Bears will play without both starting guards

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The Bears will play without both of their starting guards in Monday night’s game vs. Minnesota.

Kyle Long had been listed as doubtful with a tricep injury. Josh Sitton had been questionable with an ankle injury.

The Bears announced that Eric Kush will replace Sitton at left guard and Ted Larsen will replace Long at right guard.

Quarterback Jay Cutler and running back Jeremy Langford return for the Bears. Defensive tackle Eddie Goldman and wide receiver Eddie Royal remain out. Wide receiver Cameron Meredith is active after being listed as questionable.

Vikings cornerback Marcus Sherels, tight end MyCole Pruitt and wide receiver Jarius Wright are inactive after being listed as questionable. Wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson is active after being listed as questionable.

The Vikings had previously announced defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd and running back Jerick McKinnon would be out.

30 responses to “Bears will play without both starting guards

  1. I’m starting the Bears back up QB in fantasy this week in anticipation that he may be able to pick up some garbage time yardage and maybe even a score.

  2. filthymcnasty3 says:

    Good luck to the Vikings tonight as the prepare to do battle with our rival.

    Come on now, the Packers aren’t THAT bad. Sure they may be in a yearly battle with the Lions for 2nd but they’re still a couple years away from 4th place.

  3. Loved Josh Sitton in Green Bay, Thompson let him go just in time….Lane Taylor for 5 million less has played every snap and played well.

  4. nhpats says:
    Oct 31, 2016 7:45 PM
    Let’s be honest….does it really matter? Is there any universe in which the 2016 Bears team can beat the Vikings?


    It seems the Vikings can’t compete with the Bears in this universe, maybe they need to go try a different one, lol.

  5. That Vikings o-line is downright scary… to Sam. Bradford! What an ugly game… And I think we all now see the Vikes D is not comparable to the 2000 Ravens so no way Bradford Dilfers his way to a SB.

  6. I’ve said it for two years now. Every play that goes bye that Norv Turner hasn’t been fired is one play too many.

    Single handedly lost the playoff game last year and will continue to lose games. Absolutely horrible.

  7. I’m going to over react really quick and say that the Vikings won’t even make the playoffs. Norv is a dinosaur and so is his playbook. Running up the middle every play doesn’t work. This offense is horrible.

  8. tjacks7 says:
    Oct 31, 2016 10:48 PM

    I’ve said it for two years now.
    You’ve said a lot of things for two years now; none of them right.

    I told you purples the O-line quit last week. It’s easy to see a lot more of them have quit. Quit!

    Zimmer has lost this team.

  9. Surprising how scared the MN defense is to stick their nose into the player with the ball. Waynes, Kendricks, Rhodes all bailed within a few plays. Zimmer was right. Soft.

  10. You’ve said a lot of things for two years now; none of them right.

    I said the Packers wouldn’t win the NFCN last year and I was right. And that the packers were on the decline and that was right. You can even go back to 2011 when I said the Packers should trade Rodgers while he had value before the rebuild starts and that was right…

  11. Pathetic performance by the purple again this week. D can not hold up with offense that goes “3 and out” that often.

  12. Zim’s stuffed animals are giggling up a storm in Vikes locker room.
    Apparently backup guards did not read memo about facing No. 1 defense.

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