Joe Thomas trade possibilities boiling down to Giants or no one

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With the trade deadline less than 24 hours away, the Browns most likely will be keeping left tackle Joe Thomas.

Apart from the importance of getting at least one win after blowing arguably their last best shot at avoiding 0-16 against the Jets on Sunday, the offers simply aren’t there — and likely won’t be.

The Vikings don’t have the cap space or the trade compensation. The Seahawks don’t have the cash (even through their owner surely does). The Cardinals may be interested now that Jareed Veldheer is on injured reserve, but they may not be willing to mortgage 2017 in exchange for a player who won’t be making the difference between 3-4-1 and a deep playoff run.

The Giants are the only team still on the radar screen. But even that is a long shot because the Giants don’t seem to be inclined to give the Browns the kind of offer they’d want.

So it currently appears that Thomas will be staying put, with the team he’s play for since entering the league in 2007 as the third overall pick in the draft. And he’ll be relied upon to help the Browns manage a victory from a slate of games that includes the Cowboys, at Baltimore, the Steelers twice, the Bengals, the Giants, the Chargers, and a game at Buffalo.

23 responses to “Joe Thomas trade possibilities boiling down to Giants or no one

  1. I think Joe is quite comfy finishing out his well compensated career with the same max amount of vacation time of any player in the league. I wouldn’t want to move for just a year or 2 before retirement.

  2. Will the Browns consult the homeless guy before they trade their franchise left tackle?

  3. Doesn’t it seem odd that the Vikes, Hawks (and a few other possible deep playoff run candidates) with such insanely bad OL play wouldn’t be interested in a top 5 LT?

  4. toybkshr says:
    Oct 31, 2016 5:50 PM
    Doesn’t it seem odd that the Vikes, Hawks (and a few other possible deep playoff run candidates) with such insanely bad OL play wouldn’t be interested in a top 5 LT?


    Odd? No, just like the article said the Seahawks or Vikings don’t have the cap space to make it possible and for the Vikings they don’t have the picks neither. This isn’t fantasy or Madden.

  5. It is to the point that the Seahawks need to trade “names” to get an offensive line. When you make the Saints look like a dominant defense, it is an emergency. Not trying to hate on the Saints, my wife is a big fan.

  6. Seahawks have plenty of cap space. They just want to spend it on other players.

  7. I get why the Vikings won’t have the cap space, but why wouldn’t they have the trade compensation? Current estimates had the Browns seeking a 2nd round pick which the Vikings still have. That also doesn’t go into the young players the Vikings could offer either on their own or with later draft compensation – say Jarius Wright and a 3rd round pick, or Mackenzie Alexander straight up.

  8. It would take virtually all of Seattle’s space to take on Thomas’ contract, leaving little to no cushion. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the Giants move on Staley over Thomas, much friendlier contract

  9. That’s because next years 2nd round pick is currently tied to the Sam Bradford trade. The cap space would be freed up by Jarius Wright and a couple of contract restructures. Browns will give him to the Giants but want a kings ransom from the Vikings or Seahawks. Just like they tried with the Broncos last year.

  10. It continues to astonish me how keyboard tough guys aka. trolls continue to come on these threads and diss perennial all Pros, as though their knowledge of a players worth somehow exceeds that of rival players(who actually play against Thomas ) and rival coaches (who actually have to game plan for him). A sad ,pathetic cry for attention , if you ask me. Glad to see the 96 thumbs down.

  11. I would not want Joe Thomas on my team. If it’s more important to play for a loser that’s what he is, a loser.

  12. Kind of a shame that an outstanding player like Joe Thomas is likely to play out his career,without ever playing on a team in contention for anything except a top-10 draft pick.
    Not that the Browns have no hope for the future; they have some good players and will get more,it’s just not likely to happen while Joe Thomas is still a great starting LT.

  13. Never missed a snap.
    Never missed a Pro Bowl (9).
    8 time all pro.

    He will be the 17th Cleveland Brown to enter the HOF and it will happen on the first ballot.

    Hope he stays.

    If the Browns trade Thomas it will be a blessing.
    He is the IRON WALL.
    His foot work and positioning is just …. well look at the tape.
    If he really doesn’t want to leave because his children have roots.. I totally get it.
    But if not.
    Give him a break.
    It’s not all as easy as a trade.

  15. They should get something, anything, from the Cardinals or maybe Giants and just move on. Why get nothing?

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