Joe Flacco says Ravens struggles are on him

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Never mind elite. Joe Flacco doesn’t think he’s very good at all right now.

The Ravens quarterback shouldered the blame for the team’s slow start on offense, which has them 3-4 going into their bye and ranked 25th in the league in points scored.

I’m obviously not playing good enough,” Flacco said Wednesday after the team’s final practice of the bye week. “We’re not a good offense and it starts with the quarterback. I got to be better.”

Flacco ranks 29th in the league in passer rating at 75.4, with just five touchdowns against 6 interceptions. But specifically, he could be better late in games, as he’s had the ball late in each of the games during his team’s four-game losing streak.

But coach John Harbaugh was a bit easier on his quarterback than the quarterback was.

“Joe Flacco is the key to our success. So, we need to all do everything in our power that all the things are falling in place for him,” Harbaugh said. “He can play. He can throw it. He can make decisions. He can score touchdowns for us. He can do all the things we need to do. We need to make sure that we give him a chance to do that.”

Of course, getting healthy over the bye week would help, as they’ve missed key offensive linemen (Marshal Yanda and Ronnie Stanley) and their top wide receiver (Steve Smith) for portions of the season. They’re hoping they’ll all be ready when they return to work in a week.

16 responses to “Joe Flacco says Ravens struggles are on him

  1. He’s not 100%. You can tell by how his late game jump balls lack the usual zip and rotation while falling incomplete in a tangle of three defenders.

  2. An offense’s success seems to depend so much on the offensive line that it’s funny how they don’t seem to get the credit and pay they deserve in relation to the skill position players. Adam Gase just mentioned how the return to health of his offensive line has had such an impact on the Dolphins recent success. The Ravens went on a losing streak when their already thin offensive line had a couple players miss games due to injury.

  3. Flacco wants people to think he is good and cool. He is niether. He is basically Jay Cutler of the AFC. Ravens are the worst excuse for a team in the NFL.

  4. Why is he taking the blame for only this year? If he was honest about it, he would have admitted his greediness has been causing the Ravens to struggle since 2012, when they started to usher talent out the door in order to pay for Flacco’s contract.

  5. NFL teams go as their offensive lines go, this team is no different.
    always makes me laugh about how overpaid people say he is, but every qb’s contract since his has been for more money…qb’s are just overpaid…Brock Osweiler and Ryan Tannehill, Sam Bradford, Kirk Cousins….perfect examples all make more than Flacco

  6. steelerfanjo says:
    Oct 26, 2016 3:05 PM

    Flacco wants people to think he is good and cool. He is niether. He is basically Jay Cutler of the AFC. Ravens are the worst excuse for a team in the NFL.


    Because, you know, Cleveland is such a dynamic franchise and all…..

  7. Yes, we know Joe. But I seem recall that the Patriots haven’t always had a decent oline with TB and that offense kept clicking. With the high contract, Joe’s fundamentals and his ability to audible hasn’t improved over the years. Hmmmn?

  8. The front office failed here. They let go of Osemele after drafting Stanley. They made Stanley a starter from day one, with no time to adjust to the NFL game. Yanda probably got injured from doing too much. There is no quality depth behind them on the roster. And they are supposed to protecting a QB that just came off an ACL/MCL injury. How stupid can a franchise be?

    Time for Ozzie to retire and let Eric DeCosta take over. The game has changed and Ozzie hasn’t. Love you bro. You helped bring B-More 2 Championships, but this town can’t settle for anything less the best.

  9. I have been thinking about this a lot. Did Ozzie honestly forget how to draft in 2009? Or could it have something to do with the coaching staff and their decisions and recommendations from that point forward?
    Im not saying some of it doesnt fall on Ozzie but Im leaning more and more to Harbs being a cause for problems we are seeing. I think he is a good coach, but one who doesnt like being challenged by players.

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