How should the NFL break a tie after OT?

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Russell Wilson has an idea for resolving ties after one overtime period in the regular season: A single 52-yard field goal, determined by a coin toss. Make it and you win. Miss it and you lose.

But there are other ideas. Picking the best one becomes the basis for Wednesday’s question of the day on PFT Live.

Cast a ballot, battle it out in the comments, and suggest any other ideas you may have.

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25 responses to “How should the NFL break a tie after OT?

  1. yeah ok RUSSELL,,,chill,,,you want to potentially decide an entire season on a coin flip?

  2. Leave it the way it is. The current system is fine. Every damn rule doesn’t have to change because someone didn’t get the outcome they wanted in a particular game…….

  3. Fine during regular season, too rare to care. Wilson’s solution may deter teams from even taking FG’S. If you want to use college system which I hate because it’s not real fg, atleast start teams on 50. Just force sudden death in playoffs

  4. Sudden death overtime was the coolest, most exciting thing in all of sports–so naturally the NFL did away with it. Bring it back. The current OT rules suck, and so do the college OT rules. They’re like shootouts in soccer, which I despise.

    Yes, suddent death means that one team may not get the ball in overtime. So what? Win the coin toss then, or else play good defense so you can get the ball back, and stop complaining. Play hard and do all you can to score so you can win the freaking game. Sudden death is awesome, and it adds a level of excitement and uncertainty that’s missing. Ties should never be an option in the NFL. The league is losing viewers, and it had better do everything possible to make the games more exciting, engaging, and suspenseful. A return to sudden death would be most helpful.

  5. Just leave it as it is. If ties were more routine after regulation and overtime, like hockey, I’d suggest changing it. A tie in football is pretty rare. If it happens once or twice a season it really isn’t a big deal.

    The current OT format is one of the few things the NFL has gotten right in the last few years. I’m strongly against the college format.

  6. I’d like a modified college approach – alternating possessions, but start at midfield or farther. No free FG attempts without gaining any yards.

  7. I haven’t looked at historical results but is it even necessary to break a tie after regulation? What percentage of games go to OT and how have the results affected standings?

  8. As much as I hate ties the way it is now is perfect. Teams that play in a tie ballgame have to carry that third column in their W-L record for the rest of the season.

    Being 9-6-1 is like wearing the badge of shame for all to see. The Scarlet letter so to speak. And it stays with you forever throughout history. So don’t change it.

  9. We need to think about what the players, coaches and owners worry about…..coming out of the game healthy. Adding further risk of injuries to these players is not what I want to see. Play the OT. First to score a TD wins. Stops on both teams….first to score points. Zero points scored it’s a draw.

  10. Can’t do the college thing, it would ruin fantasy football and the league can’t be that stupid. Just play another period.

  11. I know how to break a tie – find FG kickers that don’t choke in OT and can make sure they can hit chipshot FGs when called upon to do their jobs. The two teams in question deserve their “tie,” since both were almost absurdly incompetent during regulation and in OT. So glad Bruce Arians and Pete Carroll both had a look on their faces like someone just stole their candy from their lunch boxes. Two coaches, especially Carroll, who have had way too much success and keep reminding everyone about it.

  12. I’d accept the college system, but only if the stats of the period (or at least, the scores of the period) aren’t counted. Setting up teams to potentially double or triple their score in a tiebreaker format would be the height of stupidity.

  13. I don’t understand why people hate ties so much. The current system is almost perfect, the only thing they could do differently is guaranty the second team gets possession, even if a touchdown is scored in the first drive.

  14. Well this is 2016, and the millennials like to see the players dance and gyrate their hips. Each team should choose one player, and let them have a dance off. Sack dance, touchdown dance, whatever. Bring in a 3rd party panel to judge it.

  15. After OT, if tied, home team gets the W. Make SB home team the team with the best record in football, followed by tiebreakers. Give home field more meaning.

  16. Assign Joe Biden as one team’s tie breaker and Donald Trump as the other team’s tie breaker. Put both of those idiots on the 50 yard line and let them duke it out until one of them cries “Uncle.” The team whose representative submits loses the game.

    Extra benefit from this scheme: I would personally pay $50 extra on my already over-priced ticket to see this tie breaker occur. Thus the owners would make even more money.

  17. Welcome to OVERTIME!!! Here is my two cents on making overtime exciting for the fans and a little less taxing on the players. The teams have had 60 minutes to try their pretty plays and fancy defenses, and failed to resolve the game. Overtime should be about getting down to brass tacks ladies and gentleman. Let’s see who wants this game. How? similar to college, only the teams start from the 10 yard line going in. they get 4 downs to get into the end zone and best of all…NO KICKERS ALLOWED!!. The only stat that counts is the 1 point you get for getting into the endzone. as I think a little more on this, the only issue would be if you pit two great offenses against crappy defenses and it could go on all night. perhaps each round you reduce by one the number of downs you have to get into the endzone. this would not skew the fantasy aspect of the game. The networks should like it as the ot should be relatively quick. players should like it for the same thing. I would love it as a fan.

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