Vernon Davis fined for jump shot celebration

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Redskins tight end Vernon Davis was fined $12,154 for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in last week’s win over the Eagles, the Washington Post reported.

Specifically, Davis was fined for simulating a jump shot while celebrating a touchdown. The NFL ruled that Davis shooting the ball over the goalpost constitutes using the ball and the goalpost as a prop, and that’s against the rules.

There is to be no fun in football or basketball, apparently.

The Redskins won the game, 27-20.

31 responses to “Vernon Davis fined for jump shot celebration

  1. I feel like the NFL is actively trying to make us hate them because they know we will keep watching anyway and they think it’s hilarious.

  2. Throwing the ball in the air is a penalty and a fine, but spiking it to the ground is okay. A player can catch the ball but then has to make a “football move”, whatever the hell that is. A team is down by 7 pts with a minute left, they drive down the field and score a touchdown, and the kicker misses is a 32 yard extra point to lose a playoff game. Two guys dancing together after a touchdown is a penalty and a fine. Roger Goodell is Commissioner.

    All of the above are ridiculous.

  3. if every wr in the NFL decided this Sunday to simply hand the ball to the ref in silence, they’d be giving Roger Goodell exactly what he wants AND make a statement at the same time. It’d be talked about all week on every sports show on tv & radio!

  4. I would love it if every player communicated with each other one of these weekends to keep a poster-size headshot of Goodell in their pants. When anyone scored, they ripped off their helmets, pulled out the poster and accosted the heck out of it twerk style. Totally worth the $24,312 fine and would be the greatest thing to happen in the history of sports. Owners would have no option but to fire him the next day.

  5. I will not be watching aside from my team and if they suck I’ll stop as well just to protest this mediocracy they call NFL

  6. Oooooh…….I’m telling’…… said a bad word twice. You said Redskins……..did you guys drop the PC BS or did you just forget your outrage for a minute?

  7. The last time this boy was in the end zone was in week 1 of the 2014 season. I too would be forgetful about that rule after two years.

  8. drivenbyboredom says:
    Oct 21, 2016 4:56 PM
    I feel like the NFL is actively trying to make us hate them because they know we will keep watching anyway and they think it’s hilarious.


    Not really. I’m 24, I got a whole life to live and football to play myself. I’m watching less.

  9. I wonder if rating were on the way up or plummeting when the Fun Bunch was grouping a high five in the end zone?

    Goodell probably prays for a Fun Bunch type celebration because that would allow for the NFL to fine seven players in one shot.

  10. xcerebus1 says:
    Oct 21, 2016 5:56 PM
    Oooooh…….I’m telling’…… said a bad word twice. You said Redskins……..did you guys drop the PC BS or did you just forget your outrage for a minute?

    Zac Jackson and Josh Alpher are pretty good at calling them the Redskins.

  11. I start thinking that this NoFunLeague is taking advantage of fans who are too disciplined here. Imagine doing something like this in some European or Latin American countries during a soccer game, and imagine how the crowd would react. Not saying at all that violence in soccer is an example of how sports should be, but these folks are destroying football, and of course they do not care as long as the can make money, but I wonder what type of decent, peaceful protest could finally make them change the course. I know ratings are down, but stadia still seem to be pretty full on Sundays, probably because it is hard to resist the temptation of going to a football game for eight Sundays per year. Unless you are a Jaguars or Browns fan, you know.

  12. I would love to see a list containing the total dollar amount of all the fines collected by the NFL for each of the last 5 or 10 seasons. It would be nice to see if there is a trend that would shoe that the NFL is collecting more money over time.

    It doesn’t seem ethical to have the NFL get to impose all these fines and take money from players and then be allowed to keep all the money.

    I believe that the NFL recently changed its status from a non-profit entity to a regular business. Which means that the salaries of the top executives is no longer public record.

    It seems that it would be better it the NFL had to take all the money collected during each season and give it back to the players in the form of a dividend check. The players that don’t receive a fine during each season could all split the money equally.

    The same concept should apply to money collected in the form of parking tickets and traffic violations by local government organizations. Local governments should not be allowed to collect money and then keep it. There is too much incentive for things like quotas.

    Money collected by local governments in the form of fines should be split evenly by residents that paid taxes above a certain dollar amount to the same municipality while not having any fines levied against them during a calendar year. Those working for or having immediate relatives working for the municipality should not participate in the distribution.

    It’s also not logical to have a situation where people need to break laws in order for the government to pay its bills and balance its budget. Fines should be in place to only as a disincentive for doing the wrong thing.

    With the NFL it should be about creating player safety and good public relations. Not a source of revenue for the league and its executives.
    With local governments it should be about public safety and creating order. Not as a source of revenue for a municipality.

  13. 15 yard penalty AND $12k fine, for what, again? Oh, for jumpshooting a football over the goalpost.

    Right, got it.

    I’m almost positive I saw Gronk smiling on the field of play last Sunday. I mean, the guy legitimately looked like he was enjoying himself out there.

    I think a $75k fine would send the right message.

  14. Gotta wonder how much of a cut ol’ Rog is giving himself.

    “I’m the commissioner, right? That means I get a commission!”

  15. Why fine a player when it is not a flagrant physical foul?

    The team already has been penalized.

    This league continues to make me only want to watch the game of the week that my team plays – I now turn off the rest of the games.

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