Report: Goodell will speak with Cam, NFL will review hits


Panthers coach Ron Rivera said today that he had talked to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about the team’s concerns that Cam Newton is not getting the kind of protection from the referees that other quarterbacks get. Goodell apparently took that complaint seriously.

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, Goodell promised Rivera that he will talk to Newton directly to hear the reigning MVP’s concerns. Goodell also promised that the league will review hits on Newton to determine whether he’s not getting enough protection.

The league routinely reviews every hit on quarterbacks, so that’s not particularly noteworthy. But it is noteworthy that Goodell has promised to address concerns personally with a player.

Newton said after Sunday’s game that he can’t feel safe if the officials don’t do a better job of protecting him. Perhaps Goodell can say something to give Newton some peace of mind.

58 responses to “Report: Goodell will speak with Cam, NFL will review hits

  1. Don’t worry Goodell; your staff yelled back that another 11 QB’s get no flags either! What’s a worse argument you can make ‘hey you’re not the only QB getting jipped, our refs all equally are terrible.’

  2. It’s all fun and games as long as he’s winning, but when his record is one of the worst in the NFL, it’s “no fun anymore”.

  3. While you’re there Cam, ask Roger why the people he employs didn’t have replay reviews working that resulted in your team being gifted 11 points. 7 for the forward pass that was ruled a fumble,league acknowledged, and not giving the visiting team a view of the Greg Olson catch one foot down that gave them 1st and goal instead of 4th and 4? This is why ratings are down. Guys are spilling blood and not getting a fair game.

  4. Cam, if Roger leaves you alone in his office to go take a piss check on his desk for the PSI results from last year. Your fellow All Pro QB in New England would appreciate it.

  5. Crybaby Cam wants to be treated like a pocket passer, yet wants to be able to run. Can’t have it both ways.

  6. They should ask him what the hell he’s thinking with those stupid hats.
    That seems totally in the realm of detrimental conduct.
    The other stuff is just football. Get over yourself cupcake.

  7. I’m not a fan of the guy, and don’t watch him play all that often. But every time I do he takes helmet to helmet shots and they’re not accidental. The next guy that pulls that stunt should be suspended indefinitely without pay.
    I’m well aware lots of people think it’s perfectly fine – maybe even obligatory — to intentionally injure an opponent if it helps win a game. Go watch NASCAR, or hockey, or bull fighting. Where the real thrill is mayhem and not the competition. This is NOT a blood sport and these guys are not gladiators. They play football. It’s a violent game, but they have a right to protection from psychopaths who also happen to be pretty good athletes.

  8. themage78 says:
    Oct 31, 2016 9:12 PM
    Crybaby Cam wants to be treated like a pocket passer, yet wants to be able to run. Can’t have it both ways.

    Proof you didn’t watch the game.

  9. And next he will complain when refs blow a play dead while a defender has hold of his jersey.

    Cam should watch a steelers game. Big Ben takes a beating too. It’s just human nature that big players don’t get as many calls. It’s like the hack a Shaq in the NBA.

    TEs rarely get roughing calls because the hit doesn’t look bad. The same hit on a guy like Edelman and he gets the call because it looks like a car crash.

  10. Dear Commissioner Good-hell,

    I want you to be blunt with Cam Cheating.

    If he wants to get special treatment that other NFL QB’s don’t receive, then he is given a cease and desist order for his unsportsmanlike conduct when celebrating touchdowns and he will be severely punished for acting like a brat throwing a tantrum at press conferences.

    You need to put your foot down – he does not get special treatment because he’s (1) black (2) uses his enormous mass as an offensive weapon and (3) then demands he should be protected while acting like a jackass.

    If he is willing to obey the rules at all levels of the game and no longer exploits his enormous size to be a bully on the football field, then let’s protect him.

    Until he stops being a jerk, he deserves all the punishment he gets on the field.

  11. And the NFL wants to know why so many are walking away from pro football. Every QB should be calling Gödel in the morning. There are QB’s hurt that get hit harder than Cam the Sham.

  12. One whining “look at me when things are good” phony. And a serial liar incapable of ever doing the right thing. They deserve each other.

  13. Cam has a point.
    The “in the grasp” rule depends and has depended on the size, escapablilty and sadly the marketability of the Qb.

    Brady or Manning or Brees gets the call, Favre, Roethlisberger and Tyrod Taylor don’t

    Fans go nuts if there is an early whistle, but based on the three factors cited above, Cam does not get the same protection others do.

    That being said, he needs to get better at avoiding the big hits. Get down and live to make another play. See Mike Vick and RGIII — Flutie was no physical monster, but he knew how to walk the tightrope between squirting away and getting down before he got killed.

  14. Admittedly I’m one of those viewers not watching as much football this year, but I am watching my team the Bengals and I have seen double digit roughing hits against Andy – ie helmet to helmet, low hits , blows to the head , and late hits, yet not a single call . Know what I’ve heard from Dalton? Crickets. And I guarantee you he’s no different than most of the other qbs in the league please just shut up cam

  15. This is a disgrace that he his running too the league about his peers to put more of a microscope on them than there already is I think the first time he cost somebody money due to a Cam Call he’s got big problems !

  16. Teams usually solve protection problems by upgrading their OL, but apparently you can piss and moan and get your way, so why bother?

  17. If Cam showed any maturity or a bit of respect for his peers and opponents he might have earned some respect by now. When you wear your act so thin and anger or annoy everyone around you, you get no benefit of the doubt as everyone is so sick and tired of seeing or hearing you. Conversely, if you behaved like a mature adult with some humility, your words would carry a bit more weight. Instead, he’s that obnoxious brat on the playground holding his thumb to his nose, wiggling his fingers at everyone else shouting “Nanny nanny boo boo, stick your head in doo-doo!” All the other kids see and say “Oh, there’s Cam again. Let’s go over here.”

  18. Cam has some legit concerns, but on the flip side, Cam treats the game only as a platform to build his brand apart from the game. He is a genius self-promoter, but at the end of the day, it’s all about him and nobody else, including his team mates and the game of football. Do the refs pick up on this? Your damn right they do! Once Cam can start respecting the game and realize it is bigger than him, he will get the respect he wants and that includes the refs. Until then, happy feather hats, dabbing and fashion ensembles Cam!

  19. @dtroxallday – Thank goodness we have you to decide for everyone how a “mature adult” is supposed to behave.

    Meanwhile, some mature adults don’t attempt to tell others how to act or judge the behavior of others.

  20. This is offensive. The league actively and with intent impedes those not in favor (patriots most of all but also saints, chiefs, cowboys, redskins) while actively and with intent providing succor to those in favor (jets, colts, Ravens, cam newton, etc). Cam Newton is a massively overrated whining child.

  21. I can see from all the posts that there is some confusion or most of you can’t read. Before I begin Cam shouldn’t have said he wasn’t have fun his team has a loosing record and he’s not happy about it. Now back to the main issue: Cam has a legitimate point on how’s he’s being treated when HE IS IN THE POCKET!!! This has nothing to do with him running. HE’S ASKING WHEN HE’S IN THE POCKET AND TAKES AN ILLEGAL HIT THE REFS DON’T GIVE HIM THE CALL. To put in perspective Cam Newton didn’t get ONE roughing the passer call last year and it’s same thing this year. Stop confusing him being a running QB to when he’s in the pocket!

    Big up all ganja man dem.

  22. If not for a job paying millions of dollars for feeling unsafe, Cam would be selling drugs on a corner or working the door of some strip joint.

  23. Running QBs have been coddled enough. They’re allowed to throw the ball away and slide like a baseball player. The NFL should have kept this game the way it used to be. I’ve lost a lot of interest.

  24. Tyrod Taylor doesn’t get them either. Patriots hit him out of bounds on Sunday and it wasn’t called. Even the announcers were aghast.

  25. After Cam, come to New England, we have a few complaints as well.

    LOl… your man hit Tyrod Taylor about 10 yards out of bounds the other day and no flag came out. This happened in the same corner of the stadium where the Tom Brady “bobblehead” showed up later on. @fixed.

  26. Most football players fancy themselves worriers, fighters, heroes and roll models. Cam Newton is all about promoting himself with total disregard for his team and fellow players.
    Now this meeting with Roger, is this meeting taking place with just those two behind closed doors or does Cam have a union rep with him?
    Maybe the league could make Cam a Teflon uniform, so defenders just slide right off and doesn’t stain from all his tears.. Such a baby

  27. To be fair, then you need to go back and review hits on the other QBs now. Otherwise, you’re giving Cam special treatment because he’s whining.

    Everyone sees Goddell’s actions as kind but they are not. The response is to review ALL hits, not just hits on Cam.

    Honestly, now when my team plays the Panthers I’m going to expect flags on my team and not on Carolina.

    What a sham.

  28. HE IS THE LEAGUES MVP! Typically, that means something.

    In the NBA, It was called “Jordan Rules”. He’s not Jordan but still the face of the legue as the MVP!

    Ratings are down because the product has lost A LOT of it’s appeal.

    1. Old school fans (aka me) no longer recognize what I’m watching. Is it a contact sport or are we about to play flag football.

    2. The new generation have so many other forms of more exciting entertainment (for them)…ex: they have video games that essentially virtual reality.

    If the NFL doen’t do something to bring both groups back to the table, the sport will die a slow death…ex: baseball.

  29. themage78 says:
    Oct 31, 2016 9:12 PM

    Crybaby Cam wants to be treated like a pocket passer, yet wants to be able to run. Can’t have it both ways.


    WRONG! he should be protected like any other QB when in the pocket. When he runs all bets are off. Anyone who viewed the low hit and no call knows it has nothing to do with his running.

  30. Crybaby Cam! For those who thought you would see a new Cam you were misguided. When this d-bag is losing he is a despondent, sulking, blame everyone crybaby. Crybaby Cam!

  31. look at the low hit on palmer in the game it wasn’t called either but he isn’t whinning. cammy needs to grow up.

  32. Modern technology is showing how apparently bad the NFL officiating is and has been over the years. I’m not saying put a bubble around the QB but when obvious penalties are ignored and a slight tap on a QB’s helmet is penalized something is not right.

    Cam has a point with the launching non penalty against a Denver defender in the Season Opener and this past game vs the Arizona Cardinals’ defender tackling him below the knee after he released a throw. I saw two plays recently where Tyrod Taylor vs New England and Joe Flacco vs NY Jets pushed or tackled when they were clearly off the playing field and no flags. And by no means am I a Steeler’s fan, but Ive seen Ben hammered worse than Cam and no flag from any official.

  33. horsepedlr says:
    Nov 1, 2016 9:32 AM
    look at the low hit on palmer in the game it wasn’t called either but he isn’t whinning. cammy needs to grow up.
    he was probably avoiding yet another cheap shot by the donkeys. its not as if they won legitimately.

  34. Apparently, everybody else in the league is simply too dumb to have noticed that Cam’s game goes in the pooper when he can’t put on his show.

    To paraphrase #1 Superman himself, if you don’t want me dancing in your endzone, don’t let me in…defenses seem to have accepted the challenge: one of the best ways to stop a big, strong man from doing what he wants is to hit him really, really hard, over and over again.

    Please don’t enable him, Roger (but Calais Campbell’s low hit WAS outta line).

  35. Big up all ganja man dem……….Cam would be selling drugs on a corner or working the door of some strip joint.
    See, two identical comments from two different posters right there. So they must be right.

  36. pantherfan4life says:
    Nov 1, 2016 8:31 AM
    themage78 says:
    Oct 31, 2016 9:12 PM

    Crybaby Cam wants to be treated like a pocket passer, yet wants to be able to run. Can’t have it both ways.


    WRONG! he should be protected like any other QB when in the pocket. When he runs all bets are off. Anyone who viewed the low hit and no call knows it has nothing to do with his running.
    Yeah, except that it does. Cam is capable of running out of any configuration. A defender doesn’t know when Cam is going to decide to run out of the pocket and he has a slew of touchdowns as evidence. So he won’t get the same call that other, non-runnjng threat QBs get. That doesn’t mean that anything goes. But Cam is dreaming if he thinks the refs should call everytime someone touches him in the pocket. If that’s what you want, then give up that part of your game that benefits from those “runner moves” from the pocket.

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