Santa Clara threatens to take over management of Levi’s Stadium

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The 49ers’ bad year on the field could become even worse off it.

Via NBC Bay Area, the mayor of Santa Clara has threatened to seize control of Levi’s Stadium if the team doesn’t comply with contractual obligations to disclose budgetary information regarding the venue.

“We have to stop the bleeding of the General Fund money into the stadium. It’s against the law,” Mayor Lisa Gillmore said. “If they don’t cure the breach, we are going to take steps to take back management of the stadium.”

The lack of documentation prevents the powers-that-be from determining their cut of any non-NFL activities at the stadium, and to assess whether taxpayer money has been used improperly for football-related expenses, such as field maintenance. An independent auditor told NBC Bay Area that it is possible the field has been reseeded multiple times with public funds.

The 49ers said in a statement issued to NBC Bay Area that the requested information will be provided to the auditor on Monday. It’s unclear whether the team provided an explanation for the failure to make the data available earlier.

59 responses to “Santa Clara threatens to take over management of Levi’s Stadium

  1. Not providing information, eh? Sort of what we get from our presidential candidates.

  2. The Raiders should have moved into Levi’s. It’s so silly that they instead want to build their own stadium elsewhere. Levi’s is actually closer to Oakland than San Francisco.

  3. That stadium was built off the fan base and local government’s visions and expectations of Jim Harbaugh and winning seasons.

    After the stadium was built the Yorks abruptly pulled the high priced elite high paid coach and staff, and switched back to the low budget losers they were before the Harbaugh era.

    The Bait and Switch….in the words of Jed York – hold him directly responsible and don’t show up to games.

  4. I have a buddy that “married up” into the same Bay Area/Napa circles that York runs in. I’ve met him twice, once at the wedding and once at a fundraiser, he is in every sense what you expect. Born on second, thinks he hit a triple. He’ll take a once great franchise down and blame everyone but himself.

  5. Watching Bucs vs Niners on TV last week…man, the whole ball club out there is a joke. Who in their right mind builds a brand new stadium that looks like an old defunct multi-use ball park? And who not only has but highlights a concession called “Vegan Dog”? Thanks for laughs…from Kap to the whole place he plays…big joke.

  6. I think the Raiders should indeed share Levi’s stadium. That would solve the alleged traffic jam problem since no on goes to Raiders games anyway.

  7. milkcan44 says:
    Oct 29, 2016 10:05 PM
    If DeBartolo still running the club, that mayor might have broken knees.


    I don’t think they would take a knee over that. Certainly not from the mayor.

  8. reptar310 says:
    Oct 29, 2016 9:57 PM

    The Raiders should have moved into Levi’s. It’s so silly that they instead want to build their own stadium elsewhere. Levi’s is actually closer to Oakland than San Francisco.


    You don’t know what you are talking about.
    Levi’s stadium is in Santa Clara. Which is 42.5 miles from Oakland. San Fransisco is 8 miles from Oakland.

  9. You can’t blame them if they are putting a Kaep on the General Fund. The team is going to need to come on blended knee uf they want the city to continue to bail them out

  10. This is every stadium situation that is publicly funded. Taxpayers fund it, politicians and team owners enjoy all the benefits.

  11. “Levi’s is actually closer to Oakland than San Francisco.”

    heard this on the radio too, totally false

  12. Makes me sad because I’ve loved watching 49ers football since 1992. Even during the Erickson/Nolan/Singletary years. But I don’t recognize this. It’s turned into something else. They sold their soul when they tore down Candlestick. Glad we didn’t buy PSLs or season tickets.

  13. Geez … no surprise there. Guess the only surprise is they’re standing up to them.

    No bigger football fan than me, watching since the 50s … BUT, I voted against this stadium & the 49ers are bleeding Santa Clara white … we lose money off NFL. I pay for it all with my taxes here, as they neglect city needs.

    Also, recently fired the mayor & city manager for crookedness (details witheld from us local peons) … so this is all new people. I say squeeze them as they tore down the stick … they can go up to Oakland with the backed up toilets .. or maybe Vegas!!

    Still love the NFL … just pitch them out & go far away from me & my wallet.

  14. Lets not make any mistake about this issue, it all comes from the top. The pisspoor desgin of the stadium, the teams on field abilities, the on going “leaked information”, the crumbling of a once proud franchise… For all of this and so much more, Jed York IS responsible!!

  15. Not a vegan or a fan of the vegan dog, but guess which city’s MLB park regularly gets honors for the best vegan and veggie food? Philadelphia.

    Your city has them too, so stop pretending it’s a west coast thing.

  16. What do the Niners and Tony Bennett have in common? They both left their hearts in San Francisco. As soon as they left The City by the Bay for Santa Clara, this team and entire organization have gone downhill.

  17. Seahawk fan here…

    I feel sorry you Niner fans. Makes us appreciate the owner we have in Seattle.

    At least you guys got the Warriors… Sonics 🙁

  18. Chalk one up for liberals in the SF City Hall. Anyone still griping about the city refusing to spend taxpayer dollars on a stadium for the Niners? Obviously that was the right call.

    Funny how taxpayers in Nevada didn’t get to vote on that new stadium for their non-existent NFL franchise. Nevada’s politicians weren’t willing to risk a no vote. $750M is a lot of money to track (and misplace). Can’t let voters jeopardize the fate of all that cash.

  19. I feel bad for all the niners “faithful”. You know, the ones that come on here with insightful well thought out points an observations. I mean, I’ve never actually seen one but I assume they’re out there. As for ctiggs, niners816 and the rest of you tool sheds. You got exactly what you deserve as a football team and franchise. Run by a bunch of incompetent blowhards just like yourselves. Spouting how great you are yet having no evidence to support it. Everyone has it better than you and will for a long, long time. You deserve York. You deserve Baalke. And you deserve Kaperchoke. Those guys deserve you as a terrible fan base too. It’s a perfect match.

  20. The turning point for them nationally televised 42-13 beatdown my Seahawks put on them that set the downward spiral in motion. After that they lost the superbowl, then The division and everything else after that. Now, here they are.

  21. Doesn’t matter who the fans in the seats cheer for.
    The York’s are laughing all the way to the bank since they have a 10 year commitment on the PSL’s they sold to the people who believed Jed.

    Show up or don’t show up they still are making money. $50 for a parking pass .47 cents per ounce of beer, for the cheap tap swill, all the way up to $75 for 25oz of some fancy suds in one of the upscale restaurants at the stadium.

    Voted the worst owners in all major sports. I hope the York’s get taken to court and lose some day soon for some scandal they created so the fans can get an owner that cares at least a little about winning again. No fan deserves this mess.

  22. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the Bourbon Steak & Pub at Levi’s Stadium which has an 8 ounce Japanese rib cap steak for $336. Talk about printing your own money. Can you say ripoff?

  23. I don’t even know what to make of your reply, it doesn’t make sense on multiple levels, and Oakland is indeed closer to Levi’s than San Francisco by several miles.


    therealraider says:
    Oct 29, 2016 10:27 PM
    reptar310 says:
    Oct 29, 2016 9:57 PM

    The Raiders should have moved into Levi’s. It’s so silly that they instead want to build their own stadium elsewhere. Levi’s is actually closer to Oakland than San Francisco.


    You don’t know what you are talking about.
    Levi’s stadium is in Santa Clara. Which is 42.5 miles from Oakland. San Fransisco is 8 miles from Oakland.

  24. If Santa Clara came in and took over management of the TEAM, they could hire a monkey thats trained to throw darts at a board that would draft better than Trent Baalke.

  25. It takes calculated effort to take a team from perennial Super Bowl contender to having a potential head coach pass on an offer to coach in Cleveland instead.

    Jed York is a crook. There’s no other way to explain how this organization fails at absolutely everything.

  26. I know everybody likes to rag on Jerry Jones ( and in many cases, deservedly so) but his partnership with Arlington, TX has been an absolute bonanza for both the Cowboys and the city. The city tax revenues have exploded due to events at the stadium and they’re (Arlington) minimal investment, relatively speaking, will be paid off years earlier than expected. AT&T Stadium cannot be described as anything other than a win-win proposition for the city and the Cowboys.

  27. I am angry frustrated , and disgusted at the direction this team is going. I’ve been a fan since 84, and I’m taking the good with the bad as any normal fan would. However, the thing that is most disturbing to me is the fact that, this team isn’t competitive at all. Even the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars are competing at a higher level than we are. And when I say competing, that means, they’re losing, but at least they’re not getting blown out by 30 points every week. Even in the pre harbaugh days, we had some semblance of a defense.I want Baalke fired too, but the thing I want the most, is a competent coaching staff. Remember, we had a losing team, and Jim Came with great coaching, and elevated the team’s overall performance. Maybe another great coach could come in and do the same.

  28. They should be contracted as a franchise once the new attendance numbers shrink the league in 5 years.

  29. For a 2 year old stadium, it looks and feels like a cheapo stadium. California costs made it $1B almost. Not quality.

  30. It’s what happens when public funds are committed to private sports teams. Never should happen.

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