Hue Jackson on Jamie Collins: The way he freelances is OK with me

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The Browns landed linebacker Jamie Collins in a trade with the Patriots on Monday in a move that landed them one of the biggest impending free agents come the offseason and reversing a trend that’s seen the Patriots snap up Browns defenders on their way out of Cleveland.

The Browns gave up a compensatory pick in the third round of the 2017 draft for Collins and coach Hue Jackson confirmed that the team has designs on signing him to an extension that keeps him in Cleveland. Jackson added that the feeling has to be mutual, something that will involve some negotiating between the club and Collins’ representatives in the near future.

Since the trade, there have been reports from New England that Collins’ penchant for freelancing on defense helped contribute to the team’s desire to extend his stay with the Patriots. Jackson said that the Browns didn’t have a concern about Collins fitting their defensive scheme.

“The way he freelances is OK with me,” Jackson said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He’s a very talented player.”

Collins’ arrival comes after a long stretch that saw the Browns getting rid of veteran players and Jackson called it “a sign of where we’re headed” as a franchise. Collins’ first chance to be part of the change of direction they’re hoping for will come against the Cowboys in Week Nine.

19 responses to “Hue Jackson on Jamie Collins: The way he freelances is OK with me

  1. Word in New England was that Collins had an attitude problem. The worst thing you can do is give a player with an attitude a big money contract (see Haynesworth). Sometimes you get better getting rid of a player that doesn’t buy into your schemes. He looked slower to me this year and it seemed he was avoiding injury to cash in at the end of the year. Plus people seem to remember the great plays he made, and he did make some awesome plays. But they were few and far between.

  2. “The way he freelances is OK with me,”

    Said the coach of the 0-8 team.

    Vs the “freelancing is not ok with me, do your job!” 7-1 coach.


  3. For those who say Collins isn’t excited, I’m sure it’s bitter sweet as the Patriots do not spend a lot on players. He has a much better chance of a big pay day in Cleveland. He already has a ring.

  4. This is still a head scratcher…

    It has to be about sending a message to an “under performing” D than anything else…

    BB traded him for a ham sandwich in ’17 vs keeping him for the rest of the season and still getting a ham sandwich in ’18 …

    Good bye and good luck 91, the machine marches on…

  5. This is why Cleveland is Cleveland. Freelance all you want Jamie. Play out of position. By the way, here is five years and 75 million. We’ll cut you in three.

    Incredible how these teams don’t learn…….

  6. firecracker87 says:
    Oct 31, 2016 3:53 PM

    I wonder if Collins “freelancing” was why the Pats had that defensive debacle of 12 men on the field in back to back plays yesterday?

    It was a 12 and then a 10. That’s on the coaching staff.

  7. At first I was a bit shocked at the trade. The reports here and there are just rumors, so none of us know for sure what the issue was. Its clear that Bill has that mentality where he can either win with you, or without you, and on your way out, he’ll no doubt get SOMETHING for you in return. I am okay with that decision if it’s ultimately for the better. Bill always says he does what’s best for the team.

    The only minor concern I have now, is with the other guys in that locker room. Its great winning in New England, but I really hope Bill doesn’t distance guys by instilling fear that ‘everyone is expendable’ mentality.

  8. Umm, your team is 0-8 and just lost to the crappy Jets at home.

    This is why Cleveland will always be Cleveland.

    They’ll end up caving to Collins at 17 mil per year like the Giants with Vernon or Denver with Von Miller, as one dimensional players, possibly on roids for big contracts, and then they’ll fade off by the day playing on teams that get worse and worse.

    Collins will look even worse in Cleveland simply by playing for a different team, the exact polar opposite.

    NE will probably score a Jamie Collins in the draft next year, at 1/15th the price.

  9. Belichick always reminds us mid season with a eye opener that this team is not the New England Collins’…New England Bradys , and or the New England Gronks……..This is about the TEAM…..THE PATRIOTS

  10. One thing you consistently hear BB says is player’s coachability. A team is a machine, at least the Patriots is. Each player is a cog in that machine. If one cog functions differently than it should then the machine goes out of whack. BB is fixing the problem.
    Maybe Collins will thrive with the Browns. He’s freaky good that’s probably he thinks it’s o.k. to freelance. Hope that talent doesn’t get wasted. Best of luck…

  11. Sounds like a bunch of salty Pats fans on here.. don’t be mad at Cleveland for the socks beat down or for pulling a fast one on the Pats. Nice cleveland👍

  12. Jackson is right. Collins can freelance in CLE because CLE doesn’t have a defensive system anyway.

  13. slash714 says:
    Oct 31, 2016 8:49 PM
    Sounds like a bunch of salty Pats fans on here.. don’t be mad at Cleveland for the socks beat down or for pulling a fast one on the Pats. Nice cleveland


    Pats traded 8-12 games of Collins for a 3rd round pick. They weren’t going to resign him anyway. Sounds fine to me.

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