be sanctioned worse that the Patriots were. Not going to hold my breath on that one, though.

  29. As a Giants fan, this is deeply embarrasing and troubling. The worst part is that there seems to have been no support for Molly (wife). This the reason she didn’t cooperate with the investigation which gave the impression that the charges were less than legit. The real reason is because she knew the NFL would always side with her husband as it had done in the past.

    I get the whole lets-stick-by-our-guy-as-he improves-his-life, but that can’t be at the expense of the rest of his family. It also adds color to the whole drive-by that got him arrested and suspended. It was characterized as he just wanted to see his kids and violated a restraining order, but now it looks more like a control freak who wouldn’t follow the rules.

    He’s got to go as a matter of principle. You can support his efforts to rehab without employing him. That being said, the information gathering for the NFL is either very poor or they and the organizations are routinely hiding info. As a Giants fan this is deeply disturbing and makes you wonder what else they knew.

  30. Giants fan here.

    For the first time in my life I’m seriously considering denouncing my allegiance to them. I’m one disgusting team comment on this issue away. This is SO slimy.

    It makes me sick.

  31. Wow. Talk about tone deaf. Read the room, dude. This is really the hill the Giants want to die on? Unconditional loyalty to a confessed domestic abuser who physically abused and psychologically and emotionally terrorized his wife and family for years? Just wow. Hope the NFL never wonders why their ratings are going down.

  32. What’s the matter, Rog? No video?

    Once again the NFL pays lip service to the issue of domestic violence. Instead of breast cancer awareness, maybe they should have a domestic violence awareness month? Or does that cut too close to home?

  33. I’m so impressed with Wellington Mara and the always-classy New York Football Giants. First of all, does anyone even know anyone with a first name anywhere near as pretentious as “Wellington”?

    Second, can’t anyone admit to wrong-doing anymore?

    Third, NY Giants, try standing by the wife, too?

  34. Owner John Mara didn’t make things better yesterday, when he said that Brown: “admitted to us he’d abused his wife in the past. What’s a little unclear is the extent of that.”

    Well, thank you for your quote, Frankenhead. The Giants should lose draft picks and should have the equivalent of Brown’s salary taken away from their cap space. After all, the Cowboys and Redskins had tens of millions of dollars removed from their caps after spending more money than other teams in an uncapped year – all due to Frankenhead getting his neck bolts in a twist.

    The Giants used to be an organization that had class and did things the right way. Mara is quickly becoming one of the leagues most disgusting and despised owners. As the saying goes, “it all starts at the top”.

  35. so this is what happens when as a society you start blurring the line between the masculine and the feminine. (and no I’m not saying there’s not always been abusive men) You get pseudo-men owning teams, coaching teams, running leagues, more worried about legalities and appearances and ratings and feelings etc etc than doing the right thing. What’s the right thing?

    Protecting women and children from scumbags like Josh Brown by any means necessary.

  36. This is a self confessed woman beater we’re talking about here.

    Giants fans should turn their backs on the team, that’s get rid of him in a hurry.

  37. scoops, hard knocks are what got them in this mess…

    Hopefully, NFLPA will understand that its responsibility is to ensure members are treated fairly, according to the facts, even if that isn’t in the player’s favor, and to do what’s best for the membership as a whole — not to vigorously defend by any means possible, clearly reprehensible, criminal behavior.

  38. They should fire his dumbass for even making this statement!! Does he not understand that his idiot kicker was beating the crap out of his wife?!!!

  39. Yes protect the serial domestic abuser like he’s some wounded puppy but if a player smokes weed, wears the wrong color socks or celebrates a little too hard its a national emergency and the player must be crushed.

    What vile people run the league these days. And they wonder why they’ve lost 80% of the time I used to watch games and are on a fast track to lose the last 20% of my viewership

  40. She has some SERIOUS battered wife syndrome if she went to the Pro Bowl as per his ‘request’. I can’t see it any other way than one control freak ruining THREE peoples’ lives (wife and two kids). He already was a ruined life.

    The 53rd guy on the Giants gets cut for Gould to sign. HE should go beat the crap out of Brown.

  41. youradarnfoo says:
    Oct 21, 2016 10:59 AM

    I’m just saying… imagine if Josh Brown was another race?

    Like Ray Rice, who got a couple of games off after knocking his fiance unconscious in an elevator?

  42. If they had just suspended the guy for 6 games, like they were supposed to, the fit wouldn’t be hitting the shan right now.

  43. nothing270 says:
    Oct 21, 2016 11:47 AM

    Boy, what would Coughlin had done in this situation.

    Likely the same thing.

    That’s the NFL way.

  44. Where is Lisa Friel in all of this? She was hired by the NFL to be the domestic abuse watchdog. She was the one who recommended only a one game suspension even though the league policy calls for six games. She is a Giants fan, but the pressure to go to one game probably was influenced some by Mara. None of this makes sense and their are dirty hands all over this.

  45. @getadealdonealready says:
    Oct 21, 2016 10:53 AM

    I wouldn’t either if he isn’t ashamed to beat a woman then he would have no problem attacking you from behind, best to keep him in your eyesight at all times.
    I recall an incident involving my neighbor who abused his wife. He was arguing with my dad about cutting the hedges. I thought my dad was going to knock him out, so I got in between them. My dad told me “move son, cause he’ll hit women and kids but he wouldn’t dare swing at me”. It happened 40 years ago but is etched in my memory forever. Habitual abusers only go after people when they have the power, i.e. a weapon or it involves a woman.

  46. So let me see if I understand this because for the life of me, I don’t think I do.

    Josh Brown is getting full support from his organization and from players within the organization that we know who have commented on the situation. In a backhanded way, he’s getting support from the league as well while the NFLPA lays in wait for a slip up by the league and will no doubt come to his defense because they are “obligated” to protect their members.

    Meanwhile, the wife and children of this man were literally tortured for years and have been left for road kill(forgive the pun).

    The lack of sensitivity, compassion and understanding for the victims of this horrible situation is astounding.

    And by the way…. now that the cat is out the bag, i.e., the “journal”, the “admission” of wrong doing, the “incident” at the pro bowl of all places, why isn’t this man being brought up on criminal charges?? A district attorney can do that whether the wife want’s to press charges or not. And I understand the wife’s position, she just wants’ to get away and will probably spend the rest of her life in therapy.

    If their was a way for the Giants, the league and the NFLPA to screw this up, they have gone well beyond that threshold.

  47. Josh Brown and Trump have a lot in common when it comes to their treatment of women. Think about that.

  48. “The 53rd guy on the Giants gets cut for Gould to sign. HE should go beat the crap out of Brown.”

    Valid point: The team has to play short one position player so that they can carry an extra kicker.

    I have no idea who they cut, but being down a player is never a good thing. Hope it doesn’t come back to bite them.

  49. ‘Cut him, and Mara should be fined heavily if he knew about this.’
    Of course, the snake knew about it, just not to what “extent”. Huh! So, it matters if he beat her a little or a lot, in his feeble pea brain! You betcha, he needs to be heavily fined! And, signed him AFTER he knew about it… I always knew Mara was a tool, and frankly did not deserve Coughlin all those years. What goes around, comes around, and I am glad Coughlin gets to see it!!!! He would have surely handled this with far more integrity.

  50. “We’re not going to turn our back on Josh,” McAdoo said. “He’s our teammate.”


    But another teammate had to be released to be able to sign Gould because you just couldn’t turn your back on a teammate that admitted multiple times to committing domestic violence.

  51. If you want to back your players when they are falsely accused that’s one thing. However, when evidence resurfaces that one of your players did something reprehensible then you cut your losses as soon as possible. Hell when the Patriots found out about Hernandez they literally cut him right after he got arrested.

  52. Can’t help but to wonder what would happen if Josh was say…….Black.
    Oh…I forgot we already have precedent on that nevermind.


  53. Hey, I used to be a big fan when he played in Seattle. Did great things, but these allogations are unforgivable and since he admitted to years of abuse, he has no place as a role model or professional sports. The Giants should release him as a business decision and distance themselves from him as a personal decision.

    Anything else is perceived as condoning the actions, whether you are or not.

  54. patsxsaintsfan says:
    Oct 21, 2016 10:51 AM
    Because there’s no video. The NFL and the Giants are making a fool of themselves.
    No video, but 20 + police reports AND NFL security had to come to the wife’s rescue at the Pro Bowl last year. Yet somehow, the NFL claims they had no knowledge of any abuse.

    Look, the NFL welcomes a serial rapist back to Pittsburgh and a serial killer back to Baltimore where the Ravens built him a statue! If Goodell doesn’t believe employing rapists and murderers affect the integrity of the NFL, why should employing someone who admits to abusing females since he was 7 years old be so bad?

    Besides, Goodell has much bigger issues to investigate, like how psi decreased in a football on a cold wet night! That’s what’s really important to the integrity of the game!

  55. He abused his wife?

    SO WHAT?

    It’s NOT a football issue.

    There’s no practical purpose for the NFL getting involved in off-field issues, in ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

    The civil and criminal justice systems ALREADY exist to deal with these matters.

    Double Jeopardy is a well-established legal principle. You can’t be punished twice for the same offense.

    So, WHY IN THE WORLD, would any logical person think it’s a good idea for someone to be punished by mob-mentality in his place of employment, as well.

    It makes me sick that anyone could already have a situation fully adjudicated in the courts, and then be punished multiple other times, in other venues.

    The NFL needs to stop putting its nose in non-football issues. It’s REALLY, REALLY stupid, and the definition of UNFAIR.

    Even a guy who abuses his wife is still a human being. We have appropriate punishments and penalties already available in our court systems. Tried by a logical judicial system. Great. I support that. Tried by mob mentality, when the mob is ruthless, ignorant, and petty? No freaking way.

  56. granadafan says:
    Oct 21, 2016 12:20 PM

    Josh Brown and Trump have a lot in common when it comes to their treatment of women. Think about that.

    Hillary too!

  57. The unasked and unanswered question here is: Is he seeking therapy or whatever you want to call it, now that he’s taken the big step of admitting to DA? I would think this goes a long way towards whatever the Giants do in the end.

  58. This is possibly so much worse than the Ray Rice situation – with Josh Brown being a serial abuser over many, many years. I say it is possibly worse only because we do not have any evidence that Rice was a years long tormenter of women – there is evidence that Brown is. Brown also abused and terrorized his wife’s sons. Rice’s conduct was abhorrent in every way, and he deserved to go to jail in addition to the end of his NFL career. But, Brown’s conduct is a years long tale of abuse and torment. Brown should never play another down in the NFL. And, yes, he should be in prison.

    But, this should not end there. If the Patriots were stripped of 1st and 4th round draft picks in Deflategate, and Belichick was fined $500,000 for videotape violations, then the Giants and John Mara should be punished severely for covering up for a serial abuser and sitting quietly by as their abuser received an unconscionable one game suspension – not even a slap on the wrist, barely a wag of the finger, compared to the treatment of other players.

    The Giants should be stripped of their next two 1st round picks. They should be fined $10,000,000 as a team. And, they should be stripped of $10,000,000 in salary cap space for each of the two years of Brown’s extension.

    John Mara should be fined, individually, the equivalent of any salary, compensation and profits from the Giants and the NFL he has or would have earned or realized during the two years of Brown’s extension. He should be stripped of every position on NFL committees and boards. And, he should be suspended from any and all activities with the Giants and the NFL for a year.

    But, we know virtually nothing will happen – just some window dressing punishment, an apology and certainly nothing that affects John Mara’s dominion over the league and his handmaiden, Roger Goodell.

  59. All this nonsense for a friggan kicker. Thats what I don’t get. This would have been a VERY easy PR win and a ‘Look, see?! We’re really trying here!’ for the NFL and the Giants if they just cut him from the get go. This isn’t your star QB or WR. This isn’t a stalwart franchise left tackle here. This is a gosh darned place kicker. I know they’re not as interchangeable as a punter, but c’mon now. You can get replacement level kicking for peanuts.

  60. @pastabelly :

    I heard yesterday that the NFLs requests for more information from the police were “turned down”. So, at that point, I could almost kinda understand why they didnt know about the extent of his issues.

    Today, though, the sheriff involved in the case issued a pretty big “WTF” when he explained that the “requests” from the NFL came from a personal email address NOT and no where in the email(s) did the sender identify themselves as being with the NFL asking for more information.

    Im a life long Giants fan but this is just total BS. Goodsmell is driving the league into the ground and current Giants ownership seemingly wants to beat him in the race by driving the Giants into the ground first.

  61. phoogaboom says:
    Oct 21, 2016 12:43 PM

    He abused his wife?

    SO WHAT?

    It’s NOT a football issue.

    It’s a character issue. No business wants a bunch of scumbags working for them, with the exception of the NFL and their league office.

    Besides, the NFL does all it can to appeal to women, so if they don’t do anything about a guy that abuses his wife and kids, they all look like a bunch of hypocrites.

  62. The thing is, this is all past tense. The couple have divorced, this has been through the legal system, and Brown’s been in counseling.

    Whose place is it to retroactively judge and punish when the family itself, the police, and the courts have finished with it? Why does social media being in an after-the-fact tizzy matter?

    It would be one thing if it was happening now, or if he wasn’t in counseling or taking any other action.

    So we either have to acknowledge that counseling and rehab have a place in our culture and we have the capacity to move on, or we toss out its value and decide that someone’s life has to now be over for what they did in the past.

    The act of domestic violence is wrong and should be stopped wherever it’s occurring. But our society is set up to provide for continued functioning afterward.

  63. youradarnfoo says:

    I’m just saying… imagine if Josh Brown was another race?

    Relax, there, Sharpton.

  64. He got a new contract, Ray Rice got whacked…


    Not before Goodell colluded with one of his other favorite owners, Steve “Used Car Salesman” Bisciotti.

    This is all about their egos being so far gone, they don’t even know when they’re being corrupt or when they been caught lying so badly.

    Roger Goodell is a liar.

  65. what else would you expect from an organization whose most famous player was Lawrence Taylor? They covered up his cocaine use and penchant for underage girls his entire career, didnt they?

  66. Dunking a football over the goalpost = 15 yard penalty

    Wearing cleats that bring attention to domestic violence = $5,000+ fine (William Gay)

    Smoking marijuana = 4 game suspension

    Not turning in your personal cellphone for an investigation about the amount of air in footballs = 4 game suspension; fine; loss of draft picks

    Verbally, emotionally and physically abusing your wife on a consistent basis = 1 game suspension

    What a joke.

  67. The New York Nightmaras are a disgusting team.

    They were able to steal money from two teams in their division on false pretenses of fabricating a salary cap in an uncapped year.

    This family is worthless.

    And now they support a woman beater?

    It is time for Karma to kick in and to sentence this team to decades of mediocrity with losing records as far as can be seen.

  68. Mara saying they re-signed Brown after he admitted abusing his wife because they didn’t know “the extent” of the abuse is absolutely ludicrous. Once is too many, you pompous, entitled enabler.

  69. Mara saying that he re-signed Brown because he didn’t know “the extent” of the abuse is absolutely ludicrous. Once is too many, you pompous, entitled enabler.

  70. When I listen to you talk Ben I just shake my head back and forth, back and forth, back and forth………….

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