Best guess for Adrian Peterson? A return in December

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Since injuring a meniscus in Week Two against the Packers, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has largely been out of sight, out of mind.

That could be changing, in just a few weeks.

Eligible to return to action from Injured Reserve in Week 11 (November 20), the best guess from within the walls of the organization is that he’ll play again in December.

It’s unknown whether that means early December or late December, or somewhere in between. On the evening of December 1, the Vikings host the Cowboys on Thursday Night Football. Thereafter in December, the Vikings play the Jaguars in Jacksonville, the Colts at home, and the Packers in Green Bay.

Whenever he plays, Peterson definitely is making progress. He has been spotted in the team’s facility on a regular basis recently, as he rehabs a knee that was surgically repaired in September.

Although he was sputtering in the first two weeks of the season, Peterson’s presence opens up the offense because defenses continue to obsess over stopping him.

19 responses to “Best guess for Adrian Peterson? A return in December

  1. No thanks.. Norv cannot call plays with this guy on the field. Norv’s play calling is as big of a weakness as the oline.

    I’d rather have McKinnon.

  2. Hope he recovers, but unless our O-line improves, I doubt he’ll make too much difference in the run game.

  3. if peterson comes back, he better understand he is not the focal point anymore. and he better get ready to be involved in the passing game. and he better not fumble in critical moments.

  4. The first two games don’t really mean anything to be honest. The first game they had Hill, so obviously teams are going to concentrate on the wrong. Second game, he got injured early.

  5. Would it make sense to bring him back, and face further injury? Wouldn’t it make it easier to cut him in the off season that way?

  6. -TJAcks- Norv can’t call a game with Peterson, with out Peterson, his offenses the past 3 years, 28th, 31st and 32nd. That being said, McKinnon has done nothing to prove he’s a every down back, i’ll take AP back for the stretch run and see if this offense can get moving, lets not act like they are a any good with out AP right now

  7. but behind that o-line?

    they might be better served to bring Kalil off IR, but I’m sure his hip will keep him out til next years training camp with some other team.

  8. This last game was the first time they really missed him. The eagles were vulnerable to running attacks, Washington and Dallas both had success on them with that, but they didn’t even bother to respect the anemic vikings rushing game. Having him there for all those early red zone possessions would have likely made for a different game.

  9. aypeeswhippingstick says:

    Might as well add him to the cast of possibilities for whoever will ultimately choke it all away in January.

    I know that’s what you’re dreaming about, seeing as how your Packers look like they won’t be competing for a playoff spot this year.

  10. Despite the Packers losing AGAIN, yesterday, you have 3 moron Packer fans jumping in to a Vikings article.

    tjacks7 apeebrainpackerfan, & seanx40, you are losers.

  11. Peterson will come back just in time to yank the ball away, ala’ Charlie Brown…leaving the Vikings on their backs staring at the sky and asking “what if?”

    That’s what he does.

  12. Trust me… you want Adrian back if they are going to make a run. He should be fresh…

    I don’t care what anyone says, I’ll take the leagues best back of all time in December. Look at that schedule… he should be able to run wild! Jet is fantastic, but simply can’t stay healthy! Don’t want to have to rely on Hillman and Asiata in the playoffs…. C’MON!


  13. No one is running behind that O-line atm. We now have a passing game, and a rockstar defense but ironically that incredibly high salaried line is pretty bad for now. Please make that trade with the Browns happen…

  14. filthymcnasty3 says:
    Oct 31, 2016 3:39 PM
    Just in time for the Packers to take him out twice this year!
    Packers won’t make the playoffs this year.

    The Vikings will be resting their starters by the time the GB game rolls around.

    The next game means nothing to the Vikings.

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