Adam Gase credits Jay Ajayi’s comeback from “10 bad days”

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At the start of the season, Dolphins coach Adam Gase was so down on running back Jay Ajayi that Gase left Ajayi home for the team’s Week One trip to Seattle. A whole lot has changed since then.

On Sunday, Ajayi became just the fourth player in NFL history to rush for more than 200 yards in back-to-back games, and Gase said today on PFT Live that Ajayi’s success has been all about improving his work ethic. Gase said that the team had some issues with Ajayi between the end of the preseason and the start of the regular season, but those issues are all in the past.

“He had 10 bad days there from the fourth preseason game to the first game, but he’s been great every day besides having that little rough spot,” Gase said. “He’s done a great job grabbing this thing and taking advantage of it, and he’s done everything we needed him to do.”

Gase said he could tell as soon as the Dolphins returned from Seattle that Ajayi was committed to having a positive impact on the team this year.

“When we got back for that next week, he was great in the meetings, he practiced hard, he did everything we asked him to do,” Gase said. “And that’s why he’s in this position.”

It was less than two months ago that the Dolphins didn’t even think Ajayi was one of the 46 players they wanted on the field for Week One. Now Ajayi looks like one of the best running backs in the NFL.

22 responses to “Adam Gase credits Jay Ajayi’s comeback from “10 bad days”

  1. To Gase’s credit he was willing to send Ajayi a strong message. All too often we have seen that go sideways in this league so props to Gase for sending it and also to Ajayi for manning up instead of melting down.

  2. hate I left him on the bench, I figured the Bills were going to put up a fight on the run…I WAS WRONG!

  3. Gase is able to keep players ego’s in check, that is very Belichick of him. I think Miami now has a coaching staff that has the respect of others in the league as well as his players and now that the system is starting to fall in place, players are getting healthy and buying in, they are starting to build an identity and a mindset that they are not going to be pushed around anymore.

    Philbin would have kept chunking the ball down 17-6 in the 3rd qtr to the Bills. I believe Tannehill is a good QB and can win a game or two off skill alone, but he’s not good enough to do it every game. Which in all fairness Brady may be the only QB in the league who can do that, and that has a lot to do with their system (Luck does it also). Still blows my mind how much hate Thill gets for not being able to carry a bad team all by himself, as if so many other QB’s in the league are doing it all the time. You can be a HOF caliber QB (Brees, Rivers, Rogers, Newton, Luck) but if you don’t have a good team, your not going to win games.

  4. Funny what motivates some people – even Mario Williams &
    Byron Maxwell have awaken from some sort a coma!
    But we look good going into a bye – SO we got 2 weeks to gear up for the Jets, BUT we have a history of laying an egg after a bye – so it’d be nice to win that, get to 4-4 & see what the remainder of the season holds.

  5. Hopefully he can continue running hard and be the feature back for the next few years and Tannehill can get his head out of his butt and start playing like he did two years ago.

    If this happens, they can start fixing the defense and maybe they can be legit contenders in a couple of years.

  6. I’m not a believer in Tannehill as a franchise QB, but he’s had some good games when OL and RB were clicking and he didn’t have to try to do everything himself. The talent is still too full of holes to make this team a contender, but just finishing with a winning record would give players and fans hope for the future.

  7. I am one who has defended THILL, as his line has been bad since he’s been the starter. The last 2 games with a line that is playing well and a runner who can break tackles.

  8. I think the offensive line deserves at least as much of the credit here. I watched the entire game (unfortunately, since I’m a Bills fan) and he had HUGE lanes to run through all day. Do not think it’s coincidental that this was the second straight game Miami’s offensive line was healthy… and we saw what happened in the first game too. This o-line is scary and to think if it wasn’t for a gas mask tweet on draft day, Laremy Tunsil would have never dropped to the Dolphins. Lucky bastards!

  9. It’s way too early to buy into Gase’s system – but things appear to be clicking, as long as that OL stays healthy, good running game & IF Tannehill FINALLY starts learning how to manage the game.
    Still a lot of STUPID penalties on the Defensive side though.
    But always look at the bright side –
    IF Philbin were STILL here and the game was close- he’d have his own head buried in the sand, just hoping that someone would step up and win the game, I never saw a more apathetic HC in my life – no emotion, nothing !
    At least Gase and his coaches shows some intensity on the sideline!!

  10. Ajayi looked awful in preseason. Slow cuts, poor vision, no burst. The wake up call reminded him of what he had to do at Boise State to be the player he was then, and he sure looks like THAT player now.

    That was as impressive as any back I’ve ever seen in back-to-back games.

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