Saints actually playing some defense


The Saints are playing some defense. They turned a turnover into their first touchdown, too.

The Seahawks lead 14-13 at halftime. Saints linebacker Nathan Stupar intercepted Russell Wilson, and the Saints scored on a Drew Brees sneak on third and goal. Brees launched himself over the center and into the end zone.

It’s turned wild after a slow start. The Seahawks got 43 yards on a trick play when Tanner McEvoy caught a backwards pass then threw a pass to C.J. Prosise. That set up a Christine Michael touchdown run, but Michael only has 3 yards rushing on the day.

Earl Thomas opened the scoring with a 34-yard fumble return touchdown. The Seahawks lined up to attempt a 56-yard field goal to end the first half but botched the delivery.

4 responses to “Saints actually playing some defense

  1. No…Wilson has hijacked the QB position while being literally unable to move…forcing their defense to be on the field 22 of the first 30 minutes of play.

  2. Question – I saw one of the New Orleans defenders bleeding from his forearm. Nothing big, just a trail of bright red blood on his skin from some kind of nick/gash.

    Doesn’t the NFL have the same HIV safety rules as the NBA — if you’re bleeding you leave the field?

  3. As a Hawks fan this is the worst Seattle offense we have had in decades. RW is a great zone read/option QB. He is no Tom Brady, more like Charlie Whitehurst hen he is ONLY playing from the pocket. Apparently Pete can’t figure that out yet and sit him. Boykin can move so let him run the ZR, that’s been our Offense and we all know it. To be this stubborn will lead to an 8-8 record and wasted defense. What a shame, Buck up and try something different. PS Tyler Lockett is hurt to. Have P Rich return kicks for God’s sake.

  4. Yes, contrary to all the whining and excuses from the Seahawk fans, Saints did play well on Defense. Which is why we won the game.

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