Allen Robinson suggests Jaguars have better home-field advantage in London

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Jaguars fans in Jacksonville have supported the team steadfastly, despite nearly a decade of mediocrity. But with increased expectations in 2016 that aren’t being met, the locals are getting restless.

And that isn’t sitting well with receiver Allen Robinson.

“When you hear the atmosphere of when we step out on the field, when we go to punt or before halftime when Blake [Bortles] takes a knee and you hear the booing, it’s kind of funny to me,” Robinson said, via Michael DiRocco of “It’s funny that we get our best home-field advantage when we go to Wembley [Stadium].”

The Jaguars have been playing one home game in London per year, with the other seven played in Jacksonville.

The team has played six games this year, winning two but not performing on offense the way they did a year ago. The next chance to win comes on Thursday night against the Titans. Another loss could grease the skids toward major changes for the organization.

30 responses to “Allen Robinson suggests Jaguars have better home-field advantage in London

  1. It never goes well when an idiot player decides to call out the fans. The fans will be around a whole lot longer than that idiot player.

  2. You know what will fix that, Allen? Not kicking passes in the end zone into the defender’s hands…

  3. oh boy! the jaguars and titans on thursday night snoozeball!

    I think I have some paint drying that needs to be watched.

  4. How can you possibly blame a fan base for boo-ing after years of being a bottom dweller, and now a year of promise of high draft picks and free agent signings only to remain a bottom dweller

  5. Play well and win some games and that all goes away.

    Jags fans have watched 14-40 under Gus…who took over after Mularkey went 2-14 the year before.

    That’s 16-54 over last 70 games…damn right they will boo!

  6. And soon as the fans quit going because of putrid football (see St Louis Rams), the team will be moved to another city, i.e. London, San Antonia, etc. because of alleged non-support. The process may already be in the works. Do not rely on the honesty of the NFL.

  7. Why did people have increased expectations this year? I guess when the NFL pretty much takes one of you home games away it’s hard to get much lower but not sure why folks would think 2016 would be much better.

  8. Maybe quit dropping so many passes or tipping them up for interceptions and we might win a game and stop booing your sorry butt. You guys are pathetic

  9. The majority of the people that go to games over here don’t yet understand what’s going on. The only time a sportsman takes a knee over here is when he’s in front of the Queen. Last year during the Dolphins Jets clash I was sitting next to a Frenchman wearing a Dolphin cap and every time the Jets scored which was quite often he got up and cheered. I was quite upset about this being a Dolphin fan and enduring a bit of a drubbing I asked what was going on with the hat and cheering the Jets, he said in that sort of French English accent he liked the colors, but it’s the “Dolphins Jets” I said, he didn’t understand lol.

  10. I don’t care what this bum has to say. I drafted Allen Robinson #12 overall in my 12 man PPR league. Needless to say I am near the bottom of the standings thanks to the wasted pick.

  11. Here’s a trick, try to imagine all the booing fans have 2 receptions for 9 yards. Then they’d be invisible, just like you Allen.

  12. Not a good look for Robinson.

    He is a hugely disappointing player on a hugely disappointing team. One that hasn’t made the playoffs in a decade and currently employs a coach with the second worst winning percentage in history.

    Fans are right to boo.

  13. Yeah and if a guy who is supposedly a top WR could score more than 1.83 for me in fantasy I’d be tied for 1st place in my division. Bum.

  14. Expecting fan’s to act a certain way is about as realistic as fan’s expecting a player to act a certain way.

  15. youdrivemenutseagles says:
    Oct 25, 2016 1:53 PM

    To be fair, they don’t see a lot of NFL football in England to KNOW they should be booing…
    Born and bred in Britain, been watching football for nigh on 34 years now, (yes, that’s how long it’s been going over here). And take it from me, just like you guys over there I vent my frustrations at either the games or TV when I don’t see good football, and that’s been a lot this season so far.

  16. Allen, the fans have been suffering every since Tom Coughlin got fired which was a very bad mistake. You come here and drop balls which it appear like you are intentionally tipping balls up to the opponent, and blame the fans for booing? $100.00 for tickets, $5.00 for a bottle of water, $20.00 for a bratwurst and a beer, and sitting in 100 degree weather to watch you guys play as poorly as you do? It is my opinion that something else is going on. There is no way in the world that you guys should be playing that poorly with all the talent you guys have. Is it possible that these guys are intentionally playing poor football to discourage the fans from attending games, and that would be their excuse to move the team for lack of support? Well if I was the city of Jacksonville, I would have attorneys on standby for a lawsuit against them if they try anything like this.

  17. Jags games are costing me $4500 this year. I will boo if they continue to play like poo. What else can I do about this coaching snafu? Continue and I will bid the team adieu.

  18. Frazier28/7 says:
    Oct 25, 2016 1:27 PM
    oh boy! the jaguars and titans on thursday night snoozeball!

    I think I have some paint drying that needs to be watched.
    Just think, next Monday night the nation looks forward to Vikings/Bears. Better put on a few more coats. MNF features the Bears, Vikings, Giants, Panthers, Texans, Eagles, Jets and Redskins twice while teams like Denver, Seattle, Green Bay, Dallas, NE are on once. Not too bright in the scheduling department. Thursday nights a just plain fraudulent football games with players no where near ready to play at an NFL level.

  19. This is disappointing to see. I had a lot of respect for Allen until he called out the fans. I was at the Baltimore and Oakland game. The Jaguar fans are coming to the games and supporting their team. The fans have been patient, but it’s time for the management, coaching, and players to realize we expect more. Jacksonville has become a joke and has been that way for years.

    Peyton Manning joke at Comedy Central Roast : “I’ve got to tell you, I have no idea who the rest of you guys up here are. I mean I’ve been sitting up here tonight with all these folks no one’s ever heard of thinking, ‘Did I just get traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars?'”

    This is how people see us. I’m tired of it. Even the opposing team fans give us a hard time in Jacksonville. They give us no respect and why should they? They see us as a automatic W.

    Now with all the London talk. That needs to stop. You’re the Jacksonville Jaguars, not a London team. Let’s start having some pride and prove we’re nothing to laugh at. Jacksonville is a great city and we deserve a team that represents just that. That’s what the fans want!

  20. I’m not a fan of booing the home team, but this team has been a dumpster fire for years and they are somehow playing worse this year after improving the roster. The fans in Jax have been suffering for years before he got here. If the Brits had seen the product this team has been putting on the field as often over the years, plenty of them would boo too.

  21. I wonder if anyone at the executive level of the Jags has even warned players against insulting the home fan-base? Seems like bad business practice to me. I doubt Robinson’s comments even register with them though. This organization is so detached and fragmented…..

    I don’t even enjoy the game day experience anymore. This particular group of Jags have simply sucked what remaining spirit I had left after the last decade of pure defeat.

    Robinson has shown that he is a thin skinned child out there playing with men who are dominating him on the field. You never bite the hand that feeds you Alan. And Alan, the boos aren’t why this team sucks, the boos are simply a reflection of you and your team’s crappy performances. Try playing in a large market and the fans and the press would simply eat you alive.

  22. They’re not going to London. Too many travel and time headaches to having a full-time team there. London will continue getting revolving games. San Antonio is getting the Jags. Jacksonville never had the required population density in the first place.

  23. Oct 26, 2016 11:25 AM
    They’re not going to London. Too many travel and time headaches to having a full-time team there. London will continue getting revolving games. San Antonio is getting the Jags. Jacksonville never had the required population density in the first place.

    Dude, you are so far off on this comment. If Buffalo and Green Bay can support teams, what in the heck make you think Jacksonville can’t? Jacksonville has the best attendance out of all the NFL Florida teams and they are not last in the NFL as far as attendance is concerned. This is just your unproven opinion and not a fact!!!

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