Eli Manning says there was no Trump audible on Sunday

Getty Images

During Sunday’s win over the Rams in London, the on-field microphones captured Giants Eli Manning making calls at the line of scrimmage and one play featured what sounded like a very familiar name.

As Manning got the Giants set, it sounded like he was yelling “Trump” over and over again before the ball was finally snapped. Was the audible a message to the team that they shouldn’t accept the results of the play if it didn’t gain them yards? Or was it a reminder to the offensive line that they should build a wall around Manning and then make the Rams pay for it?

Manning was asked about the call after the game and said it wasn’t the name of the GOP candidate while pivoting away from any explanation of what it actually was.

“Trump call, Trump call … nah, no Trump call. No Trump call,” Manning said, via NJ.com. “We have something very similar, but no, it was not a Trump. It was not an audible this week. Nothing there.”

The Giants won 17-10 on Sunday despite generating just 232 yards over the course of the proceedings. They’ll take their bye week now and making the offense great again will likely be on the list of priorities ahead of their return to action.