Jaguars promote Nathaniel Hackett to offensive coordinator

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Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles has been the subject of significant scrutiny for appearing to regress this season, but his position coach is now getting a promotion.

The Jaguars have announced that they promoted Nathaniel Hackett from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator, replacing Greg Olson, who was fired as offensive coordinator today.

It’s understandable that Olson was fired, given the Jaguars’ offensive production, or lack thereof, this season. But promoting Hackett seems odd, given that the lack of production has been in large part because Bortles hasn’t played well.

Hackett, the son of former NFL coach Paul Hackett, previously spent two seasons as the offensive coordinator of the Bills and two seasons before that as the offensive coordinator at Syracuse.

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  1. Maybe their “thinking” is getting Hackett away from Bortles will be an improvement as he’s a better “schemer” than coach? Not that I think it’s true and he’ll be looking for a job along with the rest of the staff come next year anyway.

  2. I figured he must be the son of comedian Buddy Hackett, considering what a joke the Jags offense is.

  3. Greg Olson gets head coaches fired everywhere he goes. What head coach would do their research and hire him. Im telling you. If I were an NFL owner I would have a Human Resources dept full of knowledgeable football coaching analysts who do nothing all day but scout and recruit coaching talent. No way would I leave the coaching hires to a head coach.

    I’ve seen Jimmy Raye, Gregg Knapp, Chudzinski, Wink Martindale, Dennis Allen, Rob Ryan, etc get hired to coordinator positions. The majority of NFL head coaches simply don’t know how to hire coaches. Only the Harbaughs, Belichicks, and Pete Carrolls know how to hire a coaching staff.

  4. As a Bills fan a will be very curious to see what Hackett looks like calling plays for the Jags. His offense was terrible with the Bills. It was nowhe near an NFL level offense. It got to the point where the TV announcers were able to easily predict the next play call. Run, run, pass. Run, run, pass. And they would use certain players for run plays and for pass plays, so you could tell if it was a run or a pass by the personnel they brought onto the field.

    There were some string suggestions by a couple Bills players that it was Doug Marrone holding Hackett back and forcing him to be so basic, though. So it will be interesting to see if that indeed was the case. I have a feeling it was. Hackett was touted as some type of offensive innovator when he was hired.
    Also, to be fair, the Bills had some pretty mediocre QB play in his time there. The offense did look a bit better the short amount of time Kyle Orton was QB (or at least during his first 4-5 games anyway).

  5. Wow, I can understand firing the O Coordinator but promoting the guy who is making Bortles worse is laughable. As QB Coach Hackett was directly responsible for Bortles demise. The offensive line is pathetic and guess who is responsible for that – Doug Marrone. This move is a joke. I am from the Buffalo area and we had Doug “The Quitter” as the head coach and his little buddy Nathaniel “Can’t Hack it” Hackett as offensive coordinator.Doug Marrone is very arrogant and could not get along with anybody. Marrone was supposed to be an offensive guru. The truth of the matter is the only reason they went 9-7 was the Defense under Jim Schwartz. The offense under Marrone and Hackett was last in the NFL. You poor Jacksonville fans are in for a very rough ride as long as these 2 incompetent coaches are in place.

  6. At this point, I’m in favor of the Jags forgetting football altogether, and opening their own House of Horrors just in time for halloween.

  7. Yawn – this franchise is only relevant as the object of Roger Fans Go-to- hell’s wet dreams about a London team no one else wants

  8. Hackett’s daddy was terrible as well…
    ..would never hire a coordinator who coached on the same side as the successful head coach..(Quinn and Bradley coached “D”
    In Seattle…Carrols’s side of the ball)

  9. dbb508 says:
    Oct 29, 2016 2:57 PM

    Wow, I can understand firing the O Coordinator but promoting the guy who is making Bortles worse is laughable.

    Maybe they drew straws and he got the short straw. Who else would you promote from the offensive side of the ball? They had to choose someone even though every group on the offensive side of the ball is pathetic which means every coach on the offensive side of the ball is pathetic.

    They do have some talent. They just aren’t playing up to their level of talent. Some of that is effort. Some of that is the GM overestimated how much talent they had. That offensive line is a disgrace. Until they get that fixed they’ll never do anything on offense. I doubt if any of those guys on the offensive line would start on any other NFL team.

  10. Funny thing is… they still have a realistic shot to win the division.

    How can one division be so bad for so long?

  11. I can only view promoting Hackett to OC as a give up move.
    Horrible OC when with the Bills a few years ago.
    Bortles went from a decent QB to horrible.
    Jags and Browns in a heated battle with Bears and 49ers for that 2017 Draft #1 pick.

  12. Don’t get too down jags, you still have your annual Superbowl against the Colts coming up. Did you have a downtown parade celebrating the first win? Maybe you can give out trophies if you win in Naptown.

  13. Why did Bradley bring Olson back to Jacksonville then??? Olson was here with Mularkey in 2012 and I want to say he was even in Jax during 2013. Nathaniel Hackett is a good O mind but why even bring Olson back then??

  14. I still like the new owner, Kahn. That stache is awesome. No telling what cards that guy has up his sleeve. The Jags future could be interesting.

  15. I feel sorry for the Jags. Buddy Hackett is horrendous as an offensive coordinator.

    I can see that Marrones priming to become the next coach. Good luck Jacksonville with that clown. Saint Doug and his boy Hackett are gaining control.

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