Browns list McCown, Kessler as co-starters


The Browns listed Josh McCown and Cody Kessler as co-starters at quarterback on the unofficial depth chart they released Tuesday.

McCown returned from a broken collarbone and started last week’s game after a five-game absence. Kessler suffered a concussion Oct. 23 at Cincinnati and wasn’t cleared to play last week. Kessler, a third-round rookie, had been starting since Week Three.

The 0-8 Browns host the Cowboys on Sunday.

The Browns didn’t practice or hold media availability Tuesday. With Kessler having been cleared on Monday, it’s expected that both will practice Wednesday and coach Hue Jackson will address the matter then.

Six different players have taken snaps at quarterback this season. Robert Griffin III started the season opener but has been on injured reserve since due to a shoulder injury. McCown has made two starts and Kessler has started five. Both Kessler and McCown have thrown four touchdown passes; Kessler has thrown just one interception and is completing 67 percent of his passes. McCown has thrown four interceptions and is completing 55 percent of his passes.

18 responses to “Browns list McCown, Kessler as co-starters

  1. Are they going to be tied up 3-legged race style, or are they going to have one of them line up in the shotgun and the other under center?

    Perhaps both in the shotgun, and make the other team have to plan for both?

  2. Both of them in there. Interesting. Well, at 0-8, gotta try something new I guess.

    Not exactly a “Wildcat” formation. Probably more of a “two-headed sloth” approach.

  3. What is the old saying, “When you have two quarterbacks, you have none” … or in Cleveland’s case…when you have six quarterbacks. . .

  4. Its not even funny or interesting anymore with the Browns. Its sad and the clueless management of that team year after year is heartbreaking. I hope the Browns turn it around someday. It would be nice to see some other teams step up and run roughshod over the NFL.

  5. Why an “unofficial” depth chart in the first place? It’s little things like this that shows no one is in charge and keeps the jokes coming.

  6. abninf says:
    Nov 1, 2016 6:47 PM
    They have to play the best team in the NFL at the worst time.

    That already happened to them in week 5 and boy was it ever the worst possible time. This week they have to play the team currently at the top of the NFC pile.

  7. Both of them in there. Interesting. Well, at 0-8, gotta try something new I guess.

    Not exactly a “Wildcat” formation. Probably more of a “two-headed sloth” approach.

    you know this doesnt actually mean they are both playing at the same time, right? That seemed fairly obvious… i thought

  8. 1-18 in last 19 games, 3-26 in last 29 games. Ouch.

    If there is any signs of hope, it looks like Jackson can actually coach. The team plays hard (except in the 4th q against the Bengals). Kessler has surprised so far as well. Pryor could be a dangerous weapon, longer term. Other than that, it’s really hard to see any light at the end of this tunnel. Those boatload of picks in 2016 hasn’t provided much so far and it remains to be seen if these lawyers will learn from their mistakes and draft better in 2017.

    Will Haslam blow it up again if the Browns do actually finish 0-16 which seems quite realistic at this point? I hope not. I’m not sold on the lawyers running the Browns personnel, but you’ve got to give these guys three years minimum.

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