Giants cut kicker Josh Brown


The Giants made it clear they wanted as far away from Josh Brown as possible, when they left him home from their London game.

Today, they made it official.

The team announced that they were cutting the kicker, after admissions of abuse were released last week, casting them in an even worse light after they re-signed him this offseason knowing of the domestic violence allegations involving his then-wife.

Brown apologized to the Giants in a statement earlier today, but it obviously wasn’t enough for him to keep his job. He was placed on the commissioner’s exempt list, effectively paid leave, last week.

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  1. Only after they were busted for concealing what he’d done.

    Mara is vile to have protected this worm.

  2. Why the Giants let all this linger over a completely replaceable kicker is anyone’s guess.

    Brown should’ve been gone a long time ago. Good riddance.

  3. Horse is already out of the barn on the PR hit.

    Nice to see them make the right decision but way too late.

    It’s more of a “we have to” rather than “we want to” regarding releasing a woman beater.

    I wonder tho – if he doesn’t get picked up by anyone at all – will the writers call racism like they did for Ray?

  4. Veterans’ salaries are guaranteed for the whole year if they’re on the roster Week 1. Brown was suspended for Week 1, so my question is, will he continue to be paid for the rest of the season until the league decides to suspend him? Are you on the roster if you’re suspended?

  5. i thought they weren’t giving up on him and he was a teammate?

    white privilege is obviously still alive and well, they were going to stick w/ the guy until the uproar…

  6. I love the fact that John Mara is going through this, love it. Could have dealt with it properly the first time with the mandatory 6 games, or bet yet, just not signed him. Now the Mara family name is the number one story on all the national news outlets. Now he can experience what he helped put Tom Brady through, all in the name of #integrity. It’s called karma folks.

  7. Giants admitted they knew back in the summer he abused his wife. That’s a mandatory 6 game suspension. Yet he only got 1.

    Either they lied to the NFL or the NFL ignored what they knew.

    Either way Giants should be out draft picks and money.

  8. Giants were “generally aware” of his other past transgressions that are against ALL 32 teams policies on domestic violence, replete with at least a 6 game suspension.

    Throw in Goodell’s precious abuses of “Article 46”, the only time a commissioner has ever uttered the use of that since 1969, and I’d say the Giants need to be docked 1 million, a 1st rd pick and a 4th rounder.

    Your move, Sheriff Goebbels.

  9. what a mess…I hope his ex wife is healing and I hope the NFL figures out a way to get Goodell the hell outta office, if they punished this dude properly the first time we wouldn’t even be discussing this and he wouldn’t be $4M richer

  10. Too late. Giants knew enough, tried to cover it up, and now it’s all damage control. Maybe an apology is in order to the exwife for not taking preventive measures when they knew? Nah, there’s no crying in football.

  11. .
    John Mara on Roger Goodell & Framegate :

    . “Listen, the commissioner had a very difficult job to do here. But at the end of the day I think he made a decision based on the evidence and the facts that were before him and without regard to the profile of the player or his personal relationship with the owner.

    “You know what? That’s what he’s paid to do and he did his job here. You can argue with whether it was fair or unfair but he had to make a very tough decision in very difficult circumstances and that’s what he’s paid to do.’’

    John Mara : as phoney as a $6 dollar bill.

  12. Smoke a little weed, get accused but never proven beyond the joke of ‘more likely than not’ criteria of letting air out of football and the league is right on it with harsh punishments! Gotta protect the integrity of the game.

    However beat your wife or girlfriend? Eh whatever. 1 game suspension. Even after implementing a ‘tough’ new domestic abuse policy after getting embarrassed for only suspending a player 2 games for knocking out his fiance Mike Tyson in his prime style.

    Is it ignorance, arrogance, or both?

  13. My vikes better sign Robbie Gould quickly….

  14. He should have been cut this summer. The league had to move his wife to a different room at the pro bowl so they knew that this guy had issues. They spent a gazillion dollars investigating Brady over deflategate and couldn’t find out that Brown was a wife-beater?

  15. He should’ve just punched his QB in the jaw.. That way, the Bills would keep him employed.

  16. What happened to all the “we stand by Josh” crappola.

    No one thought that was a real position, just expedient.

    Slide out the standard 6 game for the 1 game personnel conduct suspension, had to be with commissioners approval.

  17. What a joke the NFL has become. Where was Roger the Dodger during all of this?
    Tom Brady is suspended with out pay, not allowed to be in the facility or to associate with any of the Patriots players, coaching staff, etc. and suspended for four games for being “generally aware” of deflated footballs. Josh Brown is suspended with pay for one game and is allowed in the Giants practice facility for abusing his wife and 18 previous charges in the five different cities he played in.

    Where was Roger Goodell and the NFL office during all this? The same New York office that was leaking false reports to some of the media ball-washers during the Brady fiasco???? And John Mara, that hipocrite who came out in support of the Commissioner in his actions against Brady and is on the NFL committee that developed the new policy against abuse??? Waiting to see what the reaction would be before finally releasing him today.
    Roger the Dodger, indeed.

  18. So the guy abuses his wife, the police open and shut the case, they go to court and get divorced, he goes into counseling, the team knows all about this, the NFL suspends him for one game, then a month passes, and THEN he gets put on the commissioner’s “oblivion” list and then fired.

    Somehow this just doesn’t seem like the most ultimately productive way for things to go.

  19. Wellington Mara must be rolling over in his grave. This would never have happened if he were alive.
    The Giants should be ashamed of themselves. Who do they think they are, the Jets?

  20. Pats fans: it’s not about you. It’s not a story about your cheating franchise. Nobody likes you. Congratulations on taking over this web site.

  21. Say what you want about Wellington Mara, but the truth remains the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The only issue is that NexGens never have to work for anything and always have a sense of entitlement. And that comes from parenting folks.
    You can also be certain that there is a cover-up involved here. For Josh Brown to be so remorseful for having shamed the Giants organization AND the NFL just prior to being fired is a joke. And now that he no longer plays for the Giants he can receive his hush money from one of a thousand different Mara controlled slush funds that don’t come under the scrutiny of the NFL. Which is exactly how Goodell wants it played out as well. So he gets a six game suspension but is unemployed so has no salary to forfeit. His severance package can’t be touched by the NFL and he definitely has no future with another team. So of course he says he is sorry. Small cost considering he’s the source of the issue resulting in the bonehead decisions by Goodell and Mara.

  22. So are they cutting him for what he did, or for the media backlash?
    What do you think? Mara was amazingly tone-deaf if he thought a one-game team suspension was going to make this one go away.

    Once again, as in the Ray Rice case, the Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person, Celebrity Commissioner (TM) tries to let a player off the hook (who happens to be on the team of one of Himself’s closest allies) after a half-arsed “investigation” and gets caught out.

    Himself’s unequal “justice” is just one of many reasons why people have turned off the NFL. The Saints did NOTHING except have an owner who didn’t rubber-stamp Himself’s every move, and look how he eviscerated their franchise.

    What Bob Kraft, previously one of Himself’s biggest supporters, did to Himself remains a mystery. First Himself tries to sweep the Pats’ Spygate sins under the carpet, then Himself throws the book at them for a marginal at best crime that didn’t effect any game result. Maybe he was trying to show his opponents how “tough” he is.

    Suspensions, fines, it all seems to come down to who is or isn’t kissing Himself’s you-know-what.

  23. Don’t worry josh, everyone affiliated with the nfl forgives you and still loves you. But for PC, the team had to do what it did. Now the commish will say something meaningless and the league will go on minus josh.

  24. helmetsail,

    You’re absolutely right, its NOT about the Patriots. Its about the arbetrary, uneven decision-making by Gooddell (aka Sgt. Schultz) in handing down discipline. Brady – “generally aware’ of the deflation of footballs – 4 games; Brown – spousal abuse – 1 game. How irrational is that?
    BTW. There are no more comments by Patriots fans than those of any other team on this thread, nor should there be. This issue knows no bounds – unless, of course, your John Mara or perhaps a Giants fan!

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