Bowles gets testy when pressed on Hackenberg and Petty


The Jets will start Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback on Sunday, but they’re declining to say whether Christian Hackenberg or Bryce Petty is the No. 2 quarterback. And coach Todd Bowles is tired of being asked about it.

Asked by reporters today if Hackenberg or Petty would be next in line should Fitzpatrick go down, Bowles refused to answer.

“No offense, but if I’m not going to tell you who it is, why are we having this discussion? It’s really a waste of time,” Bowles said. “I’m not going to tell you anything. It’s not open for discussion. Guys, let it ride.”

When he got a follow-up to that question, Bowles wasn’t in the mood to answer.

“Can we move on from here? Let’s move on please. It’s not happening,” Bowles said.

Bowles did say that both players practiced well this week, and that Hackenberg has gained ground on Petty because Petty missed several weeks of practice with an injury.

“They looked fine. Both of them are ready to play,” Bowles said. “Before the injury, they weren’t on equal footing. Petty was clearly ahead of him. He’s been hurt for a month, so the other guy got a lot of reps.”

Whether those reps are enough to move Hackenberg ahead of Petty, we don’t yet know. The Jets would prefer not to find out, as they’re sticking with Fitzpatrick for now. Eventually, however, the Jets are likely to fall out of playoff contention and decide to see what one of the young guys can do. And that’s when Bowles will have to say for certain which of the young guys is next in line.

29 responses to “Bowles gets testy when pressed on Hackenberg and Petty

  1. Of course, if the Hoodie did this, we’d see how he owes the media an apology for being a bully. Or maybe the media can just drop a subject when someone makes it clear they are not willing and/or able to discuss it.

  2. And they play mighty Cleveland and Fitzpatrick will be a Hero again. LOL. Tod Bowles will be the savior that turned things around and Brandon Marshal will rave about how big the Fitzpatrick boat is.

  3. thun5der says:
    Oct 28, 2016 3:24 PM

    hahaha, the Jets, doormats of the NFL


    I do believe that honor lies with their opponent this week. Or possibly in Santa Clara.

  4. Not that I care the JUNK JETS should start Petty or Hackenberg to see what they got in a QB!!! Hopefully Fitz sucks so bad they have to start one of the kids!!! GO FINS!!!

  5. He doesnt want to talk about it, its gotta be Petty but well see who is active on Sunday. Let it go, he wants them to actually compete for the #2 job so he isnt going to announce a winner until game time, the media is so annoying.

  6. Don’t worry Fitzpatrick. You’ll be a starter in Cleveland for a few games next year. Then you’ll get replaced by their first round draft pick, then you’ll come back in Weeks 13-15 when he’s a bust. Then you’ll get hurt and they’ll throw around Josh Johnson or whoever their 3rd string QB is for the last two games.

  7. Does it matter?

    Does anyone really care?

    The jetties are a bad team…and have been a bad team for a long time…coming up on 50 years now.

    I find it hilarious….that they STOLE Revis back from Patriots…and his salary made them even worse….

  8. you would be testy too if you had ryan fitzinterception as your starter and pitty and hackathrow as your backups. is it posible that the jets could finish behind the bills AND the dolphins in the afc least??

  9. I feel bad for Bowles … Jets management really blew the teams QB situation and all Bowles has is a hot mess at the QB position.

  10. I actually like Bowles and thought he was a good hire….and the reality is that he will probably be coaching to save his job next season.

  11. I know 2 things in life.

    1 – We are all gonna die.

    2 – Cleveland is that turd you cannot flush.

  12. The Jets have a brutal schedule compared with last season and it was particularly tough out of the gate. They just won the first of 4 winnable games in a row and if they take the next 3 will be at 5-5 headed towards a 7-9 to 9-7 record. Against that schedule that’s not too shabby. Pats fan here but can’t help but feel the Jets may finally have found a keeper at HC, of course they’re still owned by Woody so we have that going for us

  13. myopinionisrighterthanyours says:
    Oct 28, 2016 3:19 PM

    Of course, if the Hoodie did this, we’d see how he owes the media an apology for being a bully. Or maybe the media can just drop a subject when someone makes it clear they are not willing and/or able to discuss it.

    He does do it and life goes on, quit trying to have a pity party.

  14. The Media should band together and all of them keep asking him the same question over and over until he loses his mind and attacks somebody with the microphone.

  15. I have no confidence in the Jets’ decision makers when I see Christian Hackenberg is even on their roster. He wasn’t even a good college QB. Petty should be given a chance because he shows some NFL ability, but Hackenberg does not. Geno Smith has the ability to be a second or third stringer, same as Fitzpatrick. I don’t blame Bowles for getting testy. He probably has no idea about QBs.

  16. There really isn’t much of a reason to ask the question in the first place, as neither one of them is going to play barring a Fitzpatrick injury. Even another 6-pick performance isn’t likely to cause Bowles to want to turn to either of 2 completely untested backups. Petty and Hackenberg are both young, and maybe he’s trying to protect their potential excitement or disappointment until he talks to them first. But besides that… Bowles simply doesn’t have to answer that question if he doesn’t want to, or doesn’t know yet, or even just doesn’t feel like it. And if he already said he’s not going to respond to it, politely, don’t disrespect the man and try to ask it again in another way.

  17. I like Todd Bowles. But he seems to be over his head as a head coach. He made a gigantic, yuuuuge mistake resigning Fitzpatrick and making him the starter. Fitz is a backup and nothing else. He should have gone young and taken his lumps early. Instead he still took the lumps and is stuck with the same old eyesore at QB. IMO, if he doesn’t get off his stubborn horse with Fitzpatrick and at least take a look at Petty and Hackenberg in the remainder of their games this season, he’s toast by December. He’s not helping himself by digging in with Fitzpatrick. And he needed to tell Brandon Marshall to zip it and just play hard many games ago. Regardless of who was the QB.

  18. It’s a no brainer, It’ll be Petty. Hackenberg looked like crap when they put him in a preseason game. The thing I don’t understand is why is Bowles making a secret out of it. God knows the Jets don’t need anymore negatives about them.

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