Ezekiel Elliott’s ex-girlfriend is cooperating with NFL’s investigation

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As the NFL continues to investigate Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott for multiple potential violations of the Personal Conduct Policy arising from five allegations of domestic violence made by a former girlfriend arising from a six-day period in July, PFT has learned that one key witness is participating in the NFL’s effort.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Elliott’s ex-girlfriend is cooperating with the investigation.

In contrast, the ex-wife of Giants kicker Josh Brown declined to cooperate with the NFL’s investigation. That lack of cooperation ultimately was deemed to be one of the mitigating factors that prompted the league to deviate from its six-game baseline punishment for first-offense domestic violence.

PFT also has confirmed that the league has indeed interviewed Elliott. A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Elliott was interviewed roughly a month ago, and that the session lasted a little over an hour. Elliott was represented at the meeting by the NFL Players Association.

The Personal Conduct Policy contains no specific timetables or deadlines regarding the completion of an investigation or the issuance of discipline, subject to appeal. However, the post-Ray Rice revisions to the policy empower the Commissioner to suspend a player without pay if the investigation causes the Commissioner to believe that the player “may have violated” the prohibition against domestic violence, even if the player was never arrested or charged.

The policy contains no specific standards for preliminarily determining whether a player “may have violated” its terms. As it relates to an eventual finding of a violation of the policy, the NFL applies a “more likely than not standard.”

In this case, the question is simple: Do they believe Elliott or do they believe his ex-girlfriend? Ultimately, that question could hinge on whether other evidence pushes the needle in one direction or the other. Absent that type of external proof, the perceived credibility or lack thereof of the two main witnesses will go a long way toward resolving the case.

64 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott’s ex-girlfriend is cooperating with NFL’s investigation

  1. An HOUR for multiple allegations of DV? That is hardly enough to get all the details for ONE incident. The League is back to trying to cover it up.

    As a Cowboys fan this pains me, but time to put him on the Exempt list until this is done. And done RIGHT.

  2. Anybody who looked into this even a little bit knows she is fully of it and even admitted to Zeke that she’d lie to get him in trouble with the NFL. Non-story if it was any other running back.

  3. Will be interesting to see how much influence Jerry Jones will have on a favorable outcome for the Cowboys like John Mara did for the Giants.

  4. Shouldn’t a quick look at the texts of her asking her friend to lie and say she was with Zeke when she knew she wasn’t basically wrap all of this up?

  5. dreece13 says:
    Oct 30, 2016 7:45 PM
    Anybody who looked into this even a little bit knows she is fully of it and even admitted to Zeke that she’d lie to get him in trouble with the NFL. Non-story if it was any other running back.

    Oh come on every other running back. If this was any NFL player trust me it would be getting the same attention. We may more about the story because its Zeke but it would be a story regardless.

  6. Better suspend him. Once something is out there the guy is guilty until proven innocent.

    I’m appalled at how lenient the NFL is. They are the moral compass of the nation and should be doling out punishments like the supreme court.

    I get why ratings are down. This social media outrage era of the NFL is getting really annoying.

  7. didn’t these same cowgirl fans harp on and on about ray rice….right up until it is a player on MY team then all of a sudden it becomes ok. ray hit a woman and it took a while for the facts to come out….zeke hit a woman and it will take some time for the facts to come out. zeke out for at least 8 games!

  8. The difference between the ex-wife and ex-girlfriend is the ex-wife has more to lose (future income) and the ex-girlfriend just wants to get even for getting smacked around or looking for a payoff if it didn’t happen.

  9. So the police and investigators determined her story was bull crap but the NFL’s criminal minds will uncover something. What a freakin joke of a league. I despise the Patriots but now i see than Brady got railroaded

  10. Leave the “investigating” to law enforcement. If no charges were brought forth, then no issue exists.

    The NFL needs to get out of the sleuthing business.

  11. Kinda scary how many people are seemingly on board with this investigation…The man was cleared in the eyes of the law, does the NFL think it is above it?

  12. Not a Cowboys fan……… but shouldn’t her story carry more weight telling it under oath?

    In an interview she can say anything with no consequences.

  13. This is like the end of a movie where the cops show up AFTER everything has already transpired and the credits are a few frames from rolling.

  14. Is he playing tonight ?
    Josh Brown was lynched and Elliot is playing ?

    How can this be 5 charges of DV and this DB is still going to get paid tonight
    Trash a kicker but a big name gets away with it ?

  15. The NFL is not a Police Dept with power of arrest nor is it a Court of Law. They can not even define a catch and they get to write the rules on that,

  16. So Goodell covers for his good buddy Mara and then it backfires so to even things up, he goes after Mara’s rival…Goodell is a joke, look for him to be “retire” in the offseason when the owners get together and decide they can do better for the $44M a year the commissioner makes

  17. “.. Elliott was interviewed roughly a month ago, and that the session lasted a little over an hour.”

    how roughly? was he waterboarded?

  18. The Truth says:
    Oct 30, 2016 7:57 PM
    So the police and investigators determined her story was bull crap but the NFL’s criminal minds will uncover something. What a freakin joke of a league. I despise the Patriots but now i see than Brady got railroaded

    We tried to tell everyone that it wasn’t about psi in footballs. It was about leveraging a bad CBA into more control over players, especially when it comes to the NFL’s politically correct image manipulation. Brady fought the good fight, and some players knew it, but he was fighting alone. It became too risky for the team to continue the fight because it created the possibility of a January suspension were the courts to rule solely on the CBA language. It was no longer about psi, so he did what was best for the team. A lot of other players could have spoke up for Brady, like the Mannings and Rodgers, but they stayed silent. We tried to warn you when we said next time it will be “YOUR team.” Hate to say it but…..

    PS – How can anyone despise the Patriots? They always say and do the right thing, and they are run like a clock.

  19. So if the police interviewed her and she didn’t want to cooperate. why all of a sudden is she cooperating now? The police interviewed other witnesses and still declined to press charges. How can the NFL suspend him based on a ‘he said/she said’ situation?

    There really is no comparison to the Ray Rice case. He was dumb enough to do it and it was caught on video surveillance. There is no such surveillance, apparently, of this incident so I can’t see how the NFL could do anything about it and if they did Elliott would win on appeal.

  20. Either pay the women off for life, or suspend him for 6 games.

    You either committed domesticate violence or your didn’t, there is no grey area. If she is cooperating, where there is smoke there is usually fire.

  21. phinland says:
    Oct 30, 2016 8:01 PM
    Kinda scary how many people are seemingly on board with this investigation…The man was cleared in the eyes of the law, does the NFL think it is above it?
    Is that a trick question? Already illustrated that while the law requires proof, Goodell does not.

  22. Every game he plays in should be a forfeit

    I kicker was tarred and feathered no charges filed and he is out of the game unemployed
    Yet one of Jerry’s kids gets to play ?

    And you all bash the Mara family who sat him

  23. Bigbluefan was there texts from Josh Browns wife telling a friend to fabricate a story with her? No. That’s the difference here. There is proof Zeke’s ex was attempting to screw him over which is why you have the outrage from more than just Cowboys fans

  24. Did he do something wrong? Will he be punished?

    Note that in the NFL of The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person, Celebrity Commissioner (TM), the usual bridging “if so” doesn’t exist. These are entirely separate questions in RogerWorld. Not only does the punishment not fit the guidelines (Brown), there doesn’t have to be a clear-cut crime (Deflategate), there doesn’t have to be a crime at all (Bountygate), and it doesn’t have to fit the crime (Spygate, where The Great Himself, then on buddy terms with Bob Kraft, buried the evidence, and Ray Rice, where the evidence was in the league’s possession “but nobody watched it”).

    All that matters is that The Great Himself dishes out punishment as Himself sees fit. My suspicion is that Himself is using this as leverage against Jerry Jones, perhaps to get the influential Jones to oppose the Raiders’ move to Vegas.

    For the record–I loathe the Cowboys, the Pats, and Jerry Jones, but I loathe The Great Himself and what he’s done to a once-proud league more.

  25. The league office gets EVERY SINGLE investigation wrong. You just know they’ll manage to snatch a completely wrong decision out of the jaws of accuracy this time as well.

  26. The NFL should stay out of the investigation business. Leave it to the police. The only reason you do it is because you sold out to the media and the social media crowd. Way to ruin football.

  27. Nothing good will come from this. I can easily see him suspended due to the NFL blowing the Josh Brown case and having a massive over-reaction.

    On one hand you don’t want to dismiss concerns of the victim. On the other hand. if anyone makes an accusation against an NFL player, or worse tries to extort an NFL player, does that automatically mean moving forward they get a suspension for just an allegation of domestic violence?

    If so, then I plan to accuse Tom Brad of something soon. Prior to Jets Game.

  28. This is just the NFL trying to save face over the Josh Brown fallout pathetic domestic violence doesn’t mean anything to them. All evidence points to someone trying to screw him over for a pretty penny.

  29. Please. Please. Please. Start administrating tests to comment on this site. Most of you hate everything not involving YOUR team. Others… just dumb.. dumb.. dumb.. statements.

  30. Didn’t she text somebody about lying about him hitting her? I’m sure the cops got it and stopped investigating. She even admitted to it and now the Inspectors Gadget and Clouseau are working with the NFL to look again?

  31. Look at all the “classy” Giants fans looking for a pound of flesh after wiping the egg off their face with the Josh Brown debacle.

    Cowboys are cooperating with an investigation of clearly false statements, reinforced by statements by WITNESSES that say nothing happened, and it’s a set up. The Cowboys or Jerry Jones did not HIDE evidence, or cover up incidents for YEARS, bribe victims with money, OR RESIGN A KNOWN ABUSER.

    Funny how there hasn’t been talk of repercussions towards John Mara and the Giants for being complicit. Nope, instead we get “QUICK, LOOK OVER HERE!”

    IF Roger Goodell wants to fix this mess:
    Fine John Mara
    Take John Mara off NFL executive board
    Fine the Giants
    Take away Giants draft picks

    until then, Giants fans, feel free to shut it.

  32. So the documents and sworn affidavits that the Columbus city attorney released show:

    Contradictory statements given by Ezekiel Elliott and the “victim” Tiffany Thompson.

    Witness #1: Security manager at Social Room night club saying he saw “victim” and another woman in a fight outside the club.

    Witness #2: (Friend of Elliott) left Social Room arrived at Carriage House saw “victim” run to vehicle Elliott was a passenger in and started yelling at him and the (female) driver. Heard “victim” say that she was going to ruin his career and tell police he hit her.

    Witness #3: (Friend of “victim”) was at Social Room club when another woman approached and started fight with “victim”. At Carriage House, saw “victim” exit car they were in and approach car Elliott was in. Saw Zeke and female driver exit their vehicle and walk to Carriage House.

    Quotes from statement:

    “At no point during Ezekiel’s walk to the Carriage House, or at any time during the night, did I witness Ezekiel come into physical contact with Tiffany or touch Tiffany”.

    “Tiffany yelled to Ezekiel that she was going to ‘ruin his career’ and call the police”

    Witness #4: (Friend of Elliott) said before going to Social Room for Zeke’s birthday celebration he did not want “victim” there and she was not invited. Later saw car of “victim” parked at Carriage House when they got there after leaving club. Zeke arrived as passenger in car of friend (driver). Saw “victim” run up to car Elliott was in and start yelling for him to get out. All exited the care and began to walk to Carriage House.

    Quotes from statement:

    At no time whatsoever during the walk to the Carriage House did Ezekiel come into contact with Tiffany or come within 5-7 feet of Tiffany.

    While Ezekiel was walking into the Carriage House, Tiffany was screaming at Ezekiel and yelling that she was going to ruin his career”.

    Texts from Elliott’s phone: Screenshots showing “victim” texting “If they ask he dragged me out of my car”, “when we got here”, “Like we pulled up and he showed and yanked me out if the police ask”.

    Other person texts back “do you want me to lie about what happened that night bc zeke’s lawyer is about to call me again”

    These texts are also in the statement given by the “victim”.

    So why is this still an issue? It’s an obvious shakedown and NOTHING like the Ray Rice or Josh Brown cases.

  33. @ bigbluefan1 says:
    Oct 30, 2016 8:08 PM

    Is he playing tonight ?
    Josh Brown was lynched and Elliot is playing ?
    Please, please don’t ever reference being lynched. Josh Brown apparently admitted to it…so what’s your point.

  34. I love cowboys fans saying ‘nothing to see here, folks!’ If this was tom Brady or any patriot for that matter the league would have hired bottom-dweller Ted Wells for another hit-piece
    #hypocrisy #firegodell

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