Gase attributes surge to healthy o-line, tunnel vision

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When the Dolphins were 1-4, plenty of their fans were ready to abandon ship. But first-year coach Adam Gase continued to believe.

His belief has paid off with a pair of wins, heading into the bye week. Appearing on Monday’s PFT Live, Gase attributed the surge to one primary factor.

“I think the fact that we got our five starting offensive lineman back has been obviously a big part of that,” Gase said. “It’s changed the whole way that we’ve been able to play the game where the offense is staying on the field for a longer period of time. We have better time of possession. Our defense is actually getting to do what we built it to do, which is rush the passer and really not play 75 to 80 plays a game. It was a little ridiculous there for the first five games of the season where they were playing just way too many snaps.”

Gase helped weather the early-season storm by shutting out the noise.

“I think it’s easy when you don’t look at the Internet and don’t look at Twitter and don’t listen to radio and don’t watch TV,” Gase said. “So that makes it easy. You just kind of live in your own little bubble and just keep working every day. Our players, I think, did a great job of trying to do the same thing. I know it’s a little tougher for them because they’re out in the public a lot and people have family members and agents and fans. They have more access to them so they probably have to hear a little bit more than what a lot of our coaching staff has to hear. So I’m sure it’s a little tougher to just kind of stay in that tunnel and just keep fighting.”

Why doesn’t Gase consume any media about his team?

“I think it’s just putting negativity in your head,” Gase said. “I just stay away from it. I think we’ve been so busy, there’s so much going on for us right now as far as kind of what we’re trying to do down here. I know our coaching staff is working really hard to keep coming back every day and giving our players a great plan and try to put them in a good position. We haven’t had a lot of time for anything out side of football.”

Whatever they’re doing (or not doing), it’s currently working. And with some extra time to further heal up and plan for the final nine games of the season, Gase and the Dolphins could still make plenty of noise in the AFC.

11 responses to “Gase attributes surge to healthy o-line, tunnel vision

  1. And by ‘tunnel vision’, Gase means that he pulled his head out of his a$$, realized that running back by gangbang wasn’t working, and put his workhorse on the field full time…

  2. He’s running his offense like the Cowboys with a punishing running game behind a strong o-line instead of throwing 100 dink and dunks in a wussy west coast offense like most teams today.

  3. .
    Coming from behind against a pretty good team was very impressive. The offensive line did an outstanding job. The weren’t opening holes, they were paving roadways.

  4. I’ve been following this team, watching every game for well over a decade… and I’ve never seen a turnaround like this before. They looked like the worst team in the league against Cincy and Tennessee. And then they played very well fought contests against the Steelers and the Bills.

    The healthy O-line thing is a given. It’s been said over and over and it is undeniably the biggest factor to their success.

    However I believe some credit has to be given to Tannehill as well, if only because he got ripped apart by fans and the media when they were losing.

    He had a brilliant pass on 3rd and 12 against Buffalo that I believe turned the game around.

  5. All they needed was to use four 1st round picks on offensive lineman and dumb down the offense for Tannehill to succeed. Gase is for real though. Just needs a real QB

  6. They’ve handle two of the hottest teams. They’ve now got an identity. They have a week off to rest and improve. They’ve got great momentum going into the second half of the season. One never knows, do one.

  7. Gase please STICK with the running game !
    Of course the O-lines gotta stay healthy – but Ajayi looks like he can carry the load the remainder of the season, and for once we’re NOT having to rely on Tannehill’s skill set…….
    or the lack of !

  8. The best way to stay competitive is to zig when everyone else zags. It’s a pass heavy league which means defenses are designed to defend the pass and rush the passer. This is precisely why a team built to run the football works. Defenses aren’t built to play against a run heavy team.

  9. Ever players needs to be monitored for longevity. It’s a long season.

    However Ajayi probably has less than 80 carries through the first half of the season. We are headed into a bye week. He will Be just fine.

    I hope Miami continues to hand him the ball 25 times a game. His performance is not a fluke. Tough Kid.

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