Joe Thomas “would be surprised” if the Browns trade him


Browns left tackle Joe Thomas told reporters after Sunday’s loss to the Jets he “would be surprised” if he’s traded before Tuesday’s trade deadline.

But you never know,” Thomas said.

A nine-time Pro Bowler, Thomas has never missed a snap in his career. PFT has reported multiple times that the Browns have fielded calls regarding Thomas and a potential trade. Last week, Browns coach Hue Jackson was emphatic that the Browns don’t plan to trade him.

PFT reported last weekend that the Giants, Seahawks, Cardinals, and Vikings each have some degree of interest in Thomas, with the Patriots interested only if the Browns slide into fire-sale mode and are willing to essentially give him away. The reported asking price has been a second-round pick.

Thomas was almost traded at last year’s deadline. The Browns have a new front office but familiar problems. They’re the league’s only winless team.

12 responses to “Joe Thomas “would be surprised” if the Browns trade him

  1. The Browns look like they have the potential to go 0-16 with Thomas, they can do just as well without him, and having an early round pick to help build the team…of course they’ll probably waste that pick, but in theory it helps them.

  2. Come on Vikes, make a way for this to happen. You need a stout LT if you want to go deep in the playoffs. Thomas or Staley would be a huge addition, but if I had to choose, I would want Thomas.

  3. Vikinfl would need to either trade wide receiver Jarius Wright to another team to free up some cap space, or send him to the Browns along with one of their 3rd or 4th round 2017 draft picks (they have two of each).
    I’m guessing that if Wright is active tomorrow night then the Vikings aren’t going to be trading for a new OT on Tuesday.

  4. The media loves the hype – but nobody with any sense is coughing up an early pick for Thomas. It’s not that he isn’t worth value, but it’s mid-season man…….you can’t just plug a LT in with no time to gel with the other players, let alone learn assignments and protection changes at the line. Blow your assignment at LT and you can end a QB’s season quick.

    Someone desperate and stupid might toss an early pick – but I doubt any real contenders would.

  5. Seattle needs more than Joe Thomas. Wilson being a shell of himself is the #1 problem. When your star QB is more worried about taking any hits than first downs during the majority of the game, maybe he should sit and heal rather than 50% it. Joe Thomas would have to be wiggled in under cap, then next year he’d cause us to lose a player or 2 just to keep him. Seattle has Wilson issues.

  6. I hope they trade him too.He is a direct contributor for the Factory of Sadness by his inability to lead.This is a guy who laughed at Colt McCoy in the locker room when McCoy gave a speech and said he wasn’t afraid of the Steelers and who mocked Brian Hoyer by calling him Little Brady.

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