Jeff Fisher: Jared Goff will play when he’s ready


Rams coach Jeff Fisher says quarterback Jared Goff, the first overall pick in this year’s draft, is not yet ready to take over as the team’s starting quarterback.

Asked about benching starter Case Keenum after Keenum’s four-interception game on Sunday, Fisher insisted that the loss wasn’t Keenum’s fault and it’s not time to make a change.

“Jared’s going to play when we feel Jared’s ready. Had we won this game you wouldn’t be asking about Jared,” Fisher said. “We didn’t lose this game because of the quarterback play. We lost it because of some other positions.”

There are two separate issues facing the Rams at the quarterback position: One is whether Keenum is playing well enough, and the other is whether Goff is ready to be a starter. What Fisher made clear is that he both thinks Keenum is playing well enough and thinks Goff still needs time before he’s ready to start.

Until Fisher’s opinion changes on both of those matters, Goff will remain on the bench.

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  1. translation for those unfamiliar with fisher-speak:

    “he can’t play. i’ll play him when he can play. i didn’t draft him. ask the gm why he can’t play.”

  2. One of many reasons Fisher is a losing coach.

    His record speaks for itself.

    Oddly, not NEAR enough coverage on how this guy is coaching in the NFL still.

  3. Jeff Fisher is not a risk taker. He plays it safe. His W-L record as a head coach is proof. You’ll never be a winner if you’re afraid to lose.

  4. If he’s not ready by week 7 of the season, maybe he shouldnt’ have been the #1 overall pick that you traded up to get.

    Or maybe the coaching staff is just the wrong coaching staff to be getting a #1 overall pick ready. Look at the #2 overall pick and how well he’s doing. Look at Prescott in Dallas, and how well he’s doing.

    Maybe it’s just Fisher who isn’t ‘ready’.

  5. Does this mean Jeff, that you’re going to start coaching when you’re ready? How long does it take?

  6. Per usual Jeff Fisher has the wrong thought process.

    Yes he may be correct that Goff is not ready to be a starter. However the goal should be to get Goff meaningful snaps to get him ready to become the starter by 2017.

    The Rams are not a playoff team so there is no point letting Keenum take all the snaps. Getting to 7-9 or 8-8 should not be the goal. Getting your future franchise QB some playing time should be your #1 priority. He gets no better without playing!!

  7. daringhart13 says:
    Oct 24, 2016 2:52 PM

    One of many reasons Fisher is a losing coach.

    His record speaks for itself.

    Oddly, not NEAR enough coverage on how this guy is coaching in the NFL still.


    i am no jeff fisher defender, but there is this weird narrative that has become canon about him — this notion that he’s a “losing” or “average” coach.

    his career record is 165–150–1 (.524). that’s a winning record right? just checking.

    his career record pre-rams is .542. that’s not great, but his pre-rams and including rams winning percentages are better than lovie smith’s .506 winning percentage.

    (i only bring up lovie smith because he’s the guy who is brought up the most when discussing “more deserving” coaches whose spot jeff fisher is holding)

  8. Jeff Fisher is not a leader of men. Can’t wait to Big Bad Billy Belichick takes this clown behind the woodshed again later this season.

  9. The first interception clanged off Tavon Austin’s hands and, according to Fisher, the last one was on Quick for failing to pick up an audible. The O-line can’t seem to open anything for Gurley and has probably been the team’s most glaring weakness this year so far.

    Until Goff is ready to handle all aspects of NFL quarterback play, I’m content to see Fisher give him the Aaron Rodgers treatment and let him sit and learn. His preseason was evidence that a lot of work was left to be done. Best for him to have a firmer mental grasp of the task so he takes fewer lumps when he gets in there.

  10. everyone knew this watching hard knocks, he doesn’t seem intelligent enough to run an NFL offense, reminds me of when Jim Drunkenmiller was drafted by the 49ers to be the new Steve Young

  11. If you can’t get your number one pick ready enough to be better than a QB with a four interception game, maybe you or someone in that organization ought to be more critical of your coaching ability.

  12. “Jared’s going to play when we feel Jared’s ready. Had we won this game you wouldn’t be asking about Jared,” Fisher said.

    Uhh, no crap Jeff. But you guys did lose. Your 3rd in a row in fact. You traded up to draft Goff #1 overall. The franchise staked it’s future on him. I think Keenum is a tough player but let’s face it, toughness and bravado alone don’t cut it at the QB position, otherwise Byron Leftwich would’ve been a legend. Start Goff now and get the rookie growing pains out of the way.

  13. You have to also remember that Fisher is somewhat on the hot seat. He really is not at liberty to start Goff to get him ready for next season when Fisher might not be the one coaching the team. The fact that Case Keenum is the best QB on this team… yikes. The GM should be on the hot seat as well.

  14. Smart decision by Fisher. Their Oline is horrific and their WR’s are average at best. I’d take the Browns WR’s over the Rams. Let Goff learn the offense, how to call a play, and then give him 2-3 games at the end of the year.

  15. This team could easily be 6-1 right now…..but Jeff Fisher got in the way


    Long suffering Rams fan

  16. Means one of several things.

    1. The GM/scouts are morons for drafting a guy who can’t see the field as a #1 pick by middle of the season. Which probably means he’s really a 4th round talent.

    2. The coaching group are morons for not being able to get a #1 draft pick ready to play when a 3 INT game would be an IMPROVEMENT

    Which one do you want to admit to Rams?

  17. I don’t like Jeff Fisher at all. Can’t figure out why he keeps his job after the perpetual 7-9 season. Plus, he’s as dirty as they come.

    With that said, Fisher’s “waiting until he’s ready” philosophy worked our quite well with Steve McNair.

  18. lousy draft choice by the rams…team just moved back to la and took the local boy who despite being the numero uno draft choice in the draft, simply, was not ready to be an NFL QB…

  19. Amazing that this guy and Chip Kelly actually draw up interest in Head Coaching vacancies. They make the absolute worst personnel and coaching decisions and have the judgement of a 6 year old. I just don’t get it. I’ll be pretty happy when these two, along with Marvin Lewis are fired and exposed for being the frauds of coaches they are.

  20. Playing devil’s advocate… It did work out pretty well for Fisher sitting that other QB in Tennessee for his entire 1st year. Let’s see what was his name again? Oh yeah, Steve McNair.

    Having said that, count me in the pool ‘o peeps wondering how Fisher is still coaching in the big leagues.

  21. I’m more concerned about what he was seeing in Keenan yesterday. That was one of the worst stat lines ever, and 3 of the 4 (not 2) picks were squarely on Case, including the worst pick ever to seal the game. But, yeah, change your WRs first, coach.

  22. “his career record is 165–150–1 (.524). that’s a winning record right? just checking.”

    His record since becoming Rams coach is 30-40-1. That’s a losing record. The team has remained perfectly stagnant. Overall in his career, he’s 12 games over .500 in 22 years. That gives him pretty much an average of 8-8. He’s hit double digit wins 4 out of 22 years. You can get no more mediocre than that.

  23. I’m thinking Jeff Fisher probably knows more about Jared Goff and what’s best for the Rams and Goff’s career, than I do. I know Goff is going to be a really good NFL QB some day, and I can wait a little while. Fisher has been around long enough to know that a coach is ten times smarter when he has a good QB. Fisher wants to play Goff a lot worse than we do, but he’s waiting for the right time. As much fun as it is to second guess coaches, I’d be an idiot to think I know better than Fisher about this QB situation.

  24. Fisher was hired and given total control. He’s using Goff in the process of distancing from that responsibility.

    He said he wouldn’t have traded for him. He’d have kept the picks instead. My mistake. He had Keyshawn Johnson say he heard that in the building. Right.

    It’s taken Fisher 5 yrs, an open checkbook, a boatload of draft picks, and final say on the roster to get the Rams where they are. Praying for 9-7.

    Now he wants everyone to believe he doesn’t win because they don’t have their own stadium and Goff wasn’t his idea.

    The good news is, he always has Peter King to spin it for him.

  25. “When he’s ready” means next year

    If he plays him this year, and he looks bad, plus the team still looks bad, why would Fisher keep his job? They gave up more than Philly gave to get up to #2, and still owe just as much (Philly owes a 1 and 2, but the 2 is in 2018, 1 and 3 LA owe are both 2017), and they aren’t getting a 1st and 4th back for Keenum

    Goff on the bench is Fisher’s only job security

  26. “Overall in his career, he’s 12 games over .500 in 22 years.”

    Plus, he has the benefit of THREE 13 win seasons which is all that is propping his record up. (The year the Titans went to the Super Bowl he was 16-4 including the playoff games.) The really good years stopped a long time ago and the 7-9 (or worse) are all that remains.

  27. Oh Puhlease! Why for goodness sake did you trade away the Ram’s future to move up to #1 in the 2016 Draft to take Jared Goff for, if you had no intention whatsoever to play him? This is nutty. And Goff has to be in serious slow burn with Fisher and the Rams. He’s learning nothing sitting on the bench except how to doubt himself, second guess decisions made and lose. How long will Rams ownership tolerate such a travesty. Playing for Fisher is graveyard duty for any young QB! We’ve heard this tired song from Fisher way too many times. Good luck Jared. You deserve better than this from your head coach.

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