Jared Goff to get more work with the ones during bye week

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The Rams have insisted they’re only going to play quarterback Jared Goff when he’s ready to play.

It appears they’re trying to get him ready to play.

According to Rams coach Jeff Fisher, the first overall pick in last year’s draft will get more work with the starters during the bye week.

“Jared’s going to get some reps, which is a by product of the bye week,” Fisher said. “I don’t feel like Case needs the reps Wednesday and early next week, so Jared will get those reps, which is good.

“Jared’s going to be our starter, but we’re just going to continue with Case.”

The eventual part of that statement is the key. Whether that means he unseats Case Keenum sooner or later remains to be seen, but there’s clearly an effort being made to accelerate Goff’s progression.

Keenum threw four interceptions in Sunday’s loss to the Giants, and has more picks than touchdowns on the season (eight of the good, 10 of the bad). And with extra time to prepare and a shaky secondary (Carolina) coming up, the time to play Goff might be getting closer.

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  1. Maybe someone needs to explain to me how a number one overall pick QB has to be developed when there is a history of 2nd and 3rd round pick QBs in the past few years starting day one and some of those even getting to the Super Bowl.

    It doesn’t take a genius to see Keenum was not the guy. People were saying it since week 1.

  2. The fact that Goff hasn’t beaten out Keenum leads one to think that A) the scouts/draft gurus were wrong and he flat-out stinks; B) Jeff Fisher and the other bums that make up his offensive staff have no idea how to develop QBs; or C) All of the above

  3. How bad is this dude where he can’t beat out Keenum?

    They should probably trade him now before the world sees. I am a strong believer that when a QB is good, he is good right away. Look at all the great QBs in the league now, they were all pretty d@mn good right off the bat. Ben, Brady (coming off the bench), Rodgers, Luck, Wilson, Cam, etc. Then you look at Dak and Wentz this season. Obviously QBs get better the more they play so I don’t think they are doing Goff many favors just having him ride the pine so he can “develop.” Seems like he is no good and now they are stuck with him.

    For those who are going to say “Rodgers developed behind Favre!” I don’t necessarily believe that is true, I think Aaron Rodgers would have been good as soon as he got the start, which he was. Just because it was in his third year that doesn’t mean he was good because he “developed” on the bench, I believe he would’ve been good immediately no matter what year they played him. The whole “develop” on the bench is a bunch of crap. You are either good, or you aren’t. It is time to see what Goff is made of.

  4. LA is getting a first hand look at how inept this organization is. From the owner down throughout the coaching staff. Bad draft pick after bad draft pick not just the #1 pick in the draft who cant play , bad picks on OL , WR , RBs. Yes they got lucky with TG and AD. They have no depth. They had the RGIII trade and have very little to show for it. That trade should have made them contenders. If Goff is a bust , this will set them back another 5 years in rebuilding again. How can you draft a QB with the first pick and he cant get on the field ? You cant ease him in ? Not make it complicated for him ? He cant turn and hand the ball off to Gurley ? Throw a short pass out to a receiver ? Im sure another coach could figure out ways to make it work and start playing him. Philadelphia figured it out. Dallas figured out. Hell even the Rams when Bradford was here his rookie season figured it out . BTW Fisher wasn’t the coach then. Either Goff is just not very good or Fisher is a coach that doesn’t get it.

  5. You develop QBs when they are not ready to play when you draft them. You would think that would be a 3rd or 4th round pick not the #1 pick in the draft. Wouldn’t you draft the QB that could come in and start the first game of the season ? Wouldn’t you have no doubt that he was the guy ? Not maybe or he needs time , 100% he can play the first game. That’s a #1 pick. Im not talking about winning every game his first season , but being a stable QB that can play with the potential to be really good. If he is not ,why draft him ? Because he is from California and the Rams thought he would draw interest from fans ?

  6. Jeff fisher is a tool.

    But I agree with developing a long term pro qb rather than a short term qb who will be Ineffective

  7. LOL they passed on Wentz and Dak for this stiff. That some 7-9 BS right there Jeff…

  8. As fans we don’t get to see how a player does in practice. Can he break down film? Does he know the playbook?
    We don’t know what we don’t know.

  9. He seems to imply they’re using the bye to get extra practice in, which is probably a CBA violation.

    QBs coming out of spread offenses know nothing of pro football, which is why you see more and more of them needing the extra reps. Some can overcome it with their brain (looks like Goff doesn’t fall into that category); some have the offense adapted to the little they can do, then gradually spoon-feed them more.

  10. dougchillin says:
    Oct 25, 2016 10:05 AM

    For those who are going to say “Rodgers developed behind Favre!” I don’t necessarily believe that is true, I think Aaron Rodgers would have been good as soon as he got the start, which he was.
    You really don’t remember that situation very well or have a very selective memory.

    Rodgers was doing well to stay off IR his first three years in the league. If memory serves, he finished 2 of his first three seasons in the league on the IR-that is pretty hard to do as a backup.

    In the 2007 draft, there was an actual discussion of whether the Pack should draft another QB to groom for when Favre left as there was serious doubt that he was ever going to actually stay healthy.

    Now, after Favre went down against the Cowboys mid season in 2007 and Rodgers lit it up the rest of the game some of those worries about his future were put to rest. Funny thing was that Rodgers was hurt in that game also and could not practice for 2-3 weeks so the Pack was really lucky that Favre was able to bounce back and start the next week and continue the streak.

    You are welcome for the history lesson.

  11. The coaching tenure of Jeff Fisher is his revenge on Rams fans for what happened in Superbowl 34. He got his pound of flesh already. Please make him go away.

  12. Hey, I have a great idea.

    Look at Aaron Rodgers, how he sat for 3 years before starting.
    Maybe the Rams should try that with Goff.
    He’ll be great by then, right?

    And meanwhile Keenum is a HOF QB he can learn from.

  13. Great line from Major League borrowed here:
    Lou: You told me we didn’t have any high priced talent.
    GM: That’s the problem with Keenan and Goff. They’re only high priced.

  14. Think about this ………………The Rams could have had any player they wanted in last years draft…………Could have been Elliot , could have been the best defensive player , could have been the best OL , best receiver , another QB , could have been anyone and what they came up with is a guy who they have said can not get on the field because he is not ready. A first overall pick has to have an impact , has to be an immediate game changer for your team. I bet the players on this team wish they played for a different organization. They know who can play . What would Gurley be doing in Dallas behind that OL ?

  15. I don’t know if my Panthers are going to get well against the Cards this week, but if we don’t, I KNOW we’ll get well against this team. LA already has a terrible O-line; Kuechly and Davis will eat them alive. Suspect secondary? Yes, but does anybody on LA know how to catch a pass besides Austin? Just play cover 1, put 8 in the box to stop Gurley and sack whoever is playing QB. Coaching? Rivera can run circles around Fisher. He’s done it before.

    Only chance LA has to beat us is if Cam AND Derek Anderson get hurt.

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