Trade chatter at a minimum, for now

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The trade deadline is only nine days away. And while plenty of transactions could still happen between now and 4:00 p.m. ET on November 1, it’s hard to currently identify any real chatter regarding specific players.

It’s still a little early for teams to engage in full-blown fire sales. With two more games to be played for most teams between now and the trade deadline, that 1-5 record could be 3-5 by the Tuesday after Week Eight. Or 1-7.

Or, in the case of the Browns, 0-8.

The Browns will be at the center of the speculation, regarding a potential trade of veteran left tackle Joe Thomas. Last year, the Broncos reportedly were talking to the Browns about a trade for Thomas, and this year’s contending teams are only one injury to a starting tackle away from becoming quickly interested.

Other non-contending teams should be looking at players who could be swapped for 2017 draft picks. The 1-6 Bears could be tempted to move receiver Alshon Jeffery; however, his contract status could make it hard to get much value, given that his new team wouldn’t be able to sign him to a new contract until after the regular season ends. The 1-5 Jets could be thinking about a fire sale aimed at stockpiling picks; if there’s any lingering issue between receiver Brandon Marshall and defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson, why not consider moving one or both of them?

The 49ers also could be/should be looking at ways to unload some veterans in exchange for draft picks, if they keep sliding into irrelevance.

Then there are the Patriots, who seem to find ways to bring in contract-year players who either will be re-signed after the season or allowed to leave via free agency, giving the Patriots a better haul of compensatory picks in 2017.

Regardless, it’s still a little early for the trade talk to heat up. Based on what happens with some of the league’s bad teams over the next nine days, plenty could still happen.

26 responses to “Trade chatter at a minimum, for now

  1. The Bears “moving” all of their talented players is how they got into this mess in the first place. Trading Alshon would be stupid.

  2. A trade I would love to see is Tony Romo to the Miami Dolphins. Cowboys move on with the youth while Romo still has some trade value. Dolphins get a chance to see what that talented WR group can do with a competent QB while the season is young enough to be saved.

  3. ch0rn says:
    Oct 23, 2016 9:40 AM
    The Bears “moving” all of their talented players is how they got into this mess in the first place. Trading Alshon would be stupid.///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    Alshon wants #1 Antonio Brown/Julio Jones money, I don’t think the bears are going to give it to him, better to get something for him than just let him walk away for nothing.

  4. Hope my Browns send Thomas somewhere where he can get a ring before he retires. Might get a decent pick or a solid player for Thomas too, so we can ruin someone else’s life.

    Go Browns…

  5. While the Romo to Dolphins idea is intriguing Tannehill just signed a new contract last year.

    His 19M average salary will keep that deal from happening.

  6. Alshon wants #1 Antonio Brown/Julio Jones money, I don’t think the bears are going to give it to him, better to get something for him than just let him walk away for nothing. ////////////

    They have the cap space, there is no other talent on the team to spend the money on anyways.

  7. Browns and Pats have a wide open line of communication with several trades the last couple years.

    Thomas to the Pats would shore up that Oline though am not sure if the Pats would give up the picks the Browns will likely want for him.

    Could be a win win situation and would love to see this happen.

  8. Jets should try for Romo and Petty as his backup, cut Geno, Fitz. Hackenberg can be an inactive, forever

  9. Everyone’s saying Miami is stuck with Tannehill because of his contract. That’s not true. He’s getting paid $8-9 million this season. Beginning next season that goes up to $17-18 million. There is an opt out in his contract after this season, Miami can cut him with minimal penalty

  10. While I would love Thomas. I think the cap will prevent that. Maybe if they could sign him to an extension they could creatively fit him under the cap. I’d be willing to give up a pick if he could be extended, given Kalil and his $8M will be gone.

  11. The Bears do not have much to trade they have a roster full of injury prone players or backups on most teams. They just do not know how to build a team or draft.

  12. Romo is a decent enough QB, but hasn’t played much in the last 2 years and is an injury risk going forward. Why would anybody give anything of value for him? Not to mention expensive as hell. I don’t think a SEC team could afford him and they don’t even have a salary cap.

  13. IF the 49ers continue sliding into irrelevance? They’re looking right down the barrel of a 1-15 season. The only problem with stockpiling draft picks is they wouldn’t do anything worthwhile with them anyways. Or maybe Jed will get religion and finally fire Baalke. If he did, he’d probably do something brilliant like bringing in Grigson to keep the dumpster fire aglow.

  14. The Bears need to dump Alshon on any contender looking for a boost at WR (or a young team like Tampa in need of a WR to help out their franchise QB). He’s a good player, but they need a complete rebuild at this point and there’s no point wasting 2-3 years of his prime (at prime $) while they retool. Better to get picks and have a youth movement.

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