NFL morning after: It’s time to get rid of ties

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For the second Sunday in a row we had a tie game in the NFL on Sunday, when Cincinnati and Washington couldn’t settle things after 75 minutes of play in London. Ties are dumb. Let’s get rid of them.

The NFL is unique among the major American sports in having ties. College football got rid of ties with its new overtime rule in 1996. Baseball and basketball have always kept playing until someone won, and even hockey got rid of ties. Why is the NFL still playing ties when everyone else has figured out that a game is supposed to have a winner and a loser?

After his team tied the Cardinals last week, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson offered a novel idea: Get rid of ties by having one final field goal with the game on the line: Flip a coin, let the winner of the coin flip try a 53-yard field goal. Make the field goal, win the game. Miss the field goal, lose the game.

I don’t like Wilson’s idea, but I do like his way of thinking: We need to get rid of ties, and settle them with something more dramatic. I like what soccer and hockey have done to eliminate ties, by going to a shootout format. The NFL doesn’t have an equivalent of a shootout (and I wouldn’t want to settle a tie with a field goal contest), but I do have my own idea for a shootout-like format to settle ties.

If the game is still tied after overtime, let the teams take turns getting one play to score a touchdown: First the home team’s offense gets the ball for one play at the 1-yard line against the visiting team’s defense. Then the visiting team’s offense gets the ball for one play at the 1-yard line against the home team’s defense. If one offense scores and the other offense doesn’t the team that scores wins. If neither teams score or both teams score, line up and do it again. The game is over when one team scores and the other team doesn’t.

That would be simple, and it would be exciting. And “simple” and “exciting” are two words that seem to be getting lost in the NFL these days, where every rule seems complex and convoluted, and the TV ratings are down as fans complain that the games just aren’t as fun.

Ties aren’t fun. Winning and losing is fun. Give us a winner and a loser in every game, NFL.

Here are my other thoughts on Sunday’s games:

Tom Brady is the best player in the NFL right now. What Brady has done since the end of his four-game Deflategate suspension is nothing short of remarkable. Yesterday against the Bills, Brady completed 22 of 33 passes for 315 yards, with four touchdowns and no interceptions. In four games he has 12 touchdowns and no interceptions, and the Patriots are 4-0. Brady’s passer rating isn’t just the best in the NFL this season, it’s the best in NFL history for a season. He’s off to an incredible start.

Can the Browns go 0-16? I’m not saying that the Browns will go 0-16. But I am saying they’re now halfway there, and yesterday they blew their best chance at winning when they threw away an early lead over the Jets and lost 31-28. The Browns’ remaining schedule isn’t easy. It’s entirely possible that they could join the 2008 Lions as the only 0-16 teams in NFL history.

Joey Bosa is a beast. Bosa, the Chargers’ rookie defensive end, had yet another good game yesterday against the Broncos. He’s been such an outstanding player this year that I believe if he had been healthy and ready to go in Week One, he’d be a strong candidate for defensive player of the year. Not defensive rookie of the year, defensive player of the year. Unfortunately, Bosa and the Chargers engaged in a lengthy contract standoff that led to Bosa missing training camp. When Bosa finally signed, he injured his hamstring, as players coming off a long layoff so often do. Bosa missed the first four weeks of the season, but since then he’s been as good as any defensive player in the NFL.

The Raiders have a keeper in Derek Carr. In Sunday’s win over the Buccaneers, Carr had preposterous numbers: 40-for-59, for 513 yards, with four touchdowns and no interceptions. Can you believe it was just a couple years ago that Blake Bortles and Johnny Manziel were drafted ahead of Carr?

Darrelle Revis isn’t even trying. Revis, the Jets’ $17 million cornerback, was once among the best players in the NFL. But these days he’s nowhere near that, and yesterday he was absolutely embarrassed: Browns receiver Terrelle Pryor whipped him all day, and at one point in the game Revis could be seen on TV not even trying to make a tackle. That’s an inexcusable lack of effort, whether you’re making $17 million a year or the league minimum.

The NFL should encourage celebrations. I wrote a couple weeks ago that the NFL should let players celebrate touchdowns, and as I watched games all day yesterday, I became convinced that an element of fun is missing from the NFL this year. So not only will I say that the NFL should allow players to celebrate, but I believe the NFL should actively encourage players to celebrate. Tell every player that he’s free to celebrate how he wants, as long as the celebration doesn’t delay the game, doesn’t involve taunting an opponent and doesn’t involve anything violent or sexually suggestive. Then, every week, put videos of the week’s five best celebrations online, let fans vote for the best one, and give a $10,000 donation to a charity of the winning player’s choosing. I’m serious: A celebration after a touchdown is a fun thing. It should be rewarded, not punished. Give me fewer ties and more celebrations.

98 responses to “NFL morning after: It’s time to get rid of ties

  1. No QB is in the same stratosphere as the Great Tom Brady, that much is clear.

    If you were building a team today and could chose any QB in the league, it would have to be Derek Carr.

  2. If you cannot win a football game after 5 quarters, it’s a tie. It rarely happens. Adopting the college football comic book format (may contain football-like substance) is worse.

  3. Ties are part of the game, can’t just keep playing and no need add dumb rules to eliminate them. Hockey got rid of them because they had a high percentage of games end in ties, the NFL has had 5 since 2012…not a big #

  4. By adding more time to an already tie OT game, then you’re exposing the players to more injury risks. That’s what the players will say.

  5. How about tightening up the intentional grounding rule and actually make QBs have to throw the ball within 3 yards of their receiver when avoiding a sack. Throwing the ball away with no one in the area to avoid a sack is one of the NFLs most boring plays. Fans love interceptions too because of the drama of a potential game changing play. These plays are the equivalent of what Darrelle Revis did in your mention above, but they happen multiple times in every game each Sunday.

  6. The NFL should not only get rid of ties, it should bring back sudden death overtime. Sudden death was the coolest, most exciting thing in all of sports, and the NFL stupidly decided to make things “more fair” by changing it. Here’s a hint, NFL: if a game ends in a tie during regulation time, go into OT and play until somebody scores. End of discussion. The fans will love it, television will love it, and it’ll make the games more exciting. And don’t tell me it isn’t fair if one team never gets the ball: win the toss and score or else learn to play defense.

  7. Do ties happen often enough to be worth legislating against?

    And Brady is playing himself into another MVP. The interlocking wheels of fate are about to grind Roger Goodell to a fine, carcinogenic powder.

  8. Ties are not fun, for any of us. I appreciate the comments but this isn’t a PC thing, and I acknowledge the injury risk. But having teams fly thousands of miles (which I also do not agree with) for a tie? Anti-climactic. I’m not sure what the right format is but sudden death is no longer the right way when kickers can kick 60 yards (or miss from 30??) because that is more about luck than skill. I have to say I am in favor of playing out until someone wins, both sides getting a touch. Not like college, just real quarters.

  9. Ties have been part of the game since it’s inception.

    No need to change a system that’s working.

  10. Call me contrarian, but I’m old enough to remember the days (before 1978) when tie games in the regular season didn’t go into overtime and there were consequentially a lot more games that wound up as ties. Overtime was strictly for playoff games. It certainly wasn’t a bad thing the and I wouldn’t mind it going back to that now – although it’ll never happen since overtime increases advertising revenue.

    Carr looks like the real deal in terms of becoming an elite QB. He showed a lot of promise in his first two seasons but in year 1 didn’t have the receiving weapons and last year he was at time too reckless with forcing the ball into heavy coverage and panicked at times. Now he’s got a lot more poise and the will to overcome adversity. The thing I’m happiest about is he’s only the 2nd QB drafted by the Raiders (the other being Snake Stabler) to be successful. The others (Lamonica, Plunkett, Gannon were acquired via trade, waivers or FA). He’ll be getting a huge contract in the offseason and deservedly so.

  11. Ties don’t bother me. Ineptness does. If after five quarters you can’t find a way to win a game, then IMO you are inept.

    The Raiders are unwatchable dreck. I don’t need to see 24 penalties in a game. It doesn’t matter how good you are, if your team is unwatchable and there is no flow to the game.

    Less celebrations, not more. I don’t need to see some gloating jerk of a player celebrate an individual play when the team he plays for is losing big on the scoreboard. They look like self-absorbed fools.

    The Redzone channel needs to spend more time on the games that aren’t shown nationally as their primary games, and less on the ones that most people in the country have access to on a national level. Most people across the country were getting the Packers/Falcons game since Fox had a triple header day. Redzone should have been focusing more on Chargers/Broncos.

    Time for coaches to wear helmets on the sideline. Wade Phillips was lucky that he wasn’t hurt much worse.

  12. This is why the Pats didn’t go overboard with Revis,, cause they knew this bs was on the horizon…

  13. I knew someone would write that “Ties should be eliminated!” crap. Ridiculous. A. They are rare. B. They have been around for a very long time and make the standings interesting. Change for the sake of change is absurd. Stop trying to mess around with the basics.

  14. I couldn’t disagree more strongly. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a tie. College football fake overtime is terrible. Its so bad that the result of FBS games which go to fake overtime isn’t legitimate. There is no clock in college, therefore its fake overtime. Variety is the spice of life and ties do add variety instead of always just win or lose. Besides, I would rather tie than lose, any day. Hockey was wrong to get rid of ties. A tie is a legitimate result. It means the two ballclubs were equal to each other on that particular day and field. Perfectly legit.

  15. I totally disagree on the tie issue. Leave it alone.
    The truth is in the redskins-bengals game neither team deserved to win and neither team could, so why should one team be awarded a win?

  16. 1 – A team has 60 minutes to make plays to win a a game…if a coach won’t go for 2 or a team misses FG’s well….a tie is a tie

    2 – Pryor got shut out in 2nd half…zero catches

  17. I’m with PFT all around here. Ties are stupid. This is a game, for entertainment value, and ending with equivalent of “nothing happened” is stupid for entertainment value. I personally like some variant of the college system, but anything is better than the old overtime where winning the coin flip and completing 2 passes meant you kicked a FG and ‘”won”.
    And stop penalizing celebrations. True in-your-face taunting you can penalize. Celebrating doing something good in a GAME? That’s what’s supposed to happen, not a penalty

  18. So because we had two ties in a season for the first time in 20 years, it’s suddenly an epidemic that needs to be resolved now.

    Melodramatic much?

  19. Your proposition is absolutely terrible.

    Your defense could prevent the opponent from getting a single first down in overtime and you want that team to lose the game based on a coin toss and then a reasonable field goal? Ridiculous.

  20. The karmic world will be restored when Brady wins league MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and the Patriots hoist Lombardi #5 in early 2017. It will be fun to watch Goodell present the trophy through gritted, grinding fake-smiling teeth to the GOAT, who will accept it while displaying the class we have come to expect.

  21. What’s wrong with ties when neither team deserves to win? Also, they help eliminate those stupid tie breakers at the end of a season that determine who gets in and seedings.

  22. Why are ties merited in the NFL? Let me help you out: BECAUSE THEY ONLY PLAY 16 GAMES IN AN NFL SEASON. One NFL game is worth a good 5 or so NBA or NHL games (and 10 MLB games), and a tie is better than a loss. If you can’t find a winner after 5 quarters of play, neither team deserves to be saddled with a full loss (or to be handed a full win). Each gets something, and each misses out on full victory; it makes sense and it is fair.

  23. A tie means the teams were too close to separate that day, and should split the effect on the standings. Artificially giving one 100% of a win and the other a total loss on the basis of an artificial gimmick would have an unwarranted impact on the standings. “Ties are dumb” is not enough reason, especially since shootouts are really dumb. No gimmicks, please.

  24. Ties are good in the regular season. They eliminate the need for an arbitrary game ending and they allow more record combinations to eliminate the need for artificial tiebreakers in standings.

  25. This is maybe the second season since 1974 (when regular season OT began) that the NFL has had more than one tie in a regular season. That’s 43 seasons. Most of those seasons came and went without a single tie.

    It is also worth noting that in each of the two ties this season (and most of those in years past), the game could have been won with chip shot field goals that one or both teams missed.

    Get over yourself. A tie is not the end of the world. I’d rather see a tie than see the NFL devalue the games by having them decided by a field goal kicking contest.

  26. I hope Revis does not have an offset clause. So when the Jets cut him and another team signs him for 1MM, he won’t get to double dip.

  27. The difference between ties in football and any other sport is that every football game takes the most out of players. Making already exhausted players keep going just increases the risk of injury. The question I have is whether games that have been settled in OT have had an effect on standings. If not then I’d let them stand. They don’t happen often enough to matter.

  28. It’s called football. Field goals are the ONLY solution here to break a tie. Lots of them.

    Rogers is just too good, and the packers will always always win in a shootout. Not fair to the rest of the teams.

  29. IMO there’s no reason to get rid of regular season ties, infrequent as they are. There’s nothing worse in any sport, than playing by a set of rules for an hour plus, and then resolving it with gimmicky things like shootouts, FG contests, the college method, whatever. If you can’t resolve it in 75 mins, the game is over. If the team needs a win badly enough for the standings, there’s always the 2 pt conversion.

  30. Ties are fine. Its a reflection of the real world and there are zero reasons to eliminate them.

  31. Really, ties are part of the game. I don’t like the OT rules that allow a team to win on the first possession, but other than that, give it a rest, leave it alone.

  32. “Ties aren’t fun”.

    That’s the basis of your argument for eliminating tie games from the NFL?

    There’s nothing wrong with a tie game or two every seven years.

  33. Oh yes let us get rid of ties, and do make sure everyone gets a participation trophy so they can all feel good about themselves. I feel bad you didn’t win and am so happy you didn’t lose. Even my nine year old granddaughter can understand a tie, grow up people, if you keep score, ties can and will happen, its mathematical. Its not the end of the world , just part of the game.

  34. Didn’t they used to have sudden death overtime? The first team that scored, won the game? Whatever happened to that?

  35. “…, where every rule seems complex and convoluted,…”

    Let’s begin the tiebreaker with a review of the TV ratings among registered fans of each team. If both teams’ share is within 0.75 of the other then we move to the revenue generated by local market commercials in the teams’ home markets. If that doesn’t do it we can move to sponsored beer sales at the venue. If your team’s beer beats their team’s beer then your team wins.

    And you wonder why viewing is down…

    “The NFL should encourage celebrations….”

    Let’s start with hugs.

  36. Ties are there because football is the toughest sport on the body and reg season has to end without casualties if at all possible. Ties make a difference in a season with only 16 games and make the use of less important tie-breakers less frequent.

    They are good in reg season. You can’t have 8 quarter marathons in reg season, not fair to players. You also can’t have shot outs or whatever your ADD self wants.

    Get over it. Not everything matches your petulant whims.

  37. Brady looks pretty good throwing those regulation footballs. Thanks for impugning his honor and filling him with white hot rage. Always a smart move.

  38. There are over 250 football games a year. It is likely that the season will end with .008% of them ending in a tie. And that would be the HIGHEST rate of tied games in decades.

    This is not an issue.

  39. If you can’t win in regulation, you don’t deserve a W. Save the tie breakers for the playoffs when a winner has to be declared.

  40. I like his idea except I wouldn’t put it at the one yard line, but the 5 yard line. And not just one play, give them 2 downs to get it in. At the one would just make where you had a 320 lb. lineman (ala “The Refrigerator) and he would just barrel in for a TD. At the five, there are a couple of options, a run, a pass, a QB draw and other things such as that.

    Personally, I like the college way of doing it, but the NFL would never copy the college way of doing ANYTHING because, after all, they ARE professionals. YUCK! The college game is MUCH more fun than the NFL any day of the week.

  41. I like the coin flip idea, except I would give the winning team the option of kicking or having the opponent kick.

    That would bring back the “sudden death” element. And would also make good kickers more valuable.

    And DEFINITELY agree with the No Fun League making an effort to bring back some fun by allowing endzone celebrations. The easy answer to the ratings decline is that the NFL has accomplished its’ goal of being a faceless league, meaning fringe fans are less likely to have interest. Even if fans had someone to dislike, it’s better than being disinterested … Which is what is going on, now.

    Just ask the NBA how much it helped them to start promoting their stars, and allowing for individuals to be individuals. Set some parameters … But let these guys show emotion and personality.

  42. It is called FOOTball. At the end of regulation have the kickers kick until someone misses or gets blocked. Start at the 25 yd line and move back 5 yds each time.

  43. finchy74 says:
    Oct 31, 2016 9:41 AM
    Ties are the only thing that’s keeping me watching the NFL.
    This has to be the comment of the day, lol.

  44. Most games that end in a tie simply need to end. Who really wanted to watch more of last Thursday’s game? Even the Cincy-Washington game ran it’s course. Everybody watching that game was ready to move their attention to another one.

  45. Play to a score or leave ties alone, no gimmicks.

    Brady is the best player of the salary cap era and possibly of the entire SN era. The duplicitous scum at 345 Park Ave deserve a special place in he!! for depriving fans the pleasure of watching him for 4 games just to get a legal precedent they have since abused when it suited them (the AJ 4) and conveniently ignored when it didn’t (Josh Brown).

    The Browns can’t afford to win a game until the Bears and Niners each have 2 wins. Weren’t you paying attention when Indy did this?

    The Chargers nickeled and dimed Bosa, if they lost some games as a result that’s karma.

    Carr is legit. Beyond that he is also fun to watch and in a down year for the league that shouldn’t be discounted.

    Revis has been mailing it in for a while. The difference now is he’s not even trying to make it look like he’s not.

    TD’s are not easy to come by. As long as it’s within the realm of reason let the players celebrate for 30 seconds.

  46. Why not just forgo the game entirely and have a coin flip at the start to see who wins the game? Completely saves the players from concussions or injuries.

    Then the NFL can run 3 hours of commercials and tell us again how much they’re against domestic violence, while not being against it.

  47. There should be no tie rule change. Wins in the NFL are hard. You do not deserve a win if you can’t come out ahead of the other team after 75 minutes of play, period. I’d rather see both teams handed a loss than some stupid kick play like in college.

    Modified sudden death is stupid. Just declare that an extra 15 minutes needs to be played. If a team comes out ahead, they win. If the score is still tied, they tie.

  48. i literally hate this argument. I was praying there wasnt two ties yesterday so i would have to hear this all day. Shoot outs are terrible. Whats more dramatic- a shoot out or the way the Raiders game ended in overtime? Yeah Ties kind of suck, but they are pretty rare. Sudden death is way more dramatic and better then a shoot out, even if you risk the once every other year tie. Theres a reason Hockey doesnt have shoot outs in the playoffs. I cant stand the college football OT. its awful. You cant make OT a completely different game. Just my opinion

  49. The great Buffalo fans had the play of the day – watching a ref kick a rubber phalice off of the field is gold.

  50. As a Bengals fan, I’m quite happy with yesterday’s tie. Hopkins missing that chip shot was a gift. Yes, Nugent missing a PAT was a gift to the Redskins, but had he made it, the Redskins would have been down 4 instead of 3 and could have scored a game-winning TD instead of a game-tying FG.

    Redskins outplayed the Bengals yesterday so I will take the tie.

  51. I don’t like ties either. Coming up with a mechanism to break them at the end of regulation would also add some excitement to the game and for the fans.

    I could not disagree more with the idea of adding more offensive plays at the end of regulation from the 1 yard line for each team to declare an eventual winner. For one, it’s way to close. You could have a situation where each team scores three or four times before one team doesn’t.

    Additional plays like that adds the chances to injuries for all players who have already played 60 minutes of football.

    I believe one of the tie breakers for final position in the standings (though it may be down on the list but nevertheless there) is most points scored in the season. We’ve seen it in the college game where the final score can be like 56-50 because the two teams have each scored multiple touchdowns trying to break the tie and win the game. So an inflated score like that in the NFL could help determine a tie breaker between teams tied in the standings at the end of the season.

    Personally I like the Wilson idea but with a tweak. Rather than a one kick win it all play I would offer two solutions on the kicking to win the game.

    1. The kick would have to come from the 50 yard line and the winner of the coin flip would get to choose the direction in which that team kicks it’s field goal attempts. The other team still kicks too but the advantage of winning the flip would be kicking with the wind at your back if that should be the case. Or the sun. Anything really.

    2. The other would be that both kickers kick from the 50 yard line in the same direction until one misses.

    This way at least you don’t have runners trying to pound their way into end zones or receivers taking additional hits. Or QBs getting hit. You also wouldn’t have grossly inflated final scores.

    You probably wouldn’t have too many situations where the game wasn’t decided after the second kick attempt by both teams. And maybe after the first attempt, especially under option 1.

    I see nothing wrong with an occasional game like this being decided by the special teams. Probably wouldn’t happen more than twice/year if that. This would be one of those years. But ties are very rare after you’ve already gone into overtime. Most of the times games are decided in that extra period.

  52. I keep telling people how to work overtime and it’s simple.

    One team kicks off and then the first time they touch the ball again from then on it’s sudden death.


  53. Ties are fine

    How about having the Refs call offensive holding on passing plays and calling offensive pass inteference on receivers when they block before intended target catches call ball

  54. I’m torn. I can’t imagine spending $300 to go to a football game where I had to declare “Nobody” in response to the question “Who won?”.

    At the same time, if two teams can’t score in a 15 minute overtime period and injury to very tired players becomes an even greater risk, it’s probably best to just call it a game.

  55. Tom Brady has been the best player in the NFL for over a decade now, but thanks for noticing.

    He has brought greatness to a whole new level this year though.

  56. .
    Salaries of the Patriots starting secondary :

    Devon McCourty – 9 million
    Patrick Chung – 3 million
    Logan Ryan – 1.8 million
    Malcom Butler – 600,000

    Pats total for their whole secondary:14.4 mil

    Revis contract : 17 million

  57. So it’s a tie. Add .5 to your wins and .5 to your losses. What’s the problem? The players have played five quarters. Give them a break. The real problem is in the playoffs, where perhaps there should be some time limit followed by some kind of shootout.

  58. Big deal, it ended in a tie. The Redskins came back against Cincinnati and for the most part they played as equals and that’s what the tie will show.

  59. If four quarters isn’t enough to declare a winner, so be it. A fifth quarter of scoreless football is the worst of all outcomes.

  60. YOU:

    No QB is in the same stratosphere as the Great Tom Brady, that much is clear.

    If you were building a team today and could chose any QB in the league, it would have to be Derek Carr.

    ME: really? 1 and 2 in superbowls in the last ten years…and he only got that one due to THE WORST ALL IN THE HISTORY OF THE SUPERBOWL, he is owned by eli in the superbowl, owned by denver in the playoffs….

    sorry, that’s a pretty low ‘stratosphere’

  61. So a gimmicky, frivolous, and most likely chintzy ending just to produce a result is better than a tie? Unreal. Who cares if a game ends in a tie? I mean if two teams play to a draw after 60 minutes, just end it. They were equal. I would rather see a tie than a team win by chintz.

  62. I’d be careful about discussing tie ball games.

    It happened once at the All Star Game in Milwaukee. Bud Selig then came up with with what may be the stupidest rule in any of the 4 major sports: the League that wins the ASG secures home field advantage for the World Series.

    I’d like to thing that no one will EVER come up with a more idiotic ‘solution’ to prevent tie ball games. But lately, I could see someone at 345 Park Ave. saying to himself “Challenge accepted!”

  63. Oops: I’d like to THINK that no one will…

    I’d like to THANK the person who puts an EDIT button in the comments section.

  64. Brady likes ties. He often wears them to his post game press conferences. Sometimes he doesn’t.

    Mostly Hermes and Zegna. But custom cut, to accommodate his height. Average cost about 300.00 a pop. He gets them mostly for free. As if he needed the handout….

    So, the GOAT is apparently ambiguous about the whole issue.

    Brady might wear a tie after a tie if he were ever involved in a tie which I don’t think he ever has been before as a pro.

    Belichick seldom wears a tie. Just a hoodie.

    Bob Kraft almost always wears a tie. Usually pink. In fact, he uses a pink tie as his media logo.

    Bob is seldom without a tie.

    So, go figure.

  65. The only reason there are ties in football is because coaches(and many players to a lesser extent) would rather tie than loose.

    Sunday I saw Jack Del Rio go for it on 4th and 4 in OT near the 50 yd line. Not converting would have gave the ball to the Bucs near the 50 yd line with 1:50 to go.

    Right there is a coach who didnt want to tie. And there was no tie.

  66. Chirping about any Brady playoff losses requires some convoluted logic.

    First off he’s won more playoff games than anyone and secondly even when his team loses, Brady has outperformed the opposing qb and carried his team to the end while absorbing a beating. He is the definition of physical and mental toughness.

    Other qbs have been consistently good for several years or had a super bowl team run, but no one has ever done it as well for as long.

    By any objective measure, Brady is the GOAT and he keeps piling it on.

  67. The college football OT format is awful.

    Hockey shootouts are awful.

    The current NFL format is better than sudden death but not perfect because it contains modified rules – if you score on the first drive, the opponent can match UNLESS the offense scores a TD on the first drive or the defense records a safety. Convoluted.

    The NBA/MLB format is perfect. They play a full extra period/inning with no contingencies and the team with the higher score at the end wins. If it is still a tie, repeat.

    In the NFL, because of “player safety”, they don’t want long overtimes in regular season games. So maybe they adapt this rule for playoffs only and leave regular season games alone.

    It was, however, fitting that the tie occurred in England, where the fans are used to seeing ties with all the low scoring soccer games.

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