Jerry Jones must have seen midnight MRI, says Tony Romo’s not ready

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The Cowboys are going to give Tony Romo plenty of time to get himself fully well.

And after his replacement led another epic comeback for a sixth straight win last night, they’re in no hurry to rush poor Tony out there before he’s ready

Via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has already declared that Prescott would start next week against the Browns, after Romo returned to practice on a limited basis last week.

Tony’s not ready to play,” Jones said. “That’s subject to Jason Garrett making the decision, but as far as the health issue is concerned of Tony, there’s not need of pushing it that fast. That’s more about Tony, and his health than it is any of the other issues we want to have here. . . .

“Tony’s making a lot of progress. We’re excited about that. My opinion is Dak will start against Cleveland.”

For the first three quarters of the night, Prescott was sloppy enough that Romo’s back was probably feeling magically better. He was just 19-of-39 passing for 287 with two touchdowns and an interception, just the second time all year his passer rating was under 100.0 (79.8).

But he was spotless down the stretch, driving them for a game-tying touchdown to Dez Bryant which forced overtime. Once he got to the extra seasons, he was spotless, 5-of-5 for 56 yards and a touchdown to Jason Witten to end the game.

“Dak had his challenges,” Jones said. “But when it really mattered — not that the whole game didn’t matter — but he came through. He doesn’t know the word quit.”

And in the process, he’s making it harder and hard for Jones to quit him.

12 responses to “Jerry Jones must have seen midnight MRI, says Tony Romo’s not ready

  1. Who gives a rat’s behind about Prescott’s “epic comeback”. A healthy Romo (or a bit of a better Prescott who has learned to avoid big mistakes and has improved his accuracy and mechanics) would have comfortably won the game in regulation by 14+ points. Prescott was the primary reason that team was down in the first place. Good for him for being a cool customer, but Dallas would be in better hands with a QB who wouldn’t need to come back at all (especially when the QB on the bench is already a proven 4th quarter comeback success himself).

  2. Prescott definitely made a couple of stupid Romo-like throws. Unlike Romo, he didn’t do it at the end of the game to seal a loss.

  3. Do the networks have a deal with Jones that he must be shown on TV 6 times every game? It is like clock work. Some owners are never seen on tv while others must have contracts with the media to be shown.

  4. Ask him the same question on the same day, between start of kickoff and end of game and you’ll get the same answer. lol. As much as I dislike Jones for how he runs a football team, I hate more how the media spins stuff to stir the pot.

  5. Jerry says the right things….only when his team is winning.

    Define irony.

    Romo or any other player would be right back out there regardless of his health if they were losing.

    Dallas is rolling right now.

  6. Romo has had a lot of solid games and his leadership is still needed to help the team — and Prescott — to go deep in the playoffs this year.

    But if I were a Dallas fan, I’d happily take a still-learning rookie’s 58 minutes of mediocrity followed with two minutes of brilliance over Romo’s signature 58 minutes of highlight film material capped with two minutes of face-palming failure.

    Tony, play to your strengths, and right now, those ain’t playing on the field.

  7. Cowboys are proof that a team can succeed with a hands on owner who makes on field decisions for the team….

  8. @ kmartin173 says:

    “Prescott definitely made a couple of stupid Romo-like throws. Unlike Romo, he didn’t do it at the end of the game to seal a loss.”

    Can you please tell me me what the final score was at the end of the Dallas/Philly game, because that is what matters, not a couple of errant throws by a rookie.

    With regards to your laughable remarks concerning
    Romo – seriously? That is strange, because Romo has 25 fourth quarter comebacks in his career , which is 11th ALL-TIME since 1960. In addition to that, Romo is #1 (yes – #1) when it comes to being the best 4th quarter QB’s in the NFL, ahead of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning (this is based on game-winning drives and touchdown passes, fourth quarter comebacks, and touchdown passes thrown per interceptions in the 4th quarter and overtime). Don’t believe me? Look it up.

    Uh-oh. Did I just shoot down your empty hater rhetoric? Apparently it is extremely easy for you to ignore these inconvenient little things known as facts.

  9. For those who made statements on how our offense wont be bailing out our defense etc….. the defense only allowed 200 yds! We had over 200 in penalties…. our defense is still getting better and come playoffs time, I have a feeling we will be “Gellin” Very well…… people that wanna hate on tha Raiders lol!!!! Dont lie…..YA’LL SCARED!!! RAIDERS

  10. Looking forward to the inevitable disappointment for the cowgirl fans. 82.5% of Cowgirl fans have them in the next super bowl… As the penguin once said, ” Wank, Wank, Wank!”

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