Paul Posluszny: “Unacceptable” to have two players ejected

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The Jaguars came into Sunday’s game with the Raiders with a chance to extend their winning streak to three games and move their record to .500 on the year.

That didn’t happen, however. The Jags fell behind 20-6 in the first half and hopes of a comeback were hurt by a series of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and personal fouls that eventually led to the ejections of defensive tackle Malik Jackson and cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

The game likely would have remained out of reach without the loss of composure, although that didn’t make it any easier for linebacker Paul Posluszny to see his team melt down in the final quarter of the game.

“I think it’s terrible,” Posluszny said, via “We need to act like professionals at all times, regardless of what happens. To have guys get thrown out, multiple penalties over and over again, that’s not who we are and we can’t tolerate that moving forward. I’ve never seen anything like that before. That’s unacceptable on a lot of different levels. Fans don’t want to see that, you guys don’t want to see that and we don’t want to be a part of it. Just from a higher standard of playing in the NFL, we can’t have that.”

The Jaguars were penalized 13 times for 122 yards overall on Sunday, something that isn’t going to help them win games even if they avoid having any players disqualified from the proceedings. They’ll try to clean things up quickly as they face the Titans on Thursday.

12 responses to “Paul Posluszny: “Unacceptable” to have two players ejected

  1. “To have guys get thrown out, multiple penalties over and over again, that’s not who we are and we can’t tolerate that moving forward.”

    Multiple penalties define Gus lead Jaguars. All teams playing the Jags have to do is let the Jags self destruct and walk away with a win every week. Don’t believe me, look at that 250% winning percentage Bradley sports.

  2. The locker room is lost. These are two new guys who have both tasted success and are reacting poorly to the constant stench of failure. When the Jags lose to the mediocre Titans on Thursday, Gus Bradley will have a record of 14 – 41. He needs to be fired the second the plane lands in Jacksonville. Nice guy. But he cannot get this team to where they need to be and it is time to stop the insanity.

  3. This team is undisciplined in every way. Except for Poz, thankfully. So much talent. How does a rookie get thrown out for conduct? Ramsey should be taped to a goal post today. Everyone’s fluffing him too much. Malik Jackson? Got $90M to come to JAX and gets kicked out of a game?

    Sickening watching all of this talent get wasted. Oh, and nice zero line for Allen Robinson, too.

    Caldwell better have a list of one or two known hard nosed coaches. Shoot. Bring back Coughlin. Let him teach Gus how to get them boys straight.

  4. Jags got a solid offensive corps of players, solid defensive corps of players, and bad coaching. Time to shut down the Gus Bus and let someone else drive.

  5. Since Shad Khan bought the team after the 2011 season, the Jaguars are 16-54.

    They currently employ a coach that has a 14-40 record and has never beaten a team with a winning record.

    What is really unacceptable has been the product on the field. Except that in Jacksonville it is accepted.

    Imagine those types of numbers put up in a market like Philadelphia, New York or Green Bay.

  6. really thought in preseason this would be an upcoming team to be reckoned with…I was wrong. Bortles seems lost and regressing…don’t know what coach Khan could get in mid-season but he needs to get someone with a pedigree for next season…team has some serious talent that is wasting away…

  7. Triplette was beyond his usual horrible self yesterday, he couldn’t get anything right.

    Having said that, you have to know when to fold them.

  8. I was really impressed with how Posluszny played yesterday. Dude was all over the field making good tackles. After that performance, he certainly has the chops to call out the overpayed Malik Jackson and the rookie phenom Jalen Ramsey.

  9. You’d have to have the patience of a saint to put up with the garbage referring in that game.

    The first guy was just goaded into being kicked out by the refs.

  10. I’m a Raiders fan and before the preseason, I thought Jacksonville had a better shot at making the playoffs than Oakland did.
    I heard an interview w/Gus Bradley once, and that guy had me fired up to go do my job! Unfortunately, the Jags have a losing culture and there’s no way for Bradley to turn it around.

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