Aaron Williams in team meetings, head/neck still being evaluated

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It’s Patriots week, but Bills coach Rex Ryan hasn’t turned his attention or bombast to New England yet because he still has some housekeeping to take care of after Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins.

Injuries were at the top of that housekeeping list and Ryan offered updates on several players Monday, including safety Aaron Williams. Williams traveled home with the Bills on Sunday after going to the hospital for an MRI after taking a shot to the head from Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry.

“Aaron Williams was in meetings, walking around the building,” Ryan said. “Our medical staff is still on the process of evaluating his head and neck.”

Ryan called Landry’s hit, which was penalized, “totally unnecessary” and said he thought college football’s targeting rule might have it right by ejecting players guilty of such infractions.

Ryan said the team will wait and see how running back LeSean McCoy’s hamstring feels as the week unfolds. McCoy was listed as questionable to play on Sunday and had to leave early after feeling pain in the hamstring. Wide receiver Marquise Goodwin is in the concussion protocol and Ryan said he hopes wide receiver Robert Woods and defensive tackle Marcell Dareus will be able to play this week.

8 responses to “Aaron Williams in team meetings, head/neck still being evaluated

  1. Aaron Williams has developed into a fine safety. But I hope he receives good advice from team doctors and considers whether continuing his career is the best path moving forward.

  2. I am dumbfounded that unnecessary roughness penalties are not subject to the automatic disqualification rule. I would think the UR personal fouls would have been one of the first infractions listed for automatic ejection after two occurrences in the same game. Landry left his feet on the hit to Williams (launching) and led with his head/shoulder to the neck and head (intent). That play alone should have been enough to get Landry ejected. For once I agree with Rex Ryan in that the NFL needs a targeting rule similar to the one in use in the college game.

  3. Launching? Tell that to your linebackers. What they don’t launch on every tackle they try to make? That’s football.

  4. Williams never saw Landry coming and should have been looking that way since the play was designed to go that way. Hard hit yes but that’s not Landry’s fault.

  5. Cry Baby Rex moaned the play was “totally unnecessary” –
    that’s LAUGHABLE, it’s called a pick-play and EVERY team uses them in crossing routes to clear a lane ! Just hearing him whine about someone taking a supposed cheap-shot at one of his players is HILARIOUS – he’s famous for his players taking cheap-shots at everybody else!
    REMEMBER -Rex said he wanted a bunch of Bullies, well – his Bullies keep getting Out-Bullied!

  6. Laundry left his feet with Williams’ head as his target. That is illegal and dangerous. Laundry already had a penalty for taunting. His day should have been over.

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