Eagles lose starting cornerback Ron Brooks for season

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The Eagles’ defense suffered a big blow in Sunday’s win over the Vikings.

Ron Brooks, a starting cornerback, is done for the season after he ruptured his right quadriceps tendon during the game. Eagles coach Doug Pederson confirmed that Brooks is out for the year today.

Brooks arrived as a free agent this year from Buffalo, where he had also played for Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Brooks has started five games this year on defense and also plays on special teams.

The Eagles will likely have safety Malcolm Jenkins play more slot cornerback to fill in for Brooks, while Jaylen Watkins will get more playing time at safety.

11 responses to “Eagles lose starting cornerback Ron Brooks for season

  1. I actually think Jaylen Watkins is playing better than Brooks. So I don’t think this is bad by any means.

  2. just in time for my Cowboys to beat them down and take control of the NFC East. SB bound this year and predict 4 SB’s over the next 10 years.


  3. As a close friend of the organization it is way too bad this had to happen. This was the best eagle secondary since the Lito Sheppard Brian Dawkins Michael Lewis Sheldon Brown days. Luckily McLeod has become who he has because that is one hell of a Safety for a team known to play the heck out of the likes of Macho Harris, Nate Allen etc. etc.

  4. .
    It’s very difficult to replace a starting cornerback midway through the season. Also, keep in mind that most teams carry only 5 CBs on their roster. So, 20% if your manpower is out the door.

  5. Brooks was the slot corner and Watkins is playing safety. It’s stupid to say Watkins was or wasn’t playing better than Brooks. It’s equally stupid to say they should’ve kept Rowe; he wasn’t any good at slot corner either, showed no ability there whatsoever, which is one of the reasons they cut their losses by dealing him.

    When they are in situations calling for a slot corner, Jenkins will go there and Watkins will come in at safety.

    Get your facts straight or don’t bother commenting.

  6. This defense goes as the line goes. It’ll be a hit, but isn’t a crushing blow. Good ole Chipper didn’t leave much behind when he left. Couple injuries and depth is definitely going to be a problem.

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