49ers fire back at “false and irresponsible” claims from Santa Clara mayor

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The 49ers provided a fairly basic statement to NBC Bay Area in connection with the story regarding a threat from Santa Clara’s mayor to take control of Levi’s Stadium. In response to the PFT item regarding the NBC Bay Area story, the 49ers have issued a much more pointed and aggressive reply.

“The Mayor’s accusations that money is going from the City’s General Fund into the stadium are false and irresponsible,” the 49ers said in a statement provided to PFT. “As the Mayor surely knows, since she voted for the agreements, the stadium does not use General Fund money. In fact, funds are flowing into the General Fund from the stadium. The 49ers Stadium Management Company has generated over $5.5 million for the City’s General Fund over the last two years, plus an additional $2 million in fees to the City. On top of that, another $2 million has also gone to the Discretionary Fund.”

The suddenly-ugly fight apparently traces to politics. With a local election upcoming, the belief (as one source explained it to PFT) is that Mayor Lisa Gillmor hopes that attacks on the team will prop up her preferred slate of anti-49ers candidates. A $200,000 independent audit also is believed to be part of that effort.

“The successful management of Levi’s Stadium by the 49ers Stadium Management Company has allowed the Santa Clara Stadium Authority to reduce its outstanding debt by over $200 million since opening, and fund over $16 million in cash reserves,” the 49ers added in the statement issued to PFT. “Those figures do not even include the significant increase in sales and hotel tax revenues generated by the stadium, hotels and other local businesses that will contribute to the Santa Clara General Fund on an annual basis as a direct result of the ongoing operation of Levi’s Stadium.”

The 49ers told NBC Bay Area that they will be providing information requested by the auditor on Monday. That should result in the truth coming out, eventually.

Of course, the goal may be to keep the truth under wraps until Tuesday, November 8 comes and goes. When elections are looming, truth routinely takes a backseat to political agendas. And with local elections capable of being every bit as nasty as national ones, it would hardly be a shock to learn that reality is being distorted to help secure votes.

38 responses to “49ers fire back at “false and irresponsible” claims from Santa Clara mayor

  1. Goodell should donate a significant portion of his yearly $30-40 million compensation to help take the pressure off hurting communities forced to subsidize billionaires’ stadiums

  2. An “anti-49ers slate”? We’ve heard thar Trent Baalke is a bit contrarian, but that seems a bit far.

  3. Bigger question here: What has gone right with the SF 49ers since the move to Santa Clara? Poor play, bad grass, bad traffic, bad relations with the city, bad relations with fans, empty seats and a GM who has consistently whiffed on draft picks.

    Dumpster fire personified.

  4. Politicians, possibly the only people who are more dubious in office than Roger Goodell!

  5. 49ers have major problems. Kaepernick is a big distraction. Now a beef with the mayor in the middle of football season. Im ok with them getting phased out of the NFL. They are worse for the NFL than Detroits 0-16 season. Detroits 0-16 season didnt drop NFL ratings. Think about that for a while Goodell, now go do your job

  6. “‘Of course, the goal may be to keep the truth under wraps until Tuesday, November 8 comes and goes. When elections are looming, truth routinely takes a backseat to political agendas.”
    Good job, Florio! Truer words have never been spoken…..

  7. The 49ers are the ones who broke the contract. The day they broke ground on the stadium, Jim Harbaugh was there along with an array of exciting, and talented young players that were destined to win at least one, if not multiple championships. Santa Clara thought they were getting the makings of yet another great dynasty in their city.

    Flash forward just a few short years later. Harbaugh fired. All but two of those great players gone – with one and IR and one on the trading block. Management is a comedy of errors. The on-field product, the laughing stock of the league.

    So if there is an anti-49ers sentiment going in Santa Clara, it might have started with the tax paying issue, but all the team has done is fan the flames by descending into disgrace.

    The stadium can host all the Wrestlemanas, Taylor Swift concerts, College Bowl games, and even Super Bowls it wants. However what that city wants — all they ever wanted — was a winning 49ers team with a bright and shining future that would be the toast of the league.

    Instead they got hosed, and now they’ve got twice as much reason to attack the team in the political arena. There will always be people fighting these public stadium funds no matter what, but I promise you, if Jed York had not recklessly blown everything Jim Harbaugh built up, this would not be as loud an issue as it is.

  8. Well if that’s the case they want to put a Kaep on this story. Otherwise fans will buy even less tickets making them need more money. It will drive things in a circle until they will be forced to beg on blended knee for any fan or public support. It could force them to move to Las Vegas for a fresh start.

  9. I remember as a kid when the 49ers were the gold standard of organizations. They beat everyone to a pulp. As good on defense as they were on offense. I remember the Dallas/San Fran as some of the most enjoyable brand of football. Now what are the Niners?
    Quickly becoming the Cleveland Browns of the NFC.

    Jed York is obviously just another owner who’s only qualification was being born.

  10. This year is a great chance for everyone to take their kids, and people who generally don’t rate when it comes to a real game. Home tickets are going for $35. Everyone can see for themselves what $1B gets you in CA — Not much. its a skin of a stadium with large ports for in and out access, that’s about it. Oh it has Wifi!!!!!!!!!! Forgot that incredible fact.

    Next year the pain will really set in.

  11. The NFL has been lying to the city and stealing money to maintain the field if not a whole lot more, that’s what I take from this.

    Time to put Goodell and his cronies in jail for fraud and conspiracy if nothing else, but there’s likely a lot more underneath that. Corruption runs deep in the NFL these days.

  12. That’s not a very nice way to put a headline. Any 49ers fan is going to get excited when they see “fire” in anything.. Then you see it’s not Baalke… Great… Thanks.

  13. Have you given them all the information that you’re required to in the contract? If not, is there a clause allowing them to take control? Those are the only questions that you need to answer.

  14. anonymousnevermindfishdeath says:
    Oct 30, 2016 10:29 AM
    Let the Raiders play there and get another revenue stream

    The 49ers would NEVER want the Raiders to play there, the Raiders and their fans would take the place over and leave the 49ers looking like visitors in their own house.

  15. Raiders should move in. Change the seats to blue so they look like Levi’s Jeans and it’s neutral color. Add a Raiders themed restaurant and a couple of team shops. Let Mark have his big torch that can be converted into a Superb Trophy when the Niners use it. No need to move and build another stadium that sits there unused for over 300 days a year. Raiders can make Santa Clara their home that the Niners built for them. No relocation fee, no need to build new training facilities and headquarters. Raider brand belongs in California, Oakland or LA (sorry they have a big So Sal fanbases get over it Oaklanders) but Vegas, thats just waste.

  16. The team sends financial “facts” in a statement to PFT, but won’t send the required financial statements to the city at the required time??? Jed probably would have some lame excuse as to why.

  17. Colon Kaepernick is kneeling at the national anthem because he’s being told to do so to cause chaos protest violence riots so Obama can call Martial Law so can you tell me how the hell does the national anthem have to do with cops shooting black people the national anthem is not shooting black people you freaking imbeciles

  18. Mark Davis has to be grateful that the Casino mogul put that Vegas move to a halt so he can sort things out before things get even worse like it did for the 49ers..as Davis watches the 49ers try get out of this mess he should be happy without all the head aches that can happen just cause of greed..who knows maybe this is a sign the Raiders true home is Oakland and Davis will realize it

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