Trade winds blow regarding Joe Thomas . . . again

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A year after the Browns nearly traded tackle Joe Thomas to the Broncos (unless they didn’t), the question of whether the long-time fixture on the team’s offensive line will be shipped to a contender will once again land in the middle of the league’s radar screen.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a trade is possible this year. However, real obstacles exist to getting a deal done.

The Vikings, for example, would be very interested in Thomas. However, with a first-round pick and more already shipped to the Eagles for quarterback Sam Bradford and little cap space remaining, it’s a long shot that he’d go to Minnesota. The Cardinals, Giants, and Seahawks have varying degrees of interest in Thomas as well; the challenge would be coming up with what the Browns want (the source says it’s a second-round pick) and the cap space.

If a deal happens, it likely would come at the deadline, after the Browns pay Thomas another $488,000 for Week Eight. And if the Browns opt for a take-what-they-can-get fire sale for Thomas, the Patriots would be interested in providing the landing spot.

Ultimately, the Browns could simply decide to keep Thomas for the rest of the year and then trade Thomas after the season ends and before the draft.

The chances of a trade happening this year currently are regarded as smaller than the chances of a trade were a year ago. With the Browns skewing younger and determined to stockpile draft picks, an eventual trade of Thomas would hardly be regarded as surprising.

46 responses to “Trade winds blow regarding Joe Thomas . . . again

  1. Always loved Joe Thomas and would hate to see him go for selfish reasons, but he deserves a chance to win. Out of respect to him I hope he gets traded to a winner. He’s earned it.

  2. He deserves to win. This is ridiculous for a standup guy like JT. If you’re a real fan, you’d want him to achieve playoffs and possible super bowl!

  3. Unless nobody cares about the TV ratings (which they don’t). See what we did there (twice)?

  4. The real wages of Americans have not increased in 40 years and the Browns have stunk for a near similar period. Time to do something new and do opposite of what is done in the past that is not working for people in Cleveland.

    Browns need to set Joe free and get back the most they can. They don’t have the QB yet to win so why pretend.

  5. They need to trade him, not because he’s a good player on a bad team, but he’s like already over 30. By the time this time this team gets fixed if ever, he’ll be way over the hill.

  6. Yeah Florio, because teams can’t give up a draft pick for the following year right? 🙄

  7. I don’t think there is any way the Vikings can make it happen but I’ll keep dreaming in my purple world.

  8. Pretty sure the vikings are all in this year… And after watching them play today with their “Soft” offensive line… What’s a fourth rounder.. We are 5 and 1 we are still in control.. FIND AWAY TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.. zero cap space.. Time to earn your money and Excell at your job..

  9. Vikings trade the 2018 1st and 2017 second please.
    We needed a player like Thomas today.

  10. .
    The Browns don’t have many wins, but they are playing hard with a bunch of first and second year guys. They have to have some veteran leadership to keep things on track.

  11. The offensive line is one of the reasons they can’t keep a QB healthy, why on earth would they get rid of one of the better linemen in the league? You can’t evaluate anyone if they’re always running for their lives and end up staring at the sky. They’re close enough to winning a couple of games that it’s worth it to keep him. Without him, they get at least three more guys sent to IR.

  12. Funny how brilliant Vikes fans would think of Spieladope over signing another team’s draft pick yet again. The line has zero depth, zero starters really, and Ricky Tick is brilliant for signing those studs Boone and Smith. #letskeepRickinMinny

  13. Would love to see him in a Pats uni to shore up the line this year.

    I think Belichick might give up the 2nd but don’t know if the Pats can fit him under their cap.

  14. How long does Joe Thomas have left on his deal? Would aj mcarron plus a late pick get it done? The bengals need line help badly, and hue likes to trade with them. Shift Obuehi into guard, and one of the guards into center.
    My gusss though is that the money ball guys are looking to lose out this year for the draft pick and getting a qb that might help this year would hurt that strategy

  15. The Vikings should offer them Matt Kalil and a 2nd round pick. Gives the Browns their asking price and fixes the cap space problem.

  16. Rick needs to figure out a way to make this happen. The trade we made to get Bradford has us committed to being all in this year. Otherwise making that trade for Bradford makes no sense. If we are truly all in, then we need to do whatever it takes to get Thomas. I’d offer a second and third round pick for 2017 to get the trade done. But that doesn’t fix the cap issues. We’d need to probably extend AP or trade him or Kalil to make the cap work. Extremely difficult. But not impossible. Come On Rick… find a way to make this happen!

  17. silverhat78 says:
    Oct 23, 2016 8:13 PM

    Cue the “your team” on line one stupid comments
    Congratulations! You’re the first and only one to use that line. What’s that say about you?

  18. Buyer beware. This guy is a clubhouse cancer. If you want a player that doesnt like to practice, gets burned left and right by elite pass rushers, and commits a false start or holding penalty in curucial moments by all means trade for him.

    Dont say i didnt warn you

  19. The Vikes are stuck with this horrible line for the rest of the season. After today’s game its pretty clear Bradford more than likely will not make it through the rest of the season. Our OT situation is probably the worst in the NFL in the past 20 years. Norv better figure this out or we’ll be seeing a lot more low scoring losses the rest of the way. The most telling thing today for me was still no Treadwell. 10 other rookie WR’s are playing significant minutes and on a team scraping the barrel at WR, he can’t make it on the field. Good news is they get the Bears 3rd string QB, but we’ll make their defense look pretty good.

  20. This isn’t baseball where you come in mid stream, sign a 20 game winner and he leads you to a championship. These are two older declining tackles, who are over paid and might not even fit your system. Other sports don’t have a hard CAP, football does and some of the teams mentioned in this article don’t have the space.

  21. Thomas has said he would like to go to Green Bay and play in front of his home state for the team he allows rooted for.
    I hope he gets his chance. Odd are he would block a trade to the Vikings.

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