Josh Brown: I have taken measures to get help

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Giants kicker Josh Brown was placed on the Commissioner’s-Exempt list last week after the release of documents by the King County (WA) Sheriff’s Office.

Included among those documents were writings from Brown that had him admitting that he “physically, verbally and emotionally abused my wife” and viewed her as his slave. Many others weighed in on the matter over the last week, but Brown had remained silent until issuing a statement to Adam Schefter of ESPN on Tuesday.

“I am sorry that my past has called into question the character or integrity of The New York Giants, [Giants owner John] Mara or any of those who have supported me along the way. I have taken measures to get help so that I may be the voice of change, not a statistic. It is important to share that I never struck my wife, and never would. Abuse takes many forms, and is not a gray area. Through the past several years I have worked to identify and rectify my own behaviors. The road to rehabilitation is a journey and a constant modification of a way of life. My journey will continue forever as a person determined to leave a positive legacy and I embrace the opportunities to show and speak about what has helped me to be that man. In the interim, I am cooperating with the Giants and the NFL. Thank you to everyone that has supported me, I will not let you down.”

Schefter previously reported that Brown will not appeal the league’s decision to put him on the list, which bars him from playing while he continues to receive his full salary. Brown was suspended for one game to open the year and would have the right to appeal any further discipline the league tries to enact under the auspices of new information coming to light, although Mara’s admission that Brown admitted to the team that he abused his wife may make that difficult for the league.

52 responses to “Josh Brown: I have taken measures to get help

  1. This guy is a fraud, as are the Giants.

    Listen to him make an excuse saying “I’ve never ‘struck’ my wife”…

    What a liar.

    Did the boogeyman do it like Goodell tried to tell us with what happened in the elevator with Ray Rice’s fiancee?


    “I am getting help, but I really don’t need it.” – Josh Brown

    Thanks, Joshie!

  2. Brown never struck his wife but held her down with his forearm on her head…semantics… Serial liar Goodell has once again failed, ten years of failure. When is this going to be about Goodell and his cluelessness about virtually everything. Domestic violence, guns, protests, marijuana, celebrations, catches, penalties, mother nature……it is never ending with this poster boy for the Peter Principle.

  3. the headline should read “I hired a Publicist to help me kiss the asses of the people that sign my checks”

  4. Sorry Josh/NYG/NFL but I believe I’m filing this one under “Too Little, Too Late”

  5. In the journal he said he physically abused his wife.

    In the statement he says he didn’t hit his wife.

    It rings hollow to define a very specific act as something he didn’t do as if it mitigates his behavior. If this were a true apology and effort to change the statement would indicate what he actually did and that he was sorry for that.

    I hope he gets more help and tries to improve his recovery.

  6. Apologies all you want Josh for the Giants and the Maras

    We all know the name Christian Peter, your just the latest example of their hypocrisy.

  7. Hey Adrian,

    That’s how you do it.

    – Signed Vike fans

  8. Ugh–by “measures” he means boxing lessons and Muay Thai!!!! This guy is a real sicko!!!!

  9. Let us see how “reformed ” he is, how the path to redemption goes with no job, no future jobs, no career, no wife, no kid, you know, when he’s got nothing left to lose. ‘Cause he didn’t di that well when he was a successful placekicker in the NFL.

  10. Let me see if I get this straight…… Ray Rice beats cracks his wife right in the pie hole and he gets shamed GOT style. This guy slaps his wife around the house every Tuesday for months and he keeps on kicking?! Someone get Cornell West up in here.

  11. Good for you, Josh! And it only took you 30 years to figure out you needed help.

    Not surprised he plays for the likes of Mara and the morally corrupt Giants.

  12. I am in no way an apologist for abusive men, but it would be foolish to pretend that abusive men like these weren’t also usually heavily abused and neglected as children, which is why they act that way; it’s how they were raised.

    It’s important, though extremely difficult, to put an end to generational abuse and neglect. When performed correctly, you set your future generations and your own legacy on path toward light and goodness. But those occasions are rare.

  13. So slamming the woman into a floor length mirror so hard that it breaks around her and then slamming her into the floor and holding her face down against the floor isn’t “abuse” abuse or is not “bad” abuse according to him? And breaking down the door and slapping the step-kid was…what?

    His PR person may want to back to the drawing board on the excuse making. It might’ve been a semi-decent job saving statement if he’d left out the qualifications and hand waiving of the type of abuse he was terrorizing his family with for years.

  14. ” It is important to share that I never struck my wife, and never would. Abuse takes many forms, and is not a gray area”

    Why is it so “important” that Josh shares that he never struck his wife and yet says “abuse takes many forms” and in his own journal admits “I have abused my wife”? Even if I did believe him about never hitting his wife (I am very dubious) , he is still talking out of both sides of his mouth by attempting to draw distinctions over which form of abuse is worse. You are a serial abuser, Josh, man up to it and stop trying to do damage control. I bet your dad was a real piece of work and your home environment was a disaster growing up, but you’re an adult now. Excuses don’t fly and you and those trying to support you look like idiots when you offer them.

  15. You know it’s not sincere when the agent or some other professional writes the apology.

  16. That’s a far cry from his previous statements of “I’m not OK with my suspension” and “It was a single moment.” The cynical side of me can’t help but note he certainly has come a long way in the past week.

  17. The league office botched this so badly. Brown admitted the abuse, the relationship is over, and he’s in counseling, so if they’d just given him the standard suspension, this would all be over.

    Instead, they whiffed on that, and now even though it’s pretty much a closed case for all parties involved, the NFL has to rip it open and make an example of someone who, like Ray Rice, is actually doing the right things at this point.

    It’s not hard, but Goodell & co. are again making it look hard. How does this benefit the owners again?

  18. pittsburgh84 says:
    Oct 25, 2016 1:04 PM
    How much rehab do you need to treat humans like humans?


    Treating humans like humans? Sounds familiar. Isn’t that what Kaepernick is asking for? Unfortunately, the plea for human decency falls on deaf ears until drastic actions are taken . . . such as kneeling, heaven forbid.

  19. Some of these brilliant commenters don’t believe in mental illness. It’s all about “character” and “willpower” for them.

    “Gosh darn thar Josh boy, thar’s nuthin’ wrong with you that just havin’ a little gumption to improve your character won’t cure. Them shrinks are fer losers”.

  20. I’m glad he’s getting help. Clearly he needs it. I’m glad he’s not playing and will soon get cut. However, I am HORRIFIED that it wasn’t until the exposure of public documents and the public pressure pressure that followed before the league and the owner FINALLY took steps to do the right thing.

    Domestic Violence is just ANOTHER thing the NFL pays just lip service. I read recently that ONLY Bob Kraft who gave $1.5MM to fund DV programs and the Packers organization have actually done something about DV in their markets.

    I don’t think its a coincidence that those are also the ONLY 2 franchises in the league that didn’t ask the public fund their stadiums.

    Now I’m a Pats fan, and clearly have an ax to grind with Fraudell. But I’m also a football fan who is having a hard time justifying supporting a game I have loved for over 50 years. Deflategate was personal for me as a Pats fan, but it is just ANOTHER great example of how Roger Goodell’s leadership has fail over, and over, and over again.

    The fact is he just doesn’t “get it” and he never will. His comment just the other day that essentially said, the public is just too stupid to understand the issues, should be the final straw. It’s not just the travesty of “deflategate” its about CTE, it’s about the poor quality of the product, its about the arbitrary and capricious meting out of punishment, its about his unrealistic international expansion vision,its about the lies and misrepresentations that have been made over and over and over again.

    Fraudell has become a joke and the negative public perception of him is about to reach a critical mass that even thse out of touch Billionaire owners won’t be able to ignore.

    Roger’s reign of terror will soon be over, my friends. It might not be for this season, but it’s coming soon. Articles calling for his head are already being written, and they aren’t going to stop. He isn’t going to be able to ride it out or go and create another distraction like deflategate to distract the public.

  21. The man is a whacko. His PR people forget he admitted to physical abuse. Mara family has long ignored sexual abuse. Look up Christian Peter. He had a record of physical and sexual abuse that went nationwide while in college.

    The Apple does not fall far from the tree in the Mara family

  22. Well good for him! After what, a decade of beating his wife senseless he finally figured out that fists and wives don’t mix? And he needed to pay someone to keep reminding him of that nonetheless. By today’s standards that probably qualifies as heroic in his mind. What a piece of garbage this guy is.

  23. ” It is important to share that I never struck my wife, and never would. Abuse takes many forms, and is not a gray area”

    So I guess the large mirror you threw her into and the floor she hit were the real abusers, huh Josh?

  24. If he were sincere about wanting to get help, he would’ve done it before this all became public. Now it just feels fake.

    The NFL and the Giants have covered for this guy for some unknown reason.

  25. There is a huge difference between the Giants and the Vikings. The Giants cut the player and move on, the Vikings celebrate the player who abuse a 4 year old boy and put him on the front page of their media guide.

    Both players make me sick to my stomach, at least the Giants were prepared to do something about it beside sticking their head in the sand.

  26. Blah, blah, blah… The only reason he is showing all this contrition is because he knows he’s history in the NFL.

    He should be in jail.

  27. He’s cut and likely no one else will want his services.

    I think Roger and his friends need to go because they aren’t consistent nor do they look to better how they handle these situations. People should be calling for Roger and his cronies to step down because this is a travesty.

  28. Imagine the outrage in the NFL front offices if it turned out he was generally aware someone had inflated his kicking football an extra PSI.

    Man, I bet King Roger really would’ve brought the hammer down on him then.

    But using your wife as a punching bag over the course of a few years? Ah, take a game off and we’ll call it even.

  29. The statistics are against you actually becoming a human being. Good ploy to try and get another paycheck.

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