King County Sheriff blasts NFL over Josh Brown


In announcing they were going to re-open their investigation into the domestic abuse history of New York Giants kicker Josh Brown, the NFL claimed the King County (Wash.) Sheriff’s Office denied any overtures made by the league to learn more about the case and allegations against Brown.

Sheriff John Urquhart fired back at the NFL in an interview with Dori Monson on KIRO 97.3-FM in Seattle on Thursday.

“I don’t like to get pushed around by a bully,” Urquhart said.

The NFL said in a statement Thursday that repeated attempts to seek cooperation from the Sheriff’s Office were denied.

Because the case against Brown was an open investigation, the Sheriff’s Office was not going to release case files. Urquhart said they never received any written requests from anyone claiming to be a representative of the NFL. He said four days after the incident with Brown opened an investigation, the Sheriff’s Office received a public disclosure request from a Robert Agnew from a generic email address. Another request came from Agnew months later where he again didn’t state his affiliation.

“Nowhere on the request does he say that he works for the NFL and so, we don’t know that it’s the NFL and we’re not gonna give it out anyway, so we denied it,” Urquhart said. “… To our discredit, perhaps, we didn’t use the Google, to Google this guy’s name. Turns out that he is a security representative based in Seattle for the NFL. But he never told us that. The NFL never told us that. At no time has the NFL ever filed a written request – public disclosure request – for any of these files. Period. It’s never happened.”

A different league representative did make calls to the Sheriff’s Office seeking the case file. She was also denied multiple times due to the fact the case was an open investigation. A Seattle police officer claiming to represent the league also asked for the files and was denied as well.

Urquhart said if the league had gone through proper public disclosure channels, the request would have come to his desk and a conversation with the league about the situation could have been more fruitful.

“I would have said exactly the same thing, ‘We cannot release the case file.’ But since this is a hot-button item in the NFL, since it’s the NFL, we probably would have told them orally a little bit more about what we had.” he said. “But we don’t have them calling us here. We’ve got some goofus from Woodinville named Rob Agnew asking for the case file. We have no idea who he is.”

“We would have told them… ‘Be careful, NFL, don’t rush into this. This case is blossoming way more than what happened on May 22nd of 2015. We’re getting more information, be careful,’” he said. “Again, we’re not gonna give them specifics but we certainly would have cautioned the NFL to be careful about what they were going to do.”

Urquhart said he was unhappy with the NFL’s placing blame on his department for the NFL not knowing enough about the case.

“I don’t like the NFL taking shots at the sheriff’s office when it’s not deserved,” Urquhart said. “It’s real simple.”

“I’ll give them credit, they did not have all the information. There’s no question about that,” he said. “And, frankly, I’m not criticizing them for only giving him a one-day suspension based on what they knew. What he was arrested for, in the scheme of things, was relatively minor but obviously there was much more under the surface that apparently they did not know and we couldn’t tell them.

“But for them to say it’s our fault — and it’s not our fault any more than it’s their fault when you get right down to it — for them to say it’s our fault that they only gave them a one-day suspension, that’s just not true. That’s what I object to.”

The Giants signed kicker Robbie Gould on Thursday and left Brown behind as they traveled to London for their game against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.

97 responses to “King County Sheriff blasts NFL over Josh Brown

  1. An intelligent guess at what happened is Mara told Roger not to push too hard while investigating Brown because they didn’t want to have to find a new kicker. Roger complied because he’s tight with Mara. Now that the roof has been blown off they’re both scrambling to cover their behinds.

  2. Again the NFL and scumbag Goodell get caught in a lie and do nothing in a domestic abuse case. When are the 31 owners going to wake up and get rid of Goodell? What a waste of money they are paying him.

  3. What, the NFL doesn’t know the proper procedures to follow in an investigation, I am shocked!

  4. So this is a situation in which a Sheriff has sandbagged an investigation because he wanted to be a big man and make the NFL jump through his “bureaucratic hoops.” No info for you unless you play the game my way. He tops it off with, if you had called and begged me, then maybe I would have let you see the file. It shows what an egotistical jackass the Sheriff is. He should lose his job.

  5. “We’ve got some goofus from Woodinville named Rob Agnew asking for the case file. We have no idea who he is.”

    Worth seeing that comment again!!

  6. This sounds about right…the NFL has the corporate mentality of living in a bubble and assuming they can demand what they want without explanations and without even identifying who they are.
    I may be a bit behind the curb in faulting the NFL for a lot, but they sure make it easy to criticize them with their tactics and decisions.
    I absolutely love professional football, but when people bitch about corporations, they only need to point to the NFL as a great example of the disconnect with “regular people,” while trying to act as if that’s what they are.

  7. No surprises on this at all. The NFL doesn’t know how to investigate and can’t get out of its own way. The owners don’t care about anything other than making money and the clown show on Park Ave will continue.

  8. Obviously the sheriff had known it was related to an NFL inquiry. He stated that it was a goofus that tried to get access to the files. For me that would immediately have meant Adam Schefter was behind the request so I would have denied it too.

  9. When I hear the phrase “League investigation”, I have a mental image of an endless stream of clowns emerging from a small car. Is this plain incompetence, or a bungled cover up? Viewership is down for more reasons than just football.

  10. This is simple really: Mara will do anything to win. He knew the extent of Brown’s abuse habits, but ignored it, tried to brush it under the rug and told Godell to slap him with a 1 game suspension to get people off his back.

    Mara: man up. You and Godell got caught.

  11. You know.

    For an organization chock full of lawyers, faced up by a lawyer, and in many cases run by lawyers they sure do roll out the legal clown car a lot.

    I mean what? This is just so typical.

    I don’t hold a particular grudge against the profession, but the NFL sure doesn’t seem to be getting their monies worth for all those legal fees.

    To many flags, too much minutia, too many bad PR events.


  12. …..after 14 years in the NFL, Josh Brown should run, not walk,and file his retirement papers today!….It’s over and he needs to move forward and start making things in his personal life…..he has ALOT of work to do…..

  13. Sounds like the league and this Sheriff got into a bit of a pissing match. This accomplished nothing and resulted in the NFL not having all the facts they needed to take action. Unfortunately, this happens far too frequently, and not only with the NFL. It also happens with the news media, the public, and politicians, up to and including Obama, who take a position on an incident well before the investigation is complete and all the facts are available. This almost always results in people going down the wrong path and jumping to incorrect conclusions. Then you have to hope that they have the integrity to admit they made a mistake and to take corrective action so that in the end the right people are being held responsible and to the right degree.

  14. Well, let’s hope the right thing is done this time. The real victims are his ex wife and the kids, not the NFL, not PFT, and not the keyboard basement warriors.

  15. The NFL has a credibility problem, and it’s partly attributable to the opinion that some owners are more equal than others: Mara being chief among them.

    It’s clear that Mara and the league office colluded to bury evidence in a domestic violence case in order to protect Mara’s precious and stupid little PK by imposing the shortest possible suspension.

    There’s nothing more laughable and discredited than Goodell’s constant use of “the shield”. Something very wrong was done to help Mara, and the only thing he understands is being docked draft picks and salary cap.

    Ticket-buying fans are watching, Roger Boy.

  16. To their discredit, they didn’t use “the Google”…however the NFL and Mara are trying to spin some shameful BS by passing the buck to these cops due to their ridiculous interpretation of “due diligence” and subsequent failure of maintaining it.

    Sociopathic kicker admittedly torments wife and stepsons both physically and emotionally: gets suspended for one game.

    League ambassador, MVP and arguably the greatest player of all time potentially tied to the physics of air pressure: suspended 4 games.

    The NFL needs to stop shooting itself in the foot.

  17. See Roger. When you bill yourself as the tough ‘law and order’ guy, you should expect all the backlash you rightfully get when you fall woefully short on the punishments.

  18. The spin has begun. The league is looking for someone else to blame for their failures. Files on an open investigation are never released and the league should know this! The league is not use to following other peoples/organizations rules, they are use to making their own rules and then breaking them when convenient for them.

  19. The NFL likes to make the rules for every game they play, regardless of who they step on along the way, and they’ve been pretty successful at it.

    I tip my hat to this sheriff. I can’t imagine why the NFL would decide a penalty on something that was still under investigation. Isn’t the “ongoing investigation” a clue to these people that the issue is not resolved?

    Only conclusion I can make is that they (meaning Mara, league execs) wanted this to go away, and the easiest way, at the time, was to come up with a penalty and move on. But they felt the need to do something right away to change the narrative.

    The basic meaning of “ongoing investigation” is that more information is being developed, researched, and sorted out. To even begin to think that this was over with a one-game suspension proves these execs are either extremely naive or flat out arrogant.

    And I don’t think they are naive.

  20. Seems the NFL didn’t want to leave a paper trail. And they wonder why ratings are down. Scumbag Goodell is at it again. Surprise Surprise. Who still believes him about Deflategate? LOL. Raise your hand. LOL

  21. “I believe there was a thorough independent investigation into the matter. The King County Sheriff Department was uncooperative. With that said, it was more probable than not that there was nothing else to this matter, that this was an isolated incident. My job is to protect the integrity of this league, yada yada” – Goodell (probably)

  22. Remember when watching all the pink shoes flying around the fields this weekend that the NFL really doesn’t give a damn about women…

  23. So John Mara was ‘generally aware’ Josh Brown was/is a domestic abuser.

    The NFL suspended Brown for one game for personal conduct policy.

    So if he got this one game suspension this means Roger Goodell was ‘generally aware’ Josh Brown was a domestic abuser

    Why would Brown only get a one game suspension if Roger Goodell was ‘generally aware’ of Josh Brown’s spousal abuse when we know, according to Goodell, the NFL has gotten tough on domestic violence?

    The sad thing is, as Steve Smith of Ravens said yesterday, the air in the football is taken more seriously, in the eyes of the NFL (and probably 80& of football fans) than domestic violence.

  24. I live by King County. That they didn’t cooperate and work with the league is no surprise. King County police does a good job overall imo but they like to push people around. I’m okay with that cuz I never have any dealings with them. Keeps ur nose clean boyz and u gots no problems

  25. John Mara

    Roger Goodell

    Kelly Freel (google her – NFL domestic abuse advisor who describes her unrequited love for the Mara’s and the Giants)

    All 3 were hoping this would blow over.

    In the end Goodell will probably suspend Sean Payton and Tom Brady 2 games for this.

  26. We’ve got some goofus from Woodinville named Rob Agnew asking for the case file. We have no idea who he is.”

    There you have it, a thorough investigation by the NFL led by their chief goofus.

  27. I’m confused. The Sheriff’s office said two people, one of whom specifically identified themselves as working for the NFL, contacted them repeatedly. The Sheriff’s office said they did not, and would not have given out any information. The Sheriff’s office said had someone identified as working with the NFL contacted them they would have given out more information, but someone did and they did not. So what exactly did the NFL say that was false?

  28. So the NFL asked multiple times for further information, and the sheriffs department says they can’t give further information about the case. NFL says exactly that when questioned, but then sheriffs department says the “goofus” didn’t ask correctly? They still said the NFL could NOT have known more than they did.

  29. The NFL front office lying to cover themselves? Blasphemy!

    Glad they came forward to defend themselves and call them out for what they really are….bullies and frauds.

  30. The NFL didn’t want to know because Brown plays for the Giants. Plain and simple.

    The NFL spent $6M to try to find “evidence” of deflated footballs (and came up empty) all in the name of integrity.

    Yet Goodell doesn’t feel that employing serial abusers, serial rapists, and a double murderer with a statue in his honor affects the integrity of the League?

  31. The NFL should stick to Football. But, seeing how terrible a job they are doing at that, I suppose they need a diversion to obscure their ineptitude.

  32. I mean if we leave a paper trail then we can’t really cover it up now can we?

    My logical guess to why the NFL didn’t ever file a written request – public disclosure request – for any of these files.

  33. Are you telling me that Goodell (a lawyer) and his army of highly paid lawyers could not figure out the “proper” channels for requesting the information. One email from the actual league office asking respectfully that once the investigation is completed that relevant information be shared as a professional courtesy? Here is what they obviously did–have some goofus (love that word, have not heard it since I moved from Texas) who is a hired “investigator” ask knowing that the sheriff department won’t know who he is and deny it. Now, they have plausible deniability and can grand stand and claim they did their “due diligence”. We are not talking about men. We are talking about smarmy, cowardly, spineless weasels who purposely hide, pivot, deceive so as not to disturb any part of the money train. Yeah, they might be rich, but I would not let any of these gutless bozos anywhere near something I really cared about. It’s not just Goodell, there is a small army of sniveling little creeps strutting around smugly and proving that human garbage exists.

  34. NFL, please explain why the Commissioner did not simply require Josh Brown to submit to a full interview (like Tom Brady, James Harrison, Clay Matthews, etc) and ask some basic questions like:

    1. Will you give us a complete copy of police records in your domestic violence case?

    2. How many times have you hit your wife, whether you were charged for it or not?

    3. Have you hit other women? How many? Who are they?

    4. What did you tell John Mara about the abuse and did you tell him?

    If Brown refused to answer any of these questions he should be suspended (like Brady was) for refusal to cooperate.

    Mara should be forced to sit for similar interview.

  35. Flash1287 says:
    Oct 21, 2016 6:22 AM
    This isn’t as bad a .2 psi right Giants fans?

    In what alternate universe were the bulk of true Giants fans not blasting the league over framegate? There were fake Giants fans on here tweaking NE for obvious reasons. I debunked ‘factman’ as one of them now he pretends to be a Steelers fan from his trailerpark. The Pats have their share of false fans too. Flash, you quoted my posts in some of the more heated threads, how quickly you forget. More than one Giants fan (along with some Chiefs & Eagles fans) had their loyalties questioned simply for being well informed. We deserve a better fate at your hands than to be lumped in with trolls.
    Shame on you Dude.

  36. At some point the NFL needed to send someone to the Sheriff’s office and file the request in-person. Leave a business card and follow up with a WRITTEN letter on NFL letterhead requesting 5 minutes of the Sheriff’s time. The investigators for the NFL truly did a half axx job in trying to obtain additional information. Poor effort, poor results

  37. I love how so many commenters think that Giants fans had ANYTHING to do with this. Sorry, but no fans are part of any investigation, so please don’t say “right, Giants fans”, as if we did.

    Were Ravens fans responsible for Ray Rice? Were Cowboys fans responsible for Greg Hardy? Were Penn State fans responsible for Jerry Sandusky? No. You just hope that the team you support does the right thing, and you continue to support and cheer for your team.

    You would do the same thing. Don’t say you wouldn’t or you wouldn’t be commenting on PFT.

  38. richndc says:
    Oct 21, 2016 9:31 AM
    Are you telling me that Goodell (a lawyer) and his army of highly paid lawyers could not figure out the “proper” channels for requesting the information…

    Goodell is NOT a lawyer, his degree is in economics. Not said by way of defending the duplicitous clown but rather to illustrate the owners priorities.

  39. The NFL is wondering why ratings are down? Man, everyone knew this guy beat his wife multiple times and had a pattern of doing it. The NFL AND The -Men swept it under the rug.

    The fact that the NFL thinks it can keep practicing McCarthy Era style tactics shows they are sorely out of touch.

  40. “Okay, thanks Sheriff. Your fifteen minutes are up. You can go back to setting speed traps.”

    Unincorporated King County has a population of 2.1 million people, not including the cities of Seattle and Bellevue; Urquardt’s got a little more on his plate than that. You must be thinking of where YOU live.

  41. GOODELL & NFL = LIARS “When the New York Daily News story broke, I sent in a public records request to the King County Sheriff’s Office. Since then, whenever they have had records to release, they have included me on the list of reporters who get them. Getting the law enforcement documents has mostly been as simple as hitting refresh on my laptop.” – Deadspin broke this story months ago!

  42. atteckus says:
    Oct 21, 2016 2:55 AM
    So this is a situation in which a Sheriff has sandbagged an investigation because he wanted to be a big man and make the NFL jump through his “bureaucratic hoops.” No info for you unless you play the game my way. He tops it off with, if you had called and begged me, then maybe I would have let you see the file. It shows what an egotistical jackass the Sheriff is. He should lose his job.
    Are you daft?

  43. The NFL better watch out ’cause “King County cops don’t quit. Even when a young brothers legit. So they follow me wherever I go · I hear ’em on the radio.”

    Thanks Mix.

  44. “People have a right to know whether their NFL Commissioner’s a crook. Well he’s not a crook!”
    — Robert Agnew, Spiro’s kid.

  45. Focusing on the NFL’s handling of domestic violence occurrences should be secondary to how our police departments & laws handle domestic violence incidents. The NFL shouldn’t be just some symbol of punishment to make ourselves feel better, the players should be unable to play b/c they’ve been locked up or are in court for these despicable actions

  46. You mean to tell me that Roger Goodell’s office screwed something up, and is trying to place the blame on someone else? Hold on, let me show you my shocked face….

  47. Even if law enforcement was denying their request due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, most of the information was readily available in public records through their divorce case. Including the court order that Brown had to complete a domestic violence class and had to complete a certain number before being able to see his daughter. The NFL expects us to believe an office of highly educated lawyers, including a former prosecutor, couldn’t figure out how to obtain relevant information through alternative sources other than trying to trick a terrified domestic violence victim into speaking with them and sitting on their thumbs for a year and a half about a denied records request. Please.

  48. “I don’t like to get pushed around by a bully,” Urquhart said.


    Good for Urquhart for not being intimidated by the NFL who tried to strong arm him. Urquhart is clearly not a Republican (registered Democrat).

  49. Bet Goodell will again claim ignorance over what a “formal request” is like he did on the stand during the Rice case, which either showed him to be a liar or really, really bad at leading investigations (per NFL’s own Mueller Report).

  50. I know this comment will not be like, but oh well, this is not on the NFL (the suspension for sure should have been 6 games and not 1 but this is about procedure not scope of punishment), this is on our justice system–it is broken and fails the most needy in our society. Brown absolutely should be admonished but the legal system failed to do so and consequently the NFL did as well, what a mess.

  51. Atta boy Roger Doger, keep tarnishing that NFL shield, you’re doing a fantastic job of it.

    It’s good that you spent countless resources to manufacture a case against Brady and get that important stuff that someone might have been aware of, rather than focusing on truly despicable crimes when one of your criminals beats the crap out of his spouse.

    Yeah, you’ve got your priorities in order.


  52. veddermn8 says:
    Oct 21, 2016 12:45 PM

    Would have been nice if NFL unleashed Ted Wells and a few million in resources on this rather than the ridiculous Brady fiasco.

    This one had actual facts and stuff, and they sure aren’t going to investigate themselves.

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