Sheldon Adelson playing hardball with Raiders over Las Vegas

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Raiders owner Mark Davis seems intent on moving his NFL team to Las Vegas. But despite a deal to secure public financing for a new stadium in Sin City, Davis may be running into a sizable road block that could scuttle chances of bringing the Raiders to town.

According to Ari Rabinovitch of Reuters, casino owner Sheldon Adelson said he’s willing to walk away from the commitment to the Raiders unless he’s able to secure better terms on a deal with the franchise.

They want so much,” Adelson said. “So I told my people, ‘Tell them I could live with the deal, I could live without the deal. Here’s the way it’s gonna go down. If they don’t want it, bye-bye.”

Adelson has played a significant role in getting legislation passed to raise $750 million in public money for the construction of a new stadium in Las Vegas. Additionally, he’s pledged $650 million of his own funds to the project.

Davis has spoken glowingly about Las Vegas. He’s referred to the city as the “new home for the entire Raider Nation”  and lamented Oakland’s inability to provide a successor venue to the Oakland Coliseum. However, the path to southern Nevada may not be as free and clear as he once hoped.

41 responses to “Sheldon Adelson playing hardball with Raiders over Las Vegas

  1. What he wants is part of the team and Mark don’t want to sell or trade. We’ll see… we’ll see who cracks first.

    Maybe Steve Wynn steps up to the plate. It’s not like it’s a lot of $$$ to some of the world’s richest.

  2. Wait! I thought this deal was done? LOL Mark Davis. This is why the NFL is working with Oakland officials, Ronnie Lott, and Fortress financial. #stayinoakland

  3. I was convinced the Carson project was going to go through. My pops kept telling me “the Raiders aren’t going anywhere son” .. I thought he was delusional. He’s an old school East Bay Raider booster.. when word of the Vegas deal started to leak, I remembered the old man’s words.. It seems Timer knew a thing or two.

  4. Just sell baby! Marky D dont have a clue in dealing with the business mogols the type of Adelson. Al Davis could have pulled this off. He was feared revered as the godfather of the NFL. Marky D? Not so much He is a cupcake, a bend over shadow boy. Unlikely the Raiders are going to Vegas. Just sayin”

  5. Will the real slim shady please stand up? Who is Sheldon Adelson and why does he seem to have so much power?
    BrB, I have an Arab woman that wants to date me.

  6. How can this stadium cost $1.4B?

    Heinz Field cost $280M and there are bathrooms in every suite (unlike MetLife).

  7. Is not that the Raiders want so much as it is the fact that Sheldon Adelson doesn’t want to give. This is the same guy that funded lobbyist against online gambling so it doesn’t hurt his Empire. Sheldon is just more rot in a sea of crooks

  8. I stand by my words…i have said for 3 years Raiders are not going anywhere..I said that again before the LA vote as the Rams got the vote anyways..NFL wants the Raiders in Oakland..the 49ers brand new stadium is always empty and how do I know that my Uncle has been to like 6 or 7 games and 5 times it was half empty and the other 2 times the Cowboys had more fans in that place….Raiders are staying put …even if they moved i still love my team but im just being real…all the media talks about is vegas because they hate talking about Raiders in 1rst place….only when they lose then during the week they talk about the Raiders..and im serious thats the truth..

  9. He’s not allowed to get a piece the team, being a casino owner, so obviously it’s about lease terms, concessions, parking, naming rights, etc., whatever one needs to make a profit off an investment of $650 million. Until now Davis thought that all the funding was meant as a housewarming gift.

  10. Tommy Boy wants a free stadium with no strings attached and fails to realize that if other billionaires are going to fork over that kind of dough then they expect a piece of the team too. They didn’t get filthy rich by being dumb. That stubborn ignorance led his dad to ruin a once proud franchise by turning it into the NFL’s laughing stock.

  11. Mark Davis isn’t as business savy as he thought. By gloating about moving to Las Vegas, he significantly hurt his ties to Oakland. All that did is hand all the leverage to Mr. Adelson.

  12. Mark Davis didnt know what he was getting into with the move to Las Vegas issue. Davis is a guppie trying to swim among the sharks. Nice try Davis.

  13. Just what the sport needs. Billionaires letting their fragile ego’s get the best of them. I know how this ends. I’ve seen it before and I’ll see it again and again. The working class will end up paying the difference so this thing can move forwards. It’s become the standard for how big business is done in America today. Both the upper class and lower class hold the middle class hostage for ransom. We do all the work and pay all the taxes and get nothing in return for it. Heck we come back and ask for more.

    Thank you sir may I have another!

  14. Am I the only Raider fan GLAD there is another option but hoping that it forces SOMEHOW the hand of Oakland into look for a way for the Raiders to stay?

  15. No doubt that Adelson wants a share in ownership of the Raiders and Son-of-Al doesn’t want to risk losing managing control of his inherited toy. Since Son-of-Al has never worked a day in his life and consequentially has no business acumen, he was therefore of course naive in thinking that he could get a free ride on a stadium without giving up something.

    Son-of-Al will no doubt take his self-pity act back to the gullible elements of the fanbase but this Raider fan certainly doesn’t feel at all bad for him. Floyd Kephart offered him a fair deal on a new stadium in Oakland (which would’ve involved acquisition of a portion of the team) and was refused. Being a petulant, spoiled child won’t get Son-of-Al anywhere but it seems he refuses to learn.

  16. What is it that the Raiders want that is causing Adelson to go public with this?

    I’d think the Raiders would be THRILLED to get his help in getting 1.3 BILLION in funding. With that, plus PSL revenue, maybe the stadium would be built at no cost to the Raiders.

  17. I hope this deal falls apart.

    The league makes billions from its normal operations.

    Now it makes billions more from its shadow ownership of the daily fantasy gambling sites.

    Yet they still want to extort their buildings from the taxpayers. No city or state should ever give the league another penny ever.

  18. “Al Davis could have pulled this off. He was feared revered as the godfather of the NFL.”

    Ahhh, read Amy Trask’s book, clearly Al was more a pain in the ass than a feared Godfather.

  19. This is old news. If anybody bothered reading the yahoo interview by Adelson a few weeks ago you would know he wants equity in the team. The owners would approve Vegas but not if Adelson is part of the ownership.

    A new stadium in Oakland is closer than most think.

  20. ” Here’s the way it’s gonna go down. If they don’t want it, bye-bye.”

    Doesn’t sound like much negotiation there.

    Although with those strong arm tactics Adeleson would be the perfect Raider owner. First he’ll bully Mark Davis, then He’ll bully the rest of the NFL owners and manipulate the whole league to put the Raiders on top.

    Besides the fact that Las Vegas is a terrible NFL city and won’t be able to sustain an NFL team for more than 10-15 years, the Raiders being in that region will compromise the Los Angeles and Phoenix markets, and perception wise will compromise the integrity of the league having a team in Sin City the MECCA OF GAMBLING and CURRUPTION, and my squad going from a storied franchise rich in tradition to a glorified tourist attraction to bring gamblers to the city….I’m starting to warm up to this Las Vegas Raiders deal. Adelson negotiates and alters deals like Darth Vader. He’ll be like Al Davis(RIP) part II.

  21. This is really why the NFL doesn’t want the Raiders, especially with their by NFL standards poor owner, in Vegas. He would be strong armed by anyone he needed to go to for any kind of financial help because the casino bosses run that state. That and the fact that Vegas is a poorer, working class market with a transient population in comparison to the Bay Area, which is one of the country’s most affluent.

  22. i betcha Sheldon gave a whole lot more than 650 million dollars to various republicans this election season including the doanld..chump change to him….

    with that said based on his comments if I was Mark Davis , I would be knocking on James Murren door today. Easy solution. Besides the site they have selected is accross from Mandalay Bay, and close to City Center, MGM Grand, Luxur , Excalibur, etc……could see it now….MGM properties seats and boxes are located between the 30 yard lines, while the Venetian, and Sands get the endzone and nose bleeds.

  23. They could work out a deal easily. Mark Davis gets the revenue from idea games, Adelson gets non-Raider revenue. If Taylor Swift or Katie Perry play at the new stadium, Adelson would get the revenue.

    The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. In reality, they should move after this season and play at Sam Boyd Stadium for a couple of years.

  24. Oh No, Not again, will the Raiders ever get a new stadium ???I thought the deal between Davis and Adelson was done before Nevada approved, if that’s not the case, then I’d rather Mark give up some interest in the team to Ronnie Lott over Adelson.
    Unfortunately for Mark, he doesn’t have the clout or cash to get this done on his own, he needs a partner, and he’s going to have to give up something, or succumb to sharing with the Niners, which would be a bad deal for the Raiders also.
    Sadly, it might be time for Mark and the Davis family to sell.
    I applaud Mark for his fight and determination on behalf of the Raiders. And I really root for him to succeed, he’s like the blue collar guy going up against the moguls.
    But Mark, his family and The Raiders might be better off if Mark drops a hint he may look to sell. I think it would set off a frenzy of money coming out of the woodwork to bid on the Raiders.
    As much as it pains me to say so, it may be time, and be the best for the Davis family and the Raiders for a sell to take place.

  25. Poor Marky D. He couldn’t see this coming?? Any ties with Vegas will come with a big price and that will include majority ownership. Sorry Mark, you are my favorite owner, but nobody takes you seriously. Get a new lettuce cut!

  26. There is a real market in southern Nevada. Mark Davis sees that. Las Vegas is where the Raiders are headed. Mark Davis isn’t wasting his time of the Lott group’s offer. A mega palace is going to be built for him in the desert

  27. The Chargers are in danger of moving. On November 8, voters will decide on an increase to the hotel tax to partially fund a new stadium and expanded convention center. The measure has to pass by two thirds or more to move forward. If the referendum fails, look for Spanos to move the team to STL, San Antonio, or Los Angeles. Los Angeles would be the most likely scenario.

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